Toomer Ahead Of Harrison On Watch Lists

NFL_Harrison_250.jpgOn a day when Americans learned how far the job market has sunk, one out of work receiver received his own bad news via NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora.

Speaking on Total Access, LaCanfora said that talent evaluators around the league believe that Marvin Harrison “may be done.”  They are rating other free agent receivers like Amani Toomer and Joe Horn higher than Harrison.

The league’s new information man reports that Toomer has fielded calls from a few teams and is high on several teams’ “emergency list.”

Toomer and Harrison’s inability to find work is yet another reminder how fast things can change in the NFL.

Just last year, both players were starters on playoff teams. Now they are angling to be the first person called when some late-round draft picks tears a ligament in August.

There is considerable doubt whether Harrison even wants to play football again in a reserve role. 

But it sounds like the choice may be made for the future Hall of Famer.  

15 responses to “Toomer Ahead Of Harrison On Watch Lists

  1. I have only seen Jason LaCanfora on NFLTA a few times. I am not sure why he was chosen to succeed Adam Schefter. In my opinion, his T.V persona seems uncomfortable and forced. I am not sure how credible his information is either. Seems to state alot of opinions, with not alot of facts to back it up. Did he really just say “mamma jamma” on NFLTA when refering to Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, and Mike Holmgrem? WOW with Schefter going to ESPN, I might have to actually WATCH ESPN.

  2. Harrison can still play, If I were the bears I would give him a call. But I wouldn’t pay him big money. A one year deal as a test drive, he will upgrade the bears receiving core. He’s got hands, leadership and a true vet WR.

  3. toomer? he has stuff left. solid #3. #2 on some teams.
    harrison… if he will be a 3rd wideout, sure. take a pay cut. therein lies the rub. dude takes the fall all too often.
    horn? he is toast.

  4. Bears:
    WR1 Devin Hester
    WR2 Earl Bennett
    WR1 Dwayne Bowe
    WR2 Mark Bradley
    WR1 Ted Ginn
    WR2 Davone Bess
    WR1 Domenik Hixon
    WR2 Steve Smith
    WR1 Jerricho Cotchery
    WR2 David Clowney
    WR1 Josh Morgan
    WR2 Michael Crabtree (R)
    WR1 Donnie Avery
    WR2 Keenan Burton
    You can’t tell me that Marvin Harrison couldn’t be at least the number two option on any of these teams.

  5. Where’s all the wisecracks ’bout this guy shooting someone? All of my suspicions of you guys SELLING OUT are rapidly coming true!

  6. Maybe Marvin doesn’t want to answer questions all year about the dude he shot…

  7. Okay Buzzbissinger this one is for you sir:
    The other teams may not have benches long enough to have Harrison sit at the end by himself. Maybe other teams encourage all the players to interact during games.
    Maybe other teams hate the molestache.
    Or finally he could have just shot the wad on his career in not taking any revised offer from the Colts.
    I may be a DBAG but I am not sell out Buzz.
    Happy 4th you guys! Thank a vet, the parent of a vet, or the spouse of a vet.

  8. Can’t blame them for not wanting Marvin first. No one wants people in their city being shot with Harrison’s gun(s). Would be hard to cover up twice.

  9. I could outrun Joe Horn.
    Well not really, but it would be closer than against either Harrison or Toomer.
    I’d take Toomer just for having a great name.

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