No Talks Yet Between Dolphins And Pat White

With a second-round pick from Pitt signed, sealed, and delivered, we decided to look into the status of a second-round pick who played his college ball up the road from us in Morgantown.

Yes, it’s another Pat White story.

And there might not be many more of them in the near future.  Per a league source, there have zero talks between the Dolphins and White regarding a contract for the rookie quarterback.

As in none.  They haven’t even gotten started.

Given that only one second-round pick has signed to date, there are concerns that it will be more difficult than usual to get the second-round picks under contract.  We’ll get into the nuts and bolts as to the reasons in the near future.

10 responses to “No Talks Yet Between Dolphins And Pat White

  1. I really do think you have a life-size cardboard figure of Pat White. Nude.

  2. Keshawn Johnson sez Vick will be running the Fish offense this year. How did that miss the PFT rumor mill?
    I see the lag time in the posts appearing has not changed either – maybe NBC has a bigger filter for BS than old PFT?
    Maybe the PFT powers that be who locked out all IDs without 200 posts and won’t answer emails about re-instating them are to blame?
    Of all the great things about the new site – having to create a new ID just to post blows the hardest.
    WTF Florio? What R U and the NBC hampsters doing to fix this?

  3. how does pat white not have a contract when they are already selling his jersey on

  4. i’m surprised at how long it seems to be taking the Dolphins to get players under contract. especially given that in some cases, they haven’t even begun negotiations.
    also noticing the quality of the posts is going down now that the rating system is gone. 😦

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