Ditka Out, Steve Young In For MNF Doubleheader

After two years of having Mike & Mike & Mike in the booth for the second half of the season-opening Monday Night Football doubleheader, ESPN has changed things up.

And to the chagrin of many of you, two of the Mikes will return.

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic will be joined by Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young for the Chargers-Raiders game on September 14.

Gone is Mike Ditka, who contributed one of the only memorable moments from the B team’s broadcast.

35 responses to “Ditka Out, Steve Young In For MNF Doubleheader

  1. Steve Young deserves a shot.
    But Greenberg’s commentary is less than worthless.
    Greenberg is a a stupid little wuss.
    I’ve never met anyone who liked him.
    He is holding the career of Mike Golic back.
    Ditka is a straight shooter.
    Greenberg contributes nothing.

  2. Maybe ESPN wanted to do Mighty Mike the same way Florio did all of the old PFT IDs unless you had 200 posts?
    Having to create a new ID just to post on the new NBC site blows the hardest. And Florio remains mum on the subject in spite of several emails.
    WTF Florio?
    As good as your old site was, you never pulled any BS like this – why the lockout of any previous ID in the first place? It makes no sense.
    What R U and the NBC hampsters doing to fix this and when are you going to answer email on this subject? I know I’m not the only one with this issue.

  3. Mike & Mike are sellouts.
    You shoulda showed the video when he knocked over the table. But this one works too.

  4. At least they didn’t replace the sack adjusting Mike (Ditka) with the sackless Mike (Florio).

  5. Ditka was always “out” – of his mind.
    Steve Young will be much better – assuming he combs his hair.

  6. Maybe I am among the minority here – but I prefer Mike and Mike (or is it Meatball and Man-Child) in the MNF booth.

  7. I guess ESPN is getting rid of the old guy and going with a younger guy who is a big pain in the butt.

  8. I’d rather watch Ditka scratch his nuts anytime over listening to Man Girl and the Boob

  9. Apparently, the emasculation of the game of football continues…one more small step towards skirts, choreography, and 2-hand touch.
    Give me a nut-scratching, spittle-spewing, tell-it-like-it-is angry Iron Mike over a pretty boy nag like Young, ANYday.

  10. My problem with Mike & Mike in the booth is that their typical dynamic gets flipped around. On their show, Greeny is the voice of the fan, the sports geek, the cynical outsider; Golic is the jovial ex-jock who provides the meathead stunts, comic relief, and the real-life locker room experience.
    In the booth, Greeny does the play-by-play–only, he ought to be playing the Cosell/Miller/Kornheiser role. Greeny’s voice is perfect for the snarky fan/journalist, but not for play-by-play. He’s also so used to being “the smart guy in the room” that he prattles on and on, often right on over of his boothmates–and the game. Golic might be an ex-player, but he’s not a film guy like Jaws or Young. Golic can’t break down players and formations, and he can’t get a word in edgewise over Greeny. Ditka was completely redundant–he just made for two funny-guy ex-jocks who don’t break down film and can’t get a word in edgewise.
    Steve Young is the perfect addition, he should wrest some of the analysis away from Greeny–and free Golic up to interject occasional funny stuff. However, Greeny’s high-pitched drone will still grate on the nerves.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  11. Having Mike and Milquetoast do our game is the biggest shame of the recent Raiders. I will have to try and find a way to dub Greg Papa and Tom Flores (radio) over the clueless easterners.
    I can’t wait to see how Steve Young is working the comb over/over fluff these days.

  12. Mike Greenburg used the word “nice” 6,526 times during his horrid play by play last year. I hope he has since purchased a thesaurus. It was enough for anyone to develop an itch on the roof of their mouth that only the barrel of a gun could scratch.

  13. Steve Young is horrible. They way he mocked Kiper on the draft show was 100% unprofessional. He and the rest (aside from MK) were unprepared, snide, arrogant and really an embarrassment. He’s trying to be Berman Jr., and they’re both a joke.

  14. While I am admittedly an idiot, I was surprised to find that Golic was actually pretty good as an analyst. Greeny, on the other hand, was painly to listen to. Ditka was Ditka. The game will on too late to care, anyway.

  15. Greeny is a girly-man who now has emulators on local ESPN radio like Goldhammer in Cleveland, Golic’s hometown…he has forgotten his Slovenian Catholic roots, unlike his bro. who played for the Browns and knows what it means to remember where you came from, and it wasn’t from snobish suburban liberal Connecticut.

  16. That was pretty funny!
    Does anyone know if that was shown during a live broadcast…..and it that may have been the reason they let a Superbowl coach go over a guy who never played sports in his life.

  17. I see nothing wrong… It’s just an old man paying his tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson. At least he didn’t play dead…

  18. God I hate Mike and Mike…why does espn think we want to here Greeny’s metro-sexual comments and Fat Golic wine about how he doesnt get a shot to do MNF all season. At least Steve Young will bring some credibility to the booth.

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