Nick Barnett Might Be Limited At Start Of Camp


Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Barnett proclaimed that he’s 90 percent recovered from surgery to repair a torn right anterior cruciate ligament.

However, there’s a slight catch.

During a Sirius NFL Radio interview, Barnett told Ross Tucker that he expects to be limited at the beginning of training camp.

For Barnett, who tore the ligament in a November loss to the Minnesota Vikings, it’s a case of fairly normal progress from a serious injury.

Barnett is a key component of the Packers’ defense, especially as they transition to a new 3-4 scheme under new defensive coordinator Dom Capers’ direction.

The athletic 6’2″, 236-pounder has recorded 658, 11.5 sacks and nine interceptions.

In an unrelated Brett Favre reference, Barnett acknowledged that Favre’s messy divorce from the Packers was a “huge distraction.”

Per Tucker, Barnett said he’s glad that a detrimental, dramatic episode is in the past.

9 responses to “Nick Barnett Might Be Limited At Start Of Camp

  1. IF this is Pro Football Talk….
    Why are you not talking about regular season professional football games being played?
    The Lions and The Roughriders have a game tonight and you have not posted one comment n it.
    What about the close game the Eskimos won last night? No sympathy for the Blue Bombers?
    If you cared about pro football you would be discussing it.

  2. Because, while this is technically “pro football talk”, no one really gives a shit about anything other than the NFL.
    Only reason the UFL is getting any airtime (webtime?) is because they hired former NFL coaches and many former NFL players. Otherwise no one would care about them either.

  3. Bob nelson! What’s all the fuss aboot eh? Seriously Americans are never gonna get into fake football, won’t happen. Stick to hockey canadians. You might as well get pissed aboot the lack of curling coverage.

  4. I believe the CFL opener was discussed. Scroll down the rumor mill page and you should find it.

  5. Gee…..did we just hear Barnett give the excuse for the 6-10 season….blaming Farve. Give me a break.

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