Jeff Garcia Doesn't Plan To Warm The Bench

When quarterback Jeff Garcia signed a free-agent deal with the Raiders, eyebrows raised throughout the league.

The move was regarded by many as an indication that, if starter JaMarcus Russell struggles in 2009, Garcia will be given a chance to do what Kerry Collins and Kurt Warner did to Vince Young and Matt Leinart, respectively, a year ago.

And the 39-year-old Garcia is doing nothing to dispel the notion that he plans to play.

“Not knocking JaMarcus or anybody else on the team, but I just have a
belief in my own abilities
,” Garcia tells Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  “[That has] me feeling I am the best quarterback on
the team.  That’s just how I approach the game.”

That attitude prompts Garcia to work hard.  And, ideally, his hard work will rub off on Russell.  If it doesn’t, Russell could be bumped to the bench.

“I have a certain work ethic that is a part of me,” Garcia said.  “When I step on the
field, there is no 50 percent.  It’s 100 percent all the time.  It’s
sprinting from drill to drill.  It’s doing everything full speed.  It’s,
when I throw an incomplete pass, showing I care I threw an incomplete
pass.  Not just, ‘Oh, shucks, I just didn’t throw the ball as well.’  I’m
very critical of myself.  Because I’m critical of myself . . . that’s
where I feel I help myself.”

And so either Garcia’s example will help Russell — or it will help Garcia.

Either way, the Raiders probably are going to be better with the veteran quarterback than they would have been without him.

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  1. I’ve been a bucs season ticket holder since ’93….
    I’ve also ridiculed Jeff Garcia…
    Say what you will about the man…he’s a football player….through and through
    I’m glad for the new regime change in Tampa, but I respect the desire that Jeff Garcia has to compete…the man is tough as nails…just ask S Reggie Nelson (wish i had a youtube link to give you…but take my word for it…head to head…Garcia knocked Nelson outta the game)

  2. Garcia’s ego is catching up with him. However, he is the best QB on that team. So am I.

  3. Those comments about how he shows emotion after he throws a bad pass during practice, and how he runs from drill to drill are direct shots at Russell. From media reports he apparently shows no emotion after throwing horrendous throw after horrendous throw in practice, and he definitely doesnt run from drill to drill.
    Hopefully Garcia wakes J-Bust up a little.

  4. His 61 Million dollar contract must have something to do with his exceptional play

  5. Raiders will be out of the cellar this year. Broncos will be dead last in the AFC West.

  6. Russell is a bum, never thought he was worth a damn at LSU either…I am a season ticket holder in Oakland and pray to Satan every day that Jeff emerges from Napa as the starter,..he wins the superbowl then rides off into the sunset in Gilroy,..yup, thats how I see it.

  7. Why all the fuss about Garcia?
    If the Raiders really do play him because they think he’s the betteQB they are in bigger trouble than we think.
    The guy is finished as a QB in the NFL but his ego still makes him think he’s up there with the Bradys and Mannings of the league.
    Already questionable arm is shot- check
    skittish in the pocket – check
    doesn’t scan the field anymore and looks for 3 yard dumpoffs every time he can – check
    Has a warriors attitude and a body made of glass – check
    Thats sure what you want in your starting QB

  8. Jeff Garcia played in the Canadian Football League.
    Their season is underway and regular season games are being played.
    No mention of it at profootballtalk.
    You can have trashy stories of some guy named quicy carter and some untelevised indoor league but no talk of the exciting brand of football going on right now in the CFL.

  9. With some good QB play, better O-line and a full stable of healthy WR’s, Oakland could be dangerous this season. I hope Russell step’s it up, but it’s good to know there is another solid option in Garcia. Oakland’s offense should be much improved this year.
    If they can get the defense to stop the run, they could challenge for the AFC West title. With solid additions to the LB and DE position’s, they should be better. But the DT tackle position is still a concern. They need to see better play out their starting DT’s, and they lack quality depth at that position.

  10. Hey Bob Nelson, instead of complaining – why don’t you start your own site and report on the CFL.
    I don’t complain about my sons rec league not being covered.
    Be proactive. Take some initiative yourself. Stop throwing water on what other people do.

