LenDale White: "I'm Not Going To Blow It"


LenDale White is determined to not spend the next month being the Biggest Gainer.

After an offseason spent losing weight, White says he won’t yield to temptation now that he has some time off.

“I am not going to let it all go to waste, not the way I feel. My
body feels good — my knees, my ankles, everything feels great out
there. And I am trying to keep it that same exact way. So whatever I
have to do, I am going to maintain. And when I check into camp (my
weight) won’t be nothing over 230.”

White has admitted to weighing 261 pounds last October when he recorded the only 80-yard touchdown in NFL history that included a commercial break.

White is extra motivated, of course, because he is entering a
contract year.  But the Titans have to be excited about the potential
of their running game, regardless of motivation.

The artist formerly known as LenWhale has been a reliable
short-yardage back as a pro.  He showed in 2007 that he can carry the
load, but he won’t have to with Chris Johnson leading the way in

The Titans were seventh in rushing last season, and have every
reason to expect improvement.  And White knows this is no time to hit
the buffet line.

“We are five weeks away from where I want to be, from what I have been looking forward to, and I’m not going to blow it.”

3 responses to “LenDale White: "I'm Not Going To Blow It"

  1. hmm.. I wonder this year:
    850 yards and 10 TD’s with the Titans
    Year after…
    1,150 yards and 12 TD’s with the Steelers. They will prefer a power back after they let Willie “stutter-step” Parker walk after the season. Mendenhall will need another year. Towel stomping or not, White is a beast when he isnt close to 300 pounds. Wishingful thinking maybe, but you never know.

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