Giants Not Worried About Eli Manning Contract Talks


For an NFL team poised to potentially make quarterback Eli Manning the highest paid player in the league, the New York Giants sure aren’t sweating pending contract talks.

An unnamed team official told Matt Mosley of today that this won’t be a rough-and-tumble negotiation. (I know, I know, that’s what she said.)

“There’s no way this thing becomes contentious,” a Giants official told Mosley. “Something will probably get done before the season, and everyone will move on.”

The sheer volume of the potential money involved could obviously get complicated.

Per this report, Manning could receive a staggering $50 million in guaranteed money, which would eclipse Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth’s guaranteed figure of $41 million that he garnered this offseason.

And the total maximum value of the deal could approach $120 million over a seven-year term.

The Giants’ organizational thinking is that the former Super Bowl Most Valuable Player has established himself at age 28, so they want to lock him up long-term with a blockbuster deal.

According to Mosley, the Giants aren’t considering a scenario where they would let Manning play out his current deal and then designate him as their franchise player for 2010.

And Mosley predicts that a deal could be struck as soon as next month.

Of course, Manning wouldn’t become an unrestricted free agent in 2010 if a new collective bargaining agreement isn’t done before the start of the free agent signing period.

The Giants’ plan is to never let this one drag out that far.

24 responses to “Giants Not Worried About Eli Manning Contract Talks

  1. Hope they do it. Eli ain’t even close to worth that kind of money. And by the time they figure that out, he’ll be killing their cap for 5+ years either way. F the Giants.

  2. You have to be kidding. The Giants are going to make Eli manning he highest paid player in the NFL ??
    The guy who couldn’t muster much over a 50% completion rate with 2 INTs vs the Eagles in last season’s playoff game?
    That Eli manning.

  3. Eli will be pissed when he finds out that the Giants are looking at a guy named “El Maning.” Is he Spanish?

  4. I wouldn’t make Eli the highest paid player in the league. He’s not worth the money. He’s really sucks. Granted he won a SB ring a lot quicker than Peyton, but he had a strong defense and the defense won that SB game against the Pats. If it wasn’t for Strahan and Osi turning up the heat, Brady and the pats would of racked over 50pts against the Giants. Eli is not worth top player money. In a year or 2, he’ll be on the bench as the 2nd stringer. Making da most money in league on da side lines.

  5. Eli is a solid QB and manages a good game……but making hm the highest paid player in the game? Wow. Wonder what his brother would get in this market? I’m not kncocking him…but it goes to show what a good o-line can do for an offense. Hope he tips his line. Hail!

  6. Everyone thinks of the ramification of Eli getting paid. Some short-sighted responses have been about the Giants suffering cap hell because of this. Think of it as economic warfare. Eli gets paid. NY can afford it. But once the bar is set, teams with lesser economic means won’t be able to afford even “average” QBs. Consequently, teams will have to suffer through mediocrity while the Giants will keep chugging along unfazed.

  7. The Eli bashing is funny. He has made the post season every season he started (except the first season when he came in week 10 in 2004. In the 4 seasons he has started the Giants have gone 41-23, won a Super Bowl, and won the NFC East twice. He was the catalyst of the greatest play in Super Bowl history when he escaped the clutches of 3 Patriot players to heave up the bomb that David Tyree pulled to his helmet to set up the go ahead score against the previously unbeaten Patriots. Of his 45 career wins 9 have been of the comeback variety including 2 in the post season of the 2007 season. He has thrown for over 3200 yards and 21+ TDs in each of his 4 seasons as full time starter. No matter what they end up paying him it will not be enough. I’ll put Eli’s stats and clutch performances up against any QB not named Brady or big brother over the last 4 seasons. In his own division he has McNabb who has proved time and time again that he can’t win the big ones, Mr September Tony Romo who will likely never win a playoff game and Jason Campbell who is at best a bench player on half the teams in the NFL.

  8. Giants may want to wait and see after this season. Without Plaxico (not to mention a change in the backfield), me thinks Mr Eli will be exposed for being a slightly above average QB.

  9. Hey RevSkip,
    To call him the catalyst of that play may be going a little too far. He got lucky that Tyree caught. Tyree made that play himself – it was a terrible throw. If he does not make an amazing catch – he is a choker almost to the level of Romo.
    Compare Eli to McNabb it is not even close. McNabb’s career is MUCH better than Eli’s. Other then the superbowl win – and lets be honest – the defense won that superbowl. I give Eli credit he was a spoke in the wheel but not the most important one.
    McNabb would have a SB if he had that Giants defense behind him last year.

