No Formal Talks Between Patriots & McGinest

Two-time Pro Bowler Willie McGinest recently expressed his desire to return for another season, and seems quite open to a possible return to the Patriots.

It’s uncertain if the interest is mutual.

While Bill Belichick and McGinest maintain a relationship, Christopher Gasper of the Boston Globe reports there have been no formal talks between the two sides. 

New England looks thin at outside linebacker, but they likely want to see what youngsters Pierre Woods and Shawn Crable can provide opposite Adalius Thomas.

If the kids don’t pan out or get hurt, perhaps the Patriots will give McGinest a call during the season, like they have done with Junior Seau the last two years. 

That’s assuming Seau doesn’t return from graduation one more time.

9 responses to “No Formal Talks Between Patriots & McGinest

  1. Seau plays inside and has no bearing on this decision.
    I think Crable has the most potential but he didn’t get much time before his injury last year. I wouldn’t mind seeing Big Willie come in as insurance and to create some competition the way John Lynch did last year.

  2. the packers would be smart to sign him.
    especially if kampman doesn’t work out/gets traded.
    there’s a lot of hype about jeremy thompson this offseason.

  3. Maybe they can get Bill Belichick’s former players to come out of retirement and play rush end…
    You know, Lawrence Taylor.

  4. Willie would fill the leadership vacuum left by the Vrabel trade. I see him coming in on 3rd downs only, though. He’s more a big-play guy than an every-down guy now.
    PS. How about showing more than 6 headline titles on the home page. It’s easy to miss stuff there and the alternative is the excerpts page which is tougher to wade through in a hurry.
    PPS. While you’re at it, how about putting the number of comments in parens after the article (such as “Bertt Faver Blows His Nose, Left Nostril More Clogged [1763]”) so folks can jump in on lively discussions.
    PPPS. Comment ratings.
    PPPPS. Gravatar support – NBC servers should be able to handle the load.

  5. I don’t even think they need McGinest for a leadership role as Bruschi and Thomas are there for that in the LB group…
    If they have a desperate need for a OLB then I can see Willie getting a call. But that’s only if Woods and Crable are hurt of for some reason have a drop off in their progression.

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