Andre Smith: "I Want To Be There On Time"

It’s widely believed in NFL circles that Cincinnati Bengals rookie
offensive tackle Andre Smith is probably going to be a contract holdout
when training camp begins.

However, Smith, who did find his way to the NFL annual Rookie Symposium in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., unlike his recent mix-up between Bloomington, Ind., and Bloomington, Ill., expressed a strong desire to take care of his off-the-field business.

The former University of Alabama consensus All-American blocker told Steve Wyche of today that he fully intends to report promptly for camp in Georgetown, Ky.

“That’s No. 1,” said Smith, who’s represented by Alvin Keels.  “I
want to be there on time because I want to give myself the opportunity
to come in and play in the first game.”

Of course, that stance could be complicated by Smith’s draft position as the sixth overall pick of the NFL Draft.

Picked one spot behind New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, Smith
might try to push for big money not normally associated with his work
in the trenches.

Sanchez’s contract carries a maximum value of $60 million, including $28 million in guaranteed money.

However, it’s likely that the Bengals will base their contract
proposals to Smith on the money received by last year’s sixth overall
pick: New York Jets outside linebacker Vernon Gholston.

Gholston received a five-year, $40 million contract that included $21 million in guaranteed money.

And the Bengals will be crossing their fingers that Smith gets off to a better start to his career than Gholston.

It’s worth noting that the Bengals have had several contract holdouts over the years.

As Wyche points out, Smith’s haggling power may have been reduced by the fact that he’s not playing left tackle.

At least Smith’s attitude seems to be positive about shifting to the right side.

“It’s been a great transition,” Smith said. “I have a lot of great
people around me.  It hasn’t been that hard. . . . I’m going to bust my
butt.  I’m going to work extremely hard, not talk back and just

Smith has drawn heavy criticism in the past for poor decisions.

That includes bolting out of the NFL Scouting Combine without
informing league and combine officals, jiggling his way through a
shirtless 40-yard dash at his campus Pro Day workout and his frequent
agent switches.

A major portion of the symposium platform is devoted toward helping the rookies to make sound choices about life and football.

“You just learn about being yourself first and making good decisions,” Smith said.  “It’s been good.”

11 responses to “Andre Smith: "I Want To Be There On Time"

  1. How many one line paragraphs can one story hold?
    You still stink, Aaron Wilson.

  2. Andre Smith: “I’m a man who loves his Oreos” would at least be a believeable statement.

  3. If I were Bengals fans, I’d worry more long term.
    Because he’s looking bad no matter how you cut it.

  4. Well, I think we knew this story would be coming sooner or later. My hope is that Cincy gets him in. They have a lot of momentum and it can continue to build if they ink this guy and get him in camp. Personally I think it will happen.
    What won’t happen? The stinking “new” pop ups on the new site will have to be dealt with in an unforgiving kind of way, because …..well, welcome to the big time. They won’t be going away……

  5. As a Raiders fan ( yeah yeah insert lame comments here, or have your mother help you) I watched Al draft Robert Gallery and pay him entirely too much money to be the left tackle (oops strike that) um left guard of the future.
    The Bangles would be smart to NOT pay the kid until he has proven he can perform at the NFL level. Wait
    ALL teams would be smart to follow that advice. Make them earn it. Rookie salary cap? How about making them play for the average pay for people their age nation wide. Prove they deserve more to play football than the kid flipping burgers, because I KNOW I personally will get morevalue out of the kid at McDonald’s than out of a lot of these rookies.

  6. I’ll save everyone some time here.
    Andre Smith sign late. His contract will be worth $50mil with $24.5mil guaranteed.

  7. Notice he said “I want to be there on time” not “I WILL be there on time”. He does have a choice in the matter. Or do players have to turn in their brains when they hire an agent???

  8. Of course he wants to be in camp on time. Don’t all rookies want to be signed on time?
    He does have a say in this. But so do the Bengals. If both sides want the same thing, it’ll happen.
    And Bengals would be wise to get him signed in time for a few reasons: he needs the reps in practice…and HBO’s filming training camp, they don’t need any unnecessary drama for the world to see.

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