Cromartie Is Not Worried About The Chiefs

NFL Network programmers looking to brand this dead time between OTAs and training camp should consider calling it trash talk season. 

Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie was the latest player to join the craze during a chat on 

On the Chiefs passing game: “They never had a passing game. They don’t even have [Tony] Gonzalez.” 

On what makes it tough to cover Dwayne Bowe: “Dwayne Bowe only has two catches on me in two years, so I’ve never had a hard time against him.”

On playing in front of the Black Hole: “It’s boring in the Black Hole.”

And just for fun, who he’d prefer to date out of Ciara, Beyonce, Keri Hilson or Keisha Cole: “None, they are too uppity.”

Extra points for trash talking pop stars! 

Cromartie’s comments about the Chiefs could be used as bulletin board material, but the third-year pro doesn’t sound worried. 

He views trash talking as part of the game and even enjoyed Ocho Cinco’s recent comments directed at teammate Shawne Merriman.

“You gotta talk trash. That’s what makes it fun.”

Amen to that.  Especially when we need something to write about.

19 responses to “Cromartie Is Not Worried About The Chiefs

  1. I don’t even think my kids would be
    “worried about the Chiefs.”
    As for Cromartie.. Hell.. He’s just soft enough for
    my kids to play against.
    It’s a win, win.

  2. cromartie is the third best corner on the chargers.
    Behind Jammer and Cason.
    he will be out of san diego soon enough.

  3. Wow! bold statement there Antonio, you’re not afraid of a team coming off a 2 win season, you’re such a badass!!!!

  4. Cromartie = OVERRATED Charger trash. it’s easy to get INT’s when the other team is playing catch-up, throwing over and over again- but playing real defense? that’s not his forte.

  5. cromartie shouldn’t worry about the chiefs. he is too busy trying to figure out new and exciting ways for the chargers to underachieve this year.
    side note the new site looks good. it seems at first glance florio did a good job maintaining the format the old site had. my only gripe is while reading a story on my phone the font is gray and the background is black. this format sucks. please change to a font and background that has more contrast. other than that everything looks good.

  6. Jesuspleaseus, is this the kind of post we are to expect now? Dude… to be honest, you kind of suck. Read about the last year of Florio and try to get some edge. Otherwise (and I hate to break out the word), you’re just dull.

  7. Trash talking is fun and it makes for great entertainment. I hope more players take this approach.

  8. The reason Bowe has 2 catches against Cromartie is that the Chargers are smart enough to put a better corner on Bowe when the two teams play.

  9. Another San Diego sh#t talker whose never accomplished anything talking sh&t.
    He should be worried. Kansas City will be this years rags to riches team, the Chargers might want to do better than 8 wins this year.

  10. “Ciara, Beyonce, Keri Hilson or Keisha Cole”
    Who the hell are they, the Colts new coaching staff?

  11. The Chiefs never had a real quarterback to throw the ball, now they have cassel, watch out cromartie…
    And Florio, well done on the new site didnt post much on the old site but will be on the new

  12. @INVAIDUH Tough talk for a fan of a team that has 7 straight seasons of 5 wins or less, a QB that looks like he’s more ready to play DT and an owner that will draft anyone if they are fast enough.

  13. Dwayne Bowe had 8 catches for 164 yards(WITH DAMON FREAKING HUARD AT QB) in his first game against San Diego. Who cares who was covering him for each of the 8 catches…that should have been embarassing for the Chargers secondary. Apparently is wasn’t.

  14. Some of these posts make you realize that the lack of any real football knowledge on this website is alarming isn’t it? Cromartie has only allowed ‘2’ catches because Jammer covers Bowe. Cromartie healthy is a good cover guy, whichis why in 07 him and Jammer were the #5 least targeted CB duo in the league, so they’re obviously doing well. He definitely isn’t the most physical player when it comes to playing like Jammer in run support, but thats because he feels the need to follow Deion Sanders school of cornerbacking.

  15. @ veistran
    INVAIDUH was correct. Like it or not. Cromartie is a rather average cover guy and has no room to talk trash on anyone.
    Not that I am proud to make this correction, but it’s not seven straight seasons with five wins or less, it’s six. If your going to get your panties in a bunch, at least get your facts correct.
    @ hayward giablommi
    Nothing wrong with wishful thinking, but the Chiefs are far from pulling off such a bold prediction. The defense was crap last year, and switching to a 3-4 is not going to change that in one single off season. The offensive line is going to get the most overrated QB in the league clobbered. Getting rid of Gonzo was just plain stupid. Hiring a new GM will not change things this year, nor will the new coach. Both of these guys need a little more than one single off season to get things done in KC.

  16. From Arrowhead Pride:
    “For the record, Dwayne Bowe has 25 receptions for 325 yards and two touchdowns against the Chargers in his first two years in the league. Nice work, Antonio. Your interception rate in 2008 would have tied you with our two rookies, Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr for second place on the team.”
    CROMARTIE….spelled “D-U-M-M-Y”

  17. Cromartie is also wrong in saying Bowe had only 2 receptions on him in 2 years.
    I looked up the gamebooks at NFL. com for the play-by -play of the games in the 2007 and 2008 season.
    There were plays were the ball was incomplete with no defender’s name given. There were plays that were incomplete where a defender’s name was given.
    In the four plays where it showed Cromartie covered Bowe, all 4 were receptions. One went for 1 yard, one for 7 yards, one for 17 yards and one for 31 yards.
    For the record – the 7 yards reception was a 4th and 3 play, and the 17 yard reception was 3rd and 11 yard play. 3 out of the 4 plays were first downs.
    Again, ANYWHERE Cromartie and Bowe’s name were listed in the same play – Bowe had a reception.

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