Pats Going Hard Early

Yeah, the headline sets up Emperor Florio with yet another chance to channel Michael Scott.

But the fact the Patriots are going to practice twice-a-day for the first seven days of training camp (first Tweeted by Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe) is noteworthy too.

For the past few seasons, the Patriots have alternated between single- and double-session practices during training camp.  But when the Patriots open at Gillette Stadium on July 30, it appears Bill Belichick will be putting the hammer down.

A possible reason?  Turnover.

Only 35 of the 86 Patriots on the current roster were with the Patriots in 2007.  And the Patriots’ coaching staff went through an extreme offseason makeover, with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and special teams coordinator Brad Seely leading a lengthy list of changes. There are a lot of guys who will need to get used to each other during full-pad work.

And while there’s a likelihood the Pats will cancel some of those practices (Belichick often dangles practice cancellations as an incentive), the fact that this much work is built into the Patriots early camp schedule is interesting.

How well the Patriots’ revamped secondary and skill-position additions perform will be worth monitoring — and so will the progress of quarterback Tom Brady, who has raced through every offseason checkpoint to date in coming back from his blown-out left knee.

It remains to be seen whether he can do it twice a day.

That was Florio’s cue.

9 responses to “Pats Going Hard Early

  1. Tom, even when Brady was healthy, the team monitored his throws during the preseason. So, why do you think having two a days this summer is going to change that? It doesn’t make sense.

  2. I see many of the draft picks making the team this year. The roster IS turning over and getting younger. I think the secondary will be vastly improved over last year. Tight end will also be better this year with the addition of two free agents. If Joey Galloway has still got it, and all reports are that he does, I can only say….watch out. Moss on one side, Galloway on the other, Welker in the slot and number of packages to use….spread formation multiple tightend formations, they can and do use it all. They have a group of very solid running backs. I think this offense will be scary good again. The O-line returns all the starters, has excellent continuity, and has been very good. The only time they were overmatched was in the Giants Superbowl and that particular Giant D-line was awesome.
    I see the Defense improved over last year as well….particularly the secondary. Pass rush from OLBs in the 3-4 is a big ?….we’ll see how good Pierre Woods/Adalius Thomas/Shawn Crable can be. It wouldn’t surprise me if they mix in more 4-3 alienments and use Jarvis Green to get pressure from the DE spot……we’ll just have to watch the group gel. “In Bill We Trust”.
    I see the first 5 draft picks making the team…maybe more.

  3. Pastabelly,
    I think Mr. Curran is doing his best to fit in here by blathering and speculating about the Pats despite all the reported and known facts out there. Tom Curran is yet one more well known hack with an axe to grind with the Patriots organization. Must be a job requirement to work for PFT as they do obsess about all things Patriot from the big to the small and keeps them from ever being considered a national and serious outlet for NFL news.

  4. Child Please: Noone Cares?
    Seems like you care, ya dummy
    Why else would you post?

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