  10. The Dallas Cowbillies cut Troy Aikman a day before he was due a 70 million dollar contract. This guy was a bum, Aikman and trent dilfer are the same guy.
    Eli is injury free and is a safe bet to take the NYGs to the playoffs. At 28, 8 or 9 years are not out of the question. Lock him up. Give him the money.
    I wanted Ben, got Eli. If the WRs can get open he’ll be alright.

  11. In the 07 season, the Giants D was 7th to the eagles 10th. Stop saying if you had the Giants D you would have won. The Giants won games as a team, not as a bunch of individuals, Eli is part of that team. He doesn’t let the press get to him, he is easy Eli. Could we win without him? Yes, but you tell me who the QB will be. Is Eli worth the money, who knows, but look at the money they gave Sanchez and Stafford and they haven’t even played in the NFL yet.

  12. TheGmen says:
    “In the 07 season, the Giants D was 7th to the eagles 10th”.
    Rankings are overrated. If the Eagles defense would have stopped the Pats like the Giants did, the Eagles would have won. McNabb’s SB game was better than Eli’s game – look at the stats…
    Stats and rankins alone do not tell a story. THe Eagles would have been in the SB last year if the defense could have not allowed a passing team to run the ball 82 yards down the field.
    I agree that the Giants won as a team – that is my point. The Andy Reid Eagles rely on McNabb about 85% and everyone else 15%. Eli is not the greatest QB but he did what he had to to win as part of a great team. That is what I wish McNabb would be allowed to do.

  13. I Love It. This is hilarious, to think the Giants are so naive that they would think Eli actually had something to do with their recent success. Yes, the Giants D is one of the best in the league. On top of that, New York’s running game is at the top of the league also. So the way I see it is if Eli and the passing game were any good, combined with their D and running game they would be unstoppable.
    Furthermore, for those of you who want to go back to the ’07 B.S. SB Explain to me this! How is it the winning QB just because he won, was awarded the MVP honor when despite having statistically his best performance of the year was still not as good as the losing QB’s worst statistical game of the year. Thats right the Giants kept a record breaking offense from doing just that and don’t get the recognition they (not Eli) deserve.

  14. Oh ya TheGmen dude,
    If Eli really was a part of that team he wouldn’t even want to be the highest paid player in the league. Like Brady and big brother he would sacrifice $ to get a quality WR.
    Because you know as well as he does and so does everyone else thats reading this that he isn’t even close to worth half of the reported 50 mill. guaranteed. But I am hoping New York ties up all that $ for the next 7 years. In three they’ll be missing playoffs. Their D is still to good to not make it for the next couple.

  15. the GIANTS offense, didn’t put up a lot of points in SUPER BOWL XLII but, I don’t recall the defense, scoring ANY of them. the DEFENSE, keeps the other teams score down. the OFFENSE, puts up as many points as possible. THAT’S WHAT THEY DO!!
    You know…I have watched every SUPER BOWL, since 1 and, I don’t recall ANY of them winning without a DEFENSE. PAY ELI!!! He deserves it.

  16. Rooster if you’ve seen all the super bowls than you should be able to see that Eli’s win was a fluke. Come on now can you really compare him to Montana, Brady, Young, Bradshaw, Aikman or any other Super Bowl MVPs? NO! no you can’t he hasn’t nor will he ever put up numbers like any of these guys.

  17. i’d like to see eli take less money and allow his team to invest in their O line and D line or mayb a tall reciever. seams like coaches already know how to get value for their buck in running backs

  18. Crop Toker says: July 4, 2009 8:13 PM
    Rooster if you’ve seen all the super bowls than you should be able to see that Eli’s win was a fluke. Come on now can you really compare him to Montana, Brady, Young, Bradshaw, Aikman or any other Super Bowl MVPs? NO! no you can’t he hasn’t nor will he ever put up numbers like any of these guys.
    You could make the argument that all of those QBs were flukes until they won their 2nd ring as well though. If Eli continues to do what he’s done his entire pro career the Giants will have many more playoff shots to silence any critics. 4 post seasons in 4 seasons as starter is just about as well as you can do.

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