Larry Weisman Leaves USA Today For NFL Team

One of the things that we do around here — especially when the NFL news is slower than Casey Hampton after eating Thanksgiving dinner — is keep an eye on media that covers pro football.

There’s been a development today in that industry.  Larry Weisman, who has spent 26 years with USA Today, has left the national daily publication.

Weisman will join the Redskins, where he will become the Editorial Director of the Redskins Media Department.

“It’s exciting to have Larry Weisman join our media team,” said Senior Vice President/Executive Producer-Media Larry Michael in a team-issued release.  “Larry is one of the most recognizable NFL writers in the country, and
his work at USA Today was second to none. Larry’s credibility and experience will give Redskins fans
something new and compelling to look forward to this season and beyond.”

He will contribute to the team’s various radio, television, and print properties.

We’ve known Weisman for several years; he’s one of the national media figures who chose not to peer down his nose at us at a time when that was the standard reaction we provoked.  (Currently, the default response by national media is to cover the nose.  But only after we’ve had enchiladas.)   

And so we congratulate Larry on more than a quarter of a century with the same employer, and we wish him well in his new endeavor.

7 responses to “Larry Weisman Leaves USA Today For NFL Team

  1. They have writers at USA Today? I thought it was just a bunch of full color pictures that take up 3/4 of the page with quirky poll graphics filling in the rest.

  2. “– especially when the NFL news is slower than Casey Hampton after eating Thanksgiving dinner –”

  3. Talk about a quick study! Same day Florio sells out, Larry follows him out the door. Wonder who pays better – NBC or Little Dan?

  4. First Danny buys the only sports station in the dc area because they were killing his radio station in the ratings and they were critical of the skins. Now he is collecting all the writers that told the truth about the skins…what’s next Pretzel Boy you gonna buy fox, cbs and espn?

  5. Being a media guy myself, I can say for sure…good move.
    He’ll spin things better than anyone else in that organization.
    Maybe he can stop Cerrato from leaking ISH to people too.
    Yes…I’m saying my team needs to STFU sometimes, and getting a veteran who understands PR better than anyone in the organization was a good move.

  6. Well, he’s not with the Redskins as of today. Being a ‘Skins fan just gets tougher and tougher. It’s a love-hate relationship, for sure. I love the Redskins and I hate Dan Snyder.

    Larry did great work and someone will be getting a good guy, and a seasoned vet with talent. Screw you Snyder!

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