Charlie Batch Tells Rookies There's A "100 Percent" Chance Of A Lockout

Although NFLPA Executive Director De Smith chose to talk to the 2009 incoming class of rookies not about the status of the Collective Bargaining Agreement but about Shakespeare and Nicholas Sarkozy, we’re told that at least one of the other guys who spoke at the Rookie Symposium addressed the issue of labor unrest.

Per a league source, Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch warned the new players that there’s a “100 percent” chance of a league-imposed lockout in 2011.

We continue to think there’s a chance (albeit less than 100 percent) that the owners are bluffing about their intention to prevent the players from working once the current CBA expires. 

If it’s a bluff, it’s apparently working.

We think it’s a bluff in part because of the reality that, unlike the strike years of 1987 and 1982, more than a few owners are carrying significant amounts of debt.  Shutting down the games will make it very difficult to make ends meet, especially if the economy hasn’t recovered significantly within the next two years.

Meanwhile, Adam Schefter (technically of NFL Network but soon-to-be member of that mom-and-pop operation known as ESPN) writes at his brand-new Twitter page that talks on a new CBA will heat up after July 4.

NFL planning to visit and educate its teams,” Schefter says.  “Caution will be preached.”

In other words, “The bluff is working.  Here’s how to keep it up.”

And so for the first time as an official member of the NBC family, I can proclaim with confidence . . . “That’s what she said.”

UPDATE:  Said one league source in response to this story, “Charlie Batch should have been locked out ten years ago because he stinks.”

32 responses to “Charlie Batch Tells Rookies There's A "100 Percent" Chance Of A Lockout

  1. I’m surprised NBC doesn’t hyperlink the “That’s what she said” line to The Office home page…

  2. New website looks good Mike – now if you can just convince that other Joe6pack poser to create a more original username?

  3. Guess I didn’t have 200 posts. Had to register.
    *sigh* I work too much apparently

  4. doesn’t 100% mean he thinks there is going to be a lockout? There wouldn’t be a 100% chance, there would be a guarantee that it is going to happen.
    Regardless, there is a 50% chance of it happening like everything in life. It will either happen or it won’t, it is either a yes or a no.

  5. There is no doubt in my mind that the owners will ABSOLUTELY vote for a lockout. It means nothing to them monetarily. C’mon , lets face it, these guys are billionaires 3x over. They all do not rely on their “hobbies” to put bread on the table. It’ll hurt the fans more than anything and the fantasy football industry will take a beating. From the publications to websites, right down to the local watering hole on Sundays, Mondays and Thursday’s too, come late season.
    As for the players, I remember when basketball had a lock out and there was Kenny Anderson crying about selling one of his 11 cars so he can put formula in one of his 7 kids mouths.
    I love football and fantasy NO DOUBT but, the players union and the players themselves need to realize that 60 someting cents on every dollar is a good deal !!!

  6. Wow, Charlie Batch is an owner in the league. When did that happen? Otherwise, how can he 100% guarantee a lockout.

  7. i have posted well over 200, and have now had to re-register AGAIN today after registering with n-frickin-b-c yesterday anyway.
    is this going to be a daily ritual, florio?

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  9. I’d love to see Batch make a comeback and beat that Romo schmuck out in Dallas.

  10. I had to do that too empty13….sucks I guess.
    Charlie Batch is a moron.

  11. So…the economy improves and we get a lockout.
    The economy stays crappy and we get football?
    Decisions, decisions…

  12. Charlie Batch may stink, but he was the best QB of the Millen era……….

  13. Hey Batch, They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time there will be a lockout, every time…

  14. Way to go Carlie Batch. Now noone needs to listen to you. At least he didn’t say he wants to be President someday ::ugh

  15. “Charlie Batch may stink, but he was the best QB of the Millen era……….”
    And that’s not saying much..

  16. In the sports world 100% chance of something happening means there is still a 10% chance that it won’t happen.

  17. I’m a fairly staunch capitalist but, if the owners decide on a lockout, I’m voting for whoever moves to (temporarily) nationalize the league.
    Who cares about medical insurance? Choir can pop an aspirin. I need my footballs.

  18. ..and in a confused and collective gasp all of the rookies said, “Who is this Charlie Batch guy?!”

  19. Charlie Batch is a class-act and one of the few true leaders of men left in the NFL. Why do you think he was given the backup QB job instantly when the Steelers found out he was healthy…It wasnt cause he stinks. He knows the offense, He has won in the Steelers system and has lost…(mostly with the lions). Players respect him and most of all Big Ben looks to him for guidence. Anyone who says anything bad about Batch doesnt know what they are talking about and doesnt know Batch as a man.
    Quote “Said one league source in response to this story, “Charlie Batch should have been locked out ten years ago because he stinks.”….
    Who said this Matt Millen? Al Davis?

  20. This is going to happen in 2 years? So why do any of us care about this today – more over why do any of us care what Batch and subsequently Florio has to say about it today? Find something that is really newsworthy in the NFL to write about Florio or just leave well enough alone and not write anything at all.

  21. you’re getting there Mike, but I still won’t believe they haven’t hamstrung you until I read a four letter word…

  22. Last time i checked ohhh mister Charlie batch is a 2 time superbowl champion . Not bad for being washed up 10 year ago lol .

  23. The UFL and the NFL may very well be swapping some players if this were to happen. That would make things a little interesting.

  24. In figuring out the amount of money the owners would lose/save you only have to look at the amount of every dollar the players get then take the salary cap amount for this year to determine the average amount of “income” for each team and subtract the player costs to get operating expenses for the year.
    Most teams should be able to cut expenses enough to make it through a season without football revenue since the league has the ability to acquire incredible amounts of money from a variety of sources.
    This will work out better than the NHL debacle (giggle “Emmitt” giggle).

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