LeSean McCoy Gets $1.72 Million Guaranteed

Recently, word emerged that the Eagles have inked second-round pick LeSean McCoy, a running back from Pitt on whom his new team will be relying to make an immediate impact, given the uncertain health of running back Brian Westbrook.

And the 53rd overall pick in the draft came away from the process with $1.72 million in guaranteed money.

Per a league source, McCoy received a signing bonus of $1.37 million, which represents a 10-percent increase over the signing bonus received by the 53rd overall pick a year ago, Jaguars defensive end Quentin Groves.

McCoy also will be eligible for a one-time incentive of $357,000, based on achieving playing time of 35 percent in his rookie year or 45 percent thereafter.  (Other team and individual performance triggers apply.)  The amount is guaranteed against skill and injury, via base salaries in the out years.

Though the $357,000 is not technically guaranteed, such payments are regarded as guarantees, especially when paid to a player who is expected to get plenty of reps and where the amount is guaranteed for skill and injury via future base salaries.

As to the base salaries, McCoy will earn the minimum amounts:  $310,000 in 2009; $395,000 in 2010; $480,000 in 2011; and $565,000 in 2012.

So, in all, it’s a four-year, $3.47 million deal.

It’s hardly the pay day McCoy expected when he opted to leave Pitt with two years of eligibility remaining, but it’s a good deal and a good situation.

And from the perspective of an admitted WVU homer, I’m glad McCoy’s gone from the college game.

13 responses to “LeSean McCoy Gets $1.72 Million Guaranteed

  1. Is he from the UFL or is this Favre’s new nickna…..wait, an actual NFL player!

  2. Get ready to use the following term in regards to the Philadelphia Eagles come the regular season…”scoring at will”. And for all the wise guys, I’m not talking about the opposing team.
    That is all.

  3. That’s a steal for the Eagles. Dump Westbrook after this season, after he gets injured AGAIN, and put McCoy in the starting role.

  4. I’d like to think that this guy will be good and at least play considering his draft position, but look at the history with Tony Hunt (who was a third and had to switch to FB to even see the field) and Ryan Moats who they thought would be Westbrook Jr., and then the trade for Booker who was electric in camp and then couldn’t produce or get playing time in games…I think it comes down to pass pro/blitz pick-up so hopefully he figures out what the hell he’s doing so they actually put this kid on the field. They gave Westbrook too many touches, even when they had Buck in the fold, but I guess the man could run, block, and catch with the best of them.

  5. Silly Florio. You will be wishing McCoy never left once you get a load of Chris Burns!

  6. Thank you for getting this out after all.
    washedupfatguy77 (i hope 77 isn’t your birth year, because if you’re washed up and fat at this point, you probably weren’t much to start with),
    anyways- Your talking about 3rd round picks who weren’t meant to replace Westbrook. If anyone thought Moats was Westbrook Jr, then they didn’t bother reading the scouting reports, OR what the Eagles had him for, and that was a complement back for Buck, now BW. When they started the run of 3rd round tailbacks (which BW was), Buck was coming off two MAJOR knee injuries. Yeah, he came back awesome and gave them good time, but who knew that was gonna happen? So we had three misses on third round tailbacks, and only one hit with BW. Sounds good to me for the third round.
    McCoy is a second rounder, and he will be fine, just fine. Since he is the first tailback I’ve seen Andy Reid draft to be a premier back, why don’t you just give it a chance to pan out?

  7. it’s about time we got some news on the terms of this deal… I foresee problems in 2 years when Westbrook is gone and McCoy is looking for a new contract with Rosenhaus pushing for the big dollars.
    McCoy, hopefully, will live up to the hype and get this running game back to where it needs to be so that we can effectively use our wideouts. I love Westbrook but the guy needs to take his time coming back and let the rest of the RBs handle it so that he can be healthy for late in the season. We have an early bye week so its important to spread the load.
    Washedupfatguy – McCoy knows he needs to work on the blitz pick up and blocking but I think Andy knows he isn’t going to be able to step in this year and perform like Westy. He also knows Westy can’t take that type of poundage on his knees and be healthy for late in the season. Hence, the drafting of WEAVER! He’ll handle the third and short yardage even though Andy Reid thinks third and short is boring and he’ll be in charge of a lot of the protecting McNabb jobs!

  8. “It’s hardly the pay day McCoy expected when he opted to leave Pitt with two years of eligibility remaining, but it’s a good deal and a good situation.”
    Very true Florio. His mom saw dollar signs and pushed him to leave early when his game wasn’t yet polished.

  9. I think that Shady is a good addition to the Team , I can’t wait to see him on the field . It’s less than a month till Camp!! yeaaaaaah!

  10. @ onlyeaglesfan
    fortunately 77 was my college number and not my birth year. Anyways…
    I certainly do hope and believe McCoy pans out, it’s just a matter of time til we see how he performs. I loved the pick, just to make that clear. Best case scenario tho is he doesn’t play too much b/c Westbrook is healthy all year…yeah right

  11. I foresee Shady starting off the beginning of the season then west steping in.

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