Stallworth's Blood Showed Traces Of Marijuana

As attorney David Cornwell suggested in a Tuesday night statement regarding the Donte’ Stallworth situation, traces of marijuana were found in Stallworth’s blood in samples drawn after the March 15 incident that claimed the life of a pedestrian, according to the Miami Herald.

Attorney Christopher Lyons confirmed on Wednesday morning’s Joe Rose Show on WQAM radio that the Herald report is indeed accurate.

Given that marijuana can be detected in the system for more than a week after only one-time use, it’s unlikely that Stallworth was both legally drunk and illegally high.

The fact that Stallworth had any marijuana in his system suggests that he was no longer in the league’s substance abuse program as of March 2009.  Because players in the program are required to submit repeatedly and continuously to random unannounced urine testing, Stallworth would have been required while in the program to avoid smoking pot at all — or to find a Whizzinator.

The detection of marijuana in Stallworth’s system likely won’t change his status under the substance abuse program moving forward, given that the guilty plea to DUI manslaughter most likely will result in his return to the extensive testing protocol. 

But he likely will be subjected to a broader treatment plan while in the program, given that the league now has hard evidence of both alcohol and marijuana abuse.

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  1. 30 days. Let’s just remind PFT Planet what you get for killing a man. 30 days.

  2. This post is confusing. That marijuana statistic means that it’s “unlikely” that Donte Stallworth was high?
    Well … who knows? He could very well have done pot that evening. Or not. But to put odds on that doesn’t make the most sense. That means that anytime pot is in one’s system, someone can always say, “It’s unlikely that the person was legally high at the time.” What does that observation even add to any conversation — whatsoever? The person could have been high at the time. Or not high at the time. Right? (And just maybe Stallworth was.) (Or not.)
    And what exactly does “legally” drunk mean? That drinking is legal? Of course it is, if you meet certain criteria.
    But getting a DUI kind of means that, because (wow, I put a comma before a because, but there’s an actual reason [then again, the comma didn’t really have to go there]) Stallworth decided to drive a vehicle, the implication of that decision thus meant he was … illegally drunk, not legally drunk. Doh!
    And I’m sure the pot isn’t at all going to help Stallworth regarding the league’s decision about his status in the substance abuse program.

  3. Random thought: by looking to the right in the most commented list, it looks like you should run more stories about the Steelers, Florio. They seem to blow up with comments.

  4. [quote] it’s unlikely that Stallworth was both legally drunk and illegally high.[/quote]
    Agreed. Former substance abusers with substances in their system at the time of a tragic accident probably weren’t on the substances in their system at the time.
    In other news, Florio is ill prepared for his boy’s approaching teen years…

  5. And to add, there are those who get drunk … and then high. There are those who like both at the same time.
    But I do get the “one or the other” thought process.
    Even with that, I’ll stand by the last entry.

  6. What does traces of marijuana mean, my understanding is fat soluble breakdown residue can be detected weeks after any intoxication is over.
    If he was high instead of drunk there would be much more than ‘traces’
    Drinking and driving is far more indicative of a deadly substance abuse problem than this ‘trace amount’ noise so he should already be subject to the broadest possible substance abuse measures.

  7. Will Florio post the 911 call that Stallworth made after the accident further confirming that Mario Reyes was at fault for his death?
    Note Mario Reyes was witnessed RUNNING and not in a crosswalk trying to catch a bus when he was hit by Stallworth.
    There is a reason why Stallworths sentwence may appear light.

  8. Even still, if Stallworth wasn’t a drunk hippie he more than likely would have been driving more responsibly and not killed anyone.

  9. he was illegal on both ingestion counts and he played bumper cars with a pedestrian.
    he makes plax look like a saint, fer cryin out loud.

  10. Good news loyal PFT users… even though the sellout to NBC marked the end of our favorite pro football rumor blog… well i guess there is no good news… at least i was trying to look at the good in all this..

  11. SATAN makes an important point, albeit in an insensitive way. This whole thing very well may have been Mario Reyes’ fault.
    But usually, these kinds of things ought to be prevented. If Donte Stallworth wasn’t drunk past 7 a.m., maybe he could have had the reaction to prevent this tragedy. In addition, there are a plethora of reasons why Stallworth’s sentence was too light.
    He was way wasted when he got tested, and his irresponsible and reprehensible actions took the life of an individual.
    And you only live once.

  12. @brian_21
    I would imagine they can tell whether he was “high” or not at the time based on the concentration of marijuana in his blood stream.
    It stays in your system a long time, but I would think the concentration decreases over time.
    I’m not sure, but I’m taking a guess on that one.

  13. wait so because marijuana can stay in your system for a week that makes it unlikely he was high…give me a break florio…how much is cornholio paying you?

  14. Sweet mobile site Florio! (I’m serious… that sounded sarcastic…)
    But where are my belly-fat ads on the main page?

