Vick Has A New Gig

As we packed up the boxes on Tuesday, loaded up the truck, and then moved to Beverleeee, we overlooked a couple of developments regarding quarterback Mike Vick.

Vick has ditched the $10 per hour construction job that he started upon transferring from prison to house arrest in May 2009.  He’s now working for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula.   He is serving as an aide in summer youth sporting programs.

(We strongly recommend that none of the kids lag behind or otherwise demonstrate an inability to participate successfully in the various sporting programs.)

The change in jobs does not create any issues with the terms of his house arrest.  As long as he is employed, Vick will be meeting the requirements of his house arrest.

Vick will be released from house arrest as of July 21.  It remains to be seen whether he will continue to be employed, or whether he’ll simply live off the fortune that he amassed and avoided squandering during his NFL career.

Um.  He’ll probably remain employed.

15 responses to “Vick Has A New Gig

  1. This move by Vick is clearly more about showing “remorse” which is what Goodell wants. He wouldn’t do anything to help himself in getting back into the league by doing construction work.

  2. it’s great he’s volunteering to help underpriveleged familes.
    Maybe the Boys and Girls Club should consider offering a free Dog Obedience class that Vick can volunteer in as well.

  3. So a guy who most of us wouldnt let around our dog is going to be helping mold the minds of the future criminals of the Virginia area. Florio you should be able to bank on future “Turd Watch” stars coming out of this arrangement.

  4. My recollection is that this job was “provided” courtesy of Aaron Brooks, former Saints and Raiders QB and cousin of Michael Vick. I wonder if Brooks fired Vick for failing to show up and actually work?

  5. What smiley said. Where is the rating system???
    How was he allowed to ditch a REAL job for something like this where I doubt VERY HIGHLY he is doing actual work? Insane.

  6. looking at the way vick took off the 2nd half of the 05/06 seasons… erring brooks probly canned him for leavin work early every day.

  7. haters. let the guy play, its not like he ran over a guy with car while he was drunk and high.

  8. Is he qualified to be working with young kids? It takes more than a famous name and face……

  9. davidHUSKER says:
    July 1, 2009 9:58 AM
    haters. let the guy play, its not like he ran over a guy with car while he was drunk and high.

    No, he just demonstrated behaviors known to fit the profile of serial killers when he tortured and heinously killed animals.

  10. Being familiar with that area, it can be safely said that he won’t be teaching those kids anything they won’t learn by the time they are 12 yrs old.

  11. oh brother.
    so much for remorse and paying your dues. i’m guessing the boys & girls club offered him easier work for more money. 🙄
    god forbid vick picks up a hammer and does actual work like the rest of us, for wages the rest of us make….

  12. My favorite is his idea for first 750,000.00 He will give the first 10 % to his debtors instead of keeping it. Wow what generosity ! because I guess previously he was gonna keep it ??? How is he functioning Financially now ?

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