  11. One thing people need to keep in mind – Russell outplayed Garcia and came out the winner when these two teams met at the end of last season. And Bucs were playing for the playoffs. Russell also had a good outing and another victory the week before that against a very hot Texans team.
    IF Russell can keep up that progression – he easily beats out Garcia in camp and could be a top 10 to 15 QB in 2009.
    A little WR depth for that team would help. Isn’t Matt Jones available?
    Either way, should be fun to watch.

  12. Jaws you and Satan make the rest of us Raider fans really proud to be Raider fans…… NOT … God Bless you man.Your the one who need praying for. Thats the way I see it!

  13. J. Russel can throw the ball 80 yards from his knees. From his knees, Jeff Garcia can ….
    Sorry, but if it walks like a rat and smells like a rat…..

  14. Oh, and Garcia stinks and he is terrible for team chemistry. The Raiders should step out and make it clear that the position is not Garcia’s to win but Russel’s to lose.

  15. russell isnt a solid option, ergo, garcia is the only solid option.
    not made of glass, but takes chances with his old body.

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if he beat russell for the starting gig on any other team but this is the raiders so you never know.

  17. The Raiders can be a real surprise if they fix the offensive line.
    If the O line play is better and the running backs play up to potential they can take over games and be outstanding in time of possession. Mcfadden, Fargas, and Bush is a great three headed running attack. If that pans out then all they would need is a game manager type of QB. The advantage still goes to Garcia even though he has always been too short to be a true star QB. He does have the experience to beat defenses if they go 8 in the box.
    The real question is whether Davis would tolerate the Raiders playing that style of football. That division is going to be crappy this year. The only team with a realistic shot of the playoffs is the Chargers. The Raiders have a team that could win 6-7 games this year if it all works out. Not great but a lot better than before.

  18. It all comes down to simple math.
    Russell + starting position= Less wins
    Garcia + starteing position=More wins
    AS a Bucs fan I hated to see Garcia go. You have to admit, every team that Garcia has went to he has contributed in positive ways.
    Good Luck Jeff!

  19. Russell is a bum, never thought he was worth a damn at LSU either…I am a season ticket holder in Oakland and pray to Satan every day that Jeff emerges from Napa as the starter,..he wins the superbowl then rides off into the sunset in Gilroy,..yup, thats how I see it.
    How delusional are you?

  20. well except for detroit. cause his arm was worse than shot and jo-ey could chuck it way deep.
    the lions got robbed in tampa that year, and were previously on their way to an improved season. things went downhill fast after that game.

  21. Smush rodriguez… Kyle boller had a nice cannon from his knees too, unfortunately for him and russel the game is played standing up. In addition to a rifle arm you kinda need accuracy and a football IQ. Jamarcus was a bad pick up(almost as bad as DHB) and the raiders are in for bad times until skeletor dies.
    It’s a shame considering how great that franchise was and how patient/loyal the fans are.

  22. Hoss Pile in Tampa Bay – do you and some other Bucs fans really think anyone cares bout how many years you’ve been a fan or how many years you’ve had season tickets?

  23. Russell is a certified BUM! If he is the starting QB they will be lucky to win 4 games this year
    Garcia can rally the troops and at least manage a game really well.

  24. Wow, a certified bum after 16 games and less than 500 passes. Ryan and Flacco are the exceptions, not the rule. JaMarcus needs to be 15 pounds lighter IMO and definitely needs better accuracy, but he finished 3-3, won on the road and made a 4th Q comeback. He’s careful with the ball as far as int’s, fumbled way too much. This year he has less excuses, D-Mac has 2 healthy toes, WR and LT will be improvements from last year, see no reason he can’t win at least 7 this year. All the Garcia fans are remembering the Sf playoff game vs. NYG and a couple games in Philly, he stinks. Love his heart, think JaMarcus can learn plenty from him, but if you watched any Bucs games in the second half, this guy needs a clipboard in hand at all times. BTW, threw less TDs as the the certified bust in more attempts while working with a Pro Bowl WR. but

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