"Turd Watch" To Return

Several of you have lamented the absence of the term “Turd Watch” from the tags at the top of the site.

As a result, it will be returning.

(For those of you who are new to the site, it has nothing to do with pooping on a Bulova.)

But we’re not going to continue the whole “game” aspect of the tracking of arrests, convictions, and guilty pleas.  That idea has played itself out.

We will, however, continue to track all off-field incidents under the “Police Blotter.”  We also are going to be keeping a comprehensive list of all suspensions imposed by the league office.

So PFT Planet has spoken, and “Turd Watch” will live on. 

29 responses to “"Turd Watch" To Return

  1. Boooooooooooo. Big mistake. One of the most unique things about this site is watching the “game,” and seeing how it correlates with where teams place, etc.

  2. I actually first heard of your site because of turd watch.
    And the “game” aspect of the score card is part of what made PFT, PFT. And not some bland entity like NBC sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, SI etc.
    I guess its going away is all part of the corporate imaging that NBC is imposing on you.
    RIP PFT. Looks like we are in fact just getting another bland entity as part of NBC, packaged as what was PFT.

  3. Poop on a Bulova? How about a Citizen Eco-Drive…’As tough as Eli Manning!’

  4. sell out, the ‘game’ should live on. Guess NBC found their leash for florio

  5. How about instead of (or in addition to) the chronological list of arrests in the Police Blotter page, have a page that is grouped by the team they were employed by at the time of the arrest. So, like Turd Watch, but without the score. Otherwise, it’s just a crappy list of rich people getting arrested.

  6. Florio, apparently the only way to prove that you’re not a corporate shill now is to rename it “Smelly-turd-poo-crap Watch.” Good luck trying to keep your cred with these guys!

  7. No turd watch ???
    that is why I started reading this…
    come on Mike, at least install a twitter turd………..

  8. RIP PFT-
    Once again…a small website makes it big due to loyal fan base…then turns back on said fan base….takes the money and a crap on the people who helped build the site. Oy.

  9. And why do I have to click “Click here for the latest news and rumors” instead of “Bang it here for the daily rumor mill”?

  10. We need the standings, and I still argue it would be nice to see college standings as well. So for example, the next time Vick squeezes the life out of a family pet, his current NFL team AND Va Tech get points.
    My money’s on WVU blowing away everyone else on the college stats.

  11. The standings made the thing what it is. Saying the idea has played out is like saying the NFL standings have played out. Every year we need to able to measure the league’s willingness to tolerate turditude.

  12. I thought the point was to show which teams continued to employ criminals to try and apply some kind of accountability. If you are going to track arrests, I don’t know why you wouldn’t address the team the player plays for. Unless you’ve been asked not to by NBC, I don’t know why you wouldn’t continue as before.

  13. ah yes…. first day under NBC and you’ve already used the word “poop” multiple times.
    i heart you mike! :laugh:

  14. Can you start by giving the Vikings Turd points as a thanks for bring this whole Brat Favre stuff up again for the 7th year! 7 Freaking Years….Just break your leg and call it a career!

  15. Glad Turn Watch is back. Now are you going to get to work on those comment ratings?

  16. The fact that the personal conduct policy may be having its intended result is no reason to stop keeping track of arrests.
    you said yourself that the reduced arrests this year may be an aberration.
    Well, how can you tell if you’re not keeping track?

  17. How am I going to keep track of my Turd Watch Fantasy League team without standings?

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