  15. first and foremost, this is a case of a wealthy person using their money and prestige to make a joke out of our legal system. while the reyes family is probably at peace with the outcome based on the fact they did not want to go to trial, the fact still remains that this dude killed someone and is only going to jail for 30 days. with that being said, this now turns into another case of the powers that be trying to tie marijuana into alcohol-related death statistics. alcohol, while the only legal drug we have, is by far and away the most dangerous and destructive. this article itself basically admits that this accident was not caused by smoking marijuana, but they just want to report that it was found in his blood just so people can get their facts mixed up. our government controls people through misinformation and misrepresentation of the facts. most people are completely misinformed about marijuana and just go by the ridiculous commercials they play on tv. no, you should not be smoking marijuana and driving, absolutely not, but Mr. Stallworth wasn’t doing that either. they just want everyone to negatively associate marijuana with this horrible ALCOHOL related accident that killed an innocent man.

  16. Not digging the team up with NBC. where did the rating system go? Websites are always better when they are not mainstream.

  17. @Dawl
    No they cannot tell when he used marijuana due to a concentration test. THC is stored in body fat and everyone processes this differently, ask Andre Smith.

  18. (#1) keeping count this time so Florio cant screw me again
    where’s the comment ratings???

  19. Me? Satan? Insensitive?
    How was I insensitive?
    In real life satan is a cab driver. I see pedestrians do stupid things all the time, especially when they try to catch a bus. (Note: Bus drivers can be jerks about waitng) Things that if they got killed doing them would not be a drivers fault.
    Btw do you know Stallworth took a cab home? He woke up still drunk (hungover)and was retreiving his car. He shouldn’t have done that and has received a light (I would have made it 90 Days) but appropriate sentence.
    The one good thing that Stallworth can do is make PSA’s on the dangers of taking a cab home and then waking up still drunk and driving.
    And Goodell should suspend Stallworth for the year

  20. hey smoke else can politicians and law enforcement push their agendas without mis-informing the public…. this is business as usual.

  21. This is a ridiculous story. It is the type of story every person who hasn’t read up on marijuana reads and goes, “yup, he was high when he got into that accident. It’s that eveil weed again.”
    This cannot be further from the truth. The only thing that the test proves is that he smoked marijuana in the last few weeks before the accident.
    Certain metabolites of marijuana can be detected 3 – 4 hours after smoking it that will no be detected after that time. After that, only 1 metabolite is present, which can stay in the blood for weeks. There is NO BLOOD/URINE TEST AVAILABLE that can determine whether a driver is impaired by marijuana.
    The truth is, alcohol is WAY more dangerous than marijuana. If marijuana is illegal, than alcohol should definitely be illegal. It’s the government telling you what you can and cannot put into your own body. More people have died ingesting CAFFEINE than ingesting weed. There is not ONE REPORTED CASE that anyone has EVER died as a direct result of ingesting marijuana.
    Please, everyone read up on marijuana. It’s not NEARLY as bad as everyone thinks it is.
    Michael Phelps winning 8 gold medals at the Olympic proves that.

  22. I was gonna drive myself home, but then I got high.
    Ran over a dude with my car, cause I got high.
    Now I only got 30 days in jail, and I know why, cuz I got $$$$.
    la da da da la da da la la da da

  23. high/drunk or not, there is absolutely nothing a driver could do if a pedestrian runs across a highway in front of your car. If Dante wasn’t high and hadn’t been drinking, it would be the same result.
    the situation is crappy, but let’s not act like the beers or marijuana caused the accident… the pedestrian jaywalked across a highway. it’s an unfortunate thing.

  24. The last word of this article really pisses me off.
    It USE not abuse.
    Goddamn squares never get the difference.

  25. Alcohol + Driving = Me thinking I’m Michael Shumaker
    Pot + Driving = Driving Miss Daisy

  26. “Given that marijuana can be detected in the system for more than a week after only one-time use, it’s unlikely that Stallworth was both legally drunk and illegally high.”
    Florio, are you stupid?
    Given that it was detected in his system at the time of the accident, how is it more or less likely that he was high at the time???
    Sure it doesn’t prove he WAS high at the time, but it certainly doesn’t prove he wasn’t or make it any less likely.
    As a lawyer, you should know you can’t make assumptions like that based off of reverse logic.

  27. Marijuana stays in your urine for lengthy periods, but in your blood for only a couple of hours, so he was probably smoking that night.

  28. Oh no, Marijuana in his system. I’d be willing to bet it was the ALCOHOL that was the cause of the accident, NOT the Marijuana. If he hadn’t been drinking, he would’ve been going to slow to kill someone with his car. Don’t see why the Marijuana in his system is causing such a commotion, the problem was drunken driving prior to the knowledge of marijuana, and after the knowledge of marijuana, drinking and driving is still the cause of the problem.

  29. Does anyone remember when leonard little in 1999 of the St Louis Rams killed a women while drunk driving and he still got to play in the league. what is up with that!!!!!!!!!

  30. Just wanted to put this out there about or society and the way we as individuals think about certain things. Michael Vick got senteced for 2 years for killing some dogs. Dante Stallworth gets 30 days for killing a man. Does this seem odd to anyone else? Come on our legal system in regards to certain people is a complete joke and a slap in the face to the family of the man

  31. I wonder if Roger will now start making teams show “Reefer Madness” as part of rookie orientation.

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