Gholston's Summer Was "Not Encouraging"

Early in his introductory press conference, Rex Ryan was asked about how he’ll fix last year’s first-round pick Vernon Gholston. 

He compared him to Terrell Suggs, and hasn’t stopped building Gholston up publicly since.

Adam Schefter, who has started his Twitter account with fingers a’blazing, indicates that a different story has developed behind the scenes, and “the signs from OTAs were not encouraging.

It’s very early, but this is troubling news for the Jets.  Football in shorts should be where the athletically gifted Gholston shines.

Instead, the No. 6 overall pick of last year’s draft may be showing the new coaching staff what the old staff reportedly saw in him: “next to nothing.

We’ll know soon enough how much Gholston has developed.  Verbal backslaps are nice, but coaches tend to speak loudest with playing time. 

22 responses to “Gholston's Summer Was "Not Encouraging"

  1. Of course the kids a bust…he went to OHIO STATE
    see also: David Boston, Andy Katzemoyer, and Maurice Clarett

  2. Good thing Mangina “scooped” Gholston up ahead of the Pats in the draft. Coach B had to settle for that Mayo guy, he’ll never be any good.
    Jets suck

  3. Thats what happens when you draft a workout wonder who was only sporadically good in college.

  4. @ Hosstyle In Tampa
    yea also c: Jack Tatum, Cris Carter, Orlando Pace, Tom Tupa, Mike Vrabel, etc..
    Every major college team has busts, every major college team has stars.

  5. This guy sucked in college and now, all of a sudden, people are realizing it?
    Shouldn’t a team go after guys who can play the game instead of drafting “Potential” (which simply means that they can’t play but they look good standing in a locker room)?
    I’m damn glad a team I like didn’t draft this guy!

  6. Yeah buddy, Bill Belichick sure “covets” Gholston’s speed and versatility.
    Man, did the Jets bite on that one or what? Haha suckers!

  7. I never understood why people thought this guy was good. I watch a good amount of Big Ten football and never heard of this guy until the Michigan/OSU game where he tore up Jake Long.
    That perofrmance alone can’t justify his draft status.

  8. i’m with LionsFan…. this guy disappeared all the time in college games. he was a workout wonder and impressed at the combine. frankly i think any GM that disregards collegiate performance and drafts based on the combine should lose their job.
    has there ever been a player who was not good in college, was a combine-wonder, and succeeded in the NFL? I’m venturing a guess that if there have been any, it would be the extreme minority.

  9. see also: David Boston, Andy Katzemoyer, and Maurice Clarett
    I thought the definition of a bust is someone who has little success in the Pros compared to expectations.
    David Boston in 2001 – 98 Rec, 1,598 yrds, 8 TDs. I would say that would not be a bust, although he never recovered from major injuries, etc, all after that.
    Gholston? Now there is a bust in the making….

  10. dude gholston is going to be, if he isnt already, one of the biggest draft busts of all time lol
    serves the jets right, and eric mangina haha

  11. You can only blame Mangini so much for this guy sucking so much. Be very wary of guys who climb up draft boards. The Jets always seem to be the ones who like these types of players who start out low in mock drafts based on their play in real football games but look great in shorts doing 40 yard dashes.

  12. That is why you draft for your system. I think he could go somewhere else and do fairly well, but I had him as a second rounder on my board. A specimen that was too one dimensional.

  13. Eddie George, Chris Gamble, Anthony Gonzalez, AJ Hawk…come on, what school doesn’t have their busts? It isn’t the school, its the system that drafts them.

  14. This insistence to play Gholston as an outside LB because of his athleticism is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve seen in years. he’s a 4-3 DE, and the jets (along with all of the lovely pundits) have incorrectly insisted that he play a foreign position, when it was apparent that he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the world from all accounts to begin with.

  15. Tom Tupa? 🙂 Not a bust and one of the better punters in the NFL through the years.

  16. tupa, george, gonzalez, hawk… no busts in there.
    mayo isnt a success yet… but he is way above gholston.
    boston did have ONE really good year. better than most “busts”.
    tatum., carter, vrabel, pace… all stars.

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