Figuring Out The Favre Timetable

“If” is dead.  “When” still remains.  So, at Monsignor Florio’s behest, we engaged in a little Thursday afternoon dot-connecting to suss out when the inevitable Brett Favre unveiling will take place up in Minnesota.

First, head coach Brad Childress needs to be in the house.  He returned from his Alaskan fishing vacation on Monday.

Second, Chilly probably would prefer to have full focus on the blessed event so he’d no doubt prefer to wait on Favre until after the July 11 wedding of his daughter, Cara.  [Editor’s note:  We assume she didn’t get her father’s hair.]

Next, the Vikings want to be able to get maximum bang at the box office out of any Favre announcement so they’d want to present him after they begin selling single-game tickets for the season.

We (read: Florio) [editor’s note:  douche] were under the impression those tickets were scheduled to go on sale July 9.  In reality, the Vikings today told us they go on sale July 20.

So block off the week of July 13 through 17 as the best guess for when Favre gets announced.  And plan on wearing something nice.

32 responses to “Figuring Out The Favre Timetable

  1. sorry Tom, but where is the story?
    A guy will join an NFL team sometime from now till training camp?

  2. Yeah I’m throwing gum at the wall too Florio and it’s not sticking either. Why don’t we just say “sometime in the month of July Brett Favre will be officially announced as a member of the Minnesota Vikings”? Seems like that would be a much better strategy.

  3. Forget the day it is announced, I want inside access cameras in the locker room for when Col Klink tries to exert control over Favre after a 3 INT afternoon in a losing cause.
    Favre’s annual contract $10 million
    A single seat inside the Humptybowl $94
    The look on Ziggy’s face when he realizes this is all just one big mistake……..priceless

  4. If is very much alive.
    You ought to be more confident in the vikings ability to screw things up, Mr. Curran.

  5. Didn’t you say last week that they would make the announcement on the 3rd so it received as little media attention as possible?

  6. Favre bought a house in the Bearpath neighborhood of Eden Prairie this week. My guess is that the announcement is on the way- maybe some 4th of July fireworks?!

  7. Favre bought a house in the Bearpath neighborhood of Eden Prairie this week. My guess is that the announcement is on the way- maybe some 4th of July fireworks?!

  8. Gotta love all the jealous bears, packers and lions fans crying because Farve is coming back which makes their teams non-factors in the division race. Want a tissue? Hahahahahhahahahaha!!!

  9. who cares when it is?
    Vikes have the best quarterback!
    football’s almost here!

  10. Favre WILL win the next 2 Super bowls with the Vikings…And even though I am a big Packer fan…I will be happy for him…just as everyone should be….unless you are VERY selfish!

  11. If is dead ???
    Is that sort of like the Bill Clinton statement “it depends on what your definition of is, is” ????

  12. I see Jimmy is still trying to talk himself into believing that this will go bad for the Vikes & old Bert. And Bob is still in the denial stage. When in reality they both know they and the pack are screwed.

  13. Really, who cares? Favre is an insignificant QB in an insignificant division. No team in this division will make it near the Conference Championship game.

  14. All you Viking fans who think that you are bringing in the messiah would be best served by checking to see how that worked out for the Jets. ‘Brent’ may start the season for the Vikings, but you’d better hope that Sage isn’t too alienated by this circus because he will finish the season as your starter. Look for Brent to burn out or be benched by mid to later October. Kick your heals now because you’ll be kicking your decision makers when Brent lays an egg. Check the calendar, it’s 2009 not 1996.

  15. Man are you scrambling Florio! Like everyone else pointed out, first it was the 3rd and now…anyones best guess!

  16. Sparrow says its 2009 not 1996. Uh…are you sure? That’s not what my calender says. Moron!

  17. So you mean Florio’s 183 posts saying to watch for July 3rd were all for nothing?
    Wait a minute…no one cared after the first one or two anyway.

  18. It really sucks being a viking fan.
    The team begs and pleads but just can’t get a QB.

  19. Keep in mind the 14th… From a marketing perspective you would want the news to break right before payday. That way you can boost impulse sales. Too many people have all their money spent within 4 days of making it. Your going to want them to save that money to buy a Ticket.. You dont want to announce it close to the first of the month because most peoples rent is due, less disposable income. And you dont want too much notice either. It would give time to talk yourself out of spending money frivolously And/Or having a spouse do that for you. I would put money on the 14th Maybe one or two days earlier, but not too much so.

  20. Excuse me, HawgNSonsTV? Unless WE are very selfish?!? Kiln’s favorite son is the original “It’s all about me” diva. Mini fans might want to keep that in mind. Favre doesn’t want the Vikes to beat the Pack. Favre wants FAVRE to beat the Pack. Which is why in a close game if it’s a choice between handing the ball to Peterson or throwing deep into double coverage, there is no doubt what he will do. And since the reflexes and the arm aren’t what they used to be, I think there’s gonna be another lavender lake of tears cried this year.

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