Barron Likely To Open Season At Left Tackle

When No. 2 overall pick Jason Smith started his pro career at right tackle two months ago, it was logical to believe it was only a matter of time before he took over on the left side.

That still may be true, but Smith’s time may not come until 2010.

The Rams reportedly want to get a “good, long look” at Alex Barron at left tackle before moving Smith.  St. Louis’ first-round pick in 2005, Barron is fully expected to start the season on Marc Bulger’s blind side.

Rams fans who have seen Barron get called for countless penalties would argue they have already taken too long a look.  But most of those penalties have come at right tackle, which was not the position Barron played at Florida State.

Barron’s best play as a pro probably came in 2007, when he filled in for an injured Orlando Pace for 15 starts at his natural position of left tackle.

If Barron plays well this year, it sounds possible that the Rams will be interested in re-signing him.  That would leave Smith as one rich right tackle. 

The Rams apparently would consider that a good problem. 

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  3. The funny thing about false starts is, they call them on left tackles as well. I am not sure how moving 7 yards to the left is going to change Barron’s ability to stay still until the ball is snapped but what the hell, they might as well try to polish this turd up a little before his contract ends.

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