UFL Pay Scale Report Is Disputed

Previously, the NFL has ignored the UFL, a new pro football league that will launch later this year with a four-team, six-game premiere season.

Though it’s not as if the NFL should feel threatened by the upstart league, there’s no reason for the undisputed champ of the sport to help out a potential competitor.  (It’s not as if the UFL will generate enough revenue and eyeballs to bogart, say, Rich Eisen from NFL Network.)

But NFLN’s newest on-air addition has posted an item at NFL.com about the UFL’s pay scale.  And the UFL reportedly is taking issue with it.

Jason La Canfora reports that the UFL will offer a measly $35,000 to all players, on an across-the-board basis.  Another $15,000 might be available in playing-time incentives.

(On a per-game basis, the $35,000 figure translates to a salary of $93,000 in the NFL’s 16-game season.  First-year players in the NFL earn a minimum salary of $310,000.)

If true, it’s good news for the NFL, since it creates the kind of financial disparity that even the promise of joining a UFL starting lineup (as opposed to languishing on an NFL practice squad) couldn’t overcome.

But there’s a question as to whether the report is accurate.  The UFLAccess.com web site, which might or might not have a formal relationship with the UFL, says that the report is incorrect, citing an unnamed UFL source.

We’ve contacted the UFL in an effort to resolve this one.  We’ll update if/when we hear anything.

8 responses to “UFL Pay Scale Report Is Disputed

  1. Jason La Canfora reporting something inacurate???? No kidding! He only did that on a consistent basis covering the Redskins for the Washington Post. Worst hire EVER!

  2. (On a per-game basis, the $35,000 figure translates to a salary of $93,000; first-year players in the NFL earn a minimum salary of $310,000.)
    This sentence confuses the hell out of me. No matter how I work it, the math doesn’t add up. And I have an unused accounting degree sitting in a box somewhere (sucking $213 a month from my income for the next twenty years).

  3. By my math, the UFL players get twice as much money PER GAME than NFL rookies (at the minimum).
    But let’s be honest… not many players in the NFL play for the rookie minimum.

  4. *placeing earphones from long range listening device behind back*
    I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation between a UFL league official and a former NFL starting quarterback that should clear up the incentives question. I thought I should pass this sirloin-juicy bit on to the PFT planet. Text of the overheard conversation below:
    “…and 10 makes $35,000. Now as our quarterback, you’ll be entitled to your choice of one of our two PREMIUM incentive benefits. Either an open, 3/4 eaten bag of Oreo Double-Stuff…crumbs, OR a slightly water-damaged tube of plain, fat-free Pringles with broken freshness seal. Welcome to the UFL Mr. Losman.”

  5. Re-read the article, Florio. La Canfora says they are offering $35,000 for the season, about $5800 per game.
    I doubt that is true. No one would risk their body for that amount of money. That’s the equivalent of a full-time $17/hr job with no need to travel or risk bodily injury.

  6. Well, the numbers had to come from somewhere, right?
    I’m wondering if some “rank and file” level NFL player was offered that amount and, being an ego-driven pro athlete, was insulted by what he perceived as a low-ball. It’s not that much of a reach to think that he might put the word out through his agent that the UFL is a cheapskate league.
    I notice that Canfora says that he’s been in contact with people who’ve been in contact with the UFL. He evidently hasn’t bothered to contact the UFL directly for a confirmation. I’m taking his report with a hefty grain of salt.

  7. Actually the NFL should be jumping for joy that the UFL exists. You have about 240 football players staying football shape practicing and playing football who once the UFL season is over should be available as replacements.

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