No July 3 Surprise From Favre, Yet

NFL_favre2.jpgWe (read: I) speculated a few weeks ago that news of a marriage between Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings would break in the late afternoon of Friday, July 3, which would be the ideal time to drop a bombshell with the smallest possible media reaction.  (Given that another fairly significant bombshell has been dropped in the late afternoon of Friday, July 3, the media reaction to a Favre announcement might have been even smaller.)

The fact that we (read: I) were under the impression that single-game tickets went on sale July 9 only fueled our (read: my) belief.

But our latest arrival, Tom Curran, learned on Thursday, single-game tickets actually go on sale July 20.  And this means that the announcement likely will come closer in time to the date on which Vikings fans will be able to ensure that the entire slate of 2009 games will be sold out, a proposition that was hardly a no-brainer a year ago, especially in the postseason.

Then again, it might be impossible to determine Favre’s intentions with any degree of certainty.  As Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune correctly observes, “[I]f Favre has proven to be predictable in one area, it’s that he’s
completely unpredictable
.  Thus, trying to guess the date of Favre’s
announcement that he’s coming back — or the potential surprise that
he’s not going to return — is nearly impossible.”

But that won’t stop us from trying.  Our new target date is Thursday, July 16 for the word to break, and Friday, July 17 for the announcement and press conference.

Then again, July 3 isn’t over yet.


17 responses to “No July 3 Surprise From Favre, Yet

  1. It doesn’t matter if he signs today, yesterday, a week from now, midnight on Christmas Eve, or on your mother’s B-day. Those tickets will have no problem selling out. If Minnesotans don’t gooble them all up, the Wisconsinites across the border will. And it won’t just be the Packer mach-up they will be buying.

  2. “-Signed Disgruntled JETS fan”
    Nothings changed, you’ve been disgruntled for 40 years. You are welcome for last years +5 win differential from the season before. Be prepared to plunge back down to the sub-5 win range again this season.

  3. Fan of Football – beats being a fan of the Lavender. They’ve NEVER been gruntled in almost 50 years now…

  4. You still deserve some props, Florio. Since around this time last year, everything you predicted would happen in regards to Favre, has.

  5. Fan Of Football- We’ll see. JEts are better than a lot of you ppl think.
    As for you Minnesotans, let the 2nd 1/2 of last season be an example of what you’ll get from Favre. Interception after interception after interception.

  6. Florio…I told you 2 years ago Favre WILL win 2 MORE SuperBowls before he REALLY retires….Favre is a Hawg in the Game!

  7. The queens had no problem selling out their playoff game. Oh wait that just another fantasy

  8. What’s great is packer fans are gonna have to play the scalpers to get in now because in order to get tickets for the game you have to buy tickets to a game where the opposing team is shit so lose lose for packers they are a shit team. ryan grant isnt qualified to carry adrians jock.

  9. Now as sick of Favres Shenanigans as I am lets be fair to him, he played the second half of last season with a badly torn bicep, as in Adam Shefter said it was attached by a single tendon. OUCH. Not too many people would keep going out there week after week like that. (Having said that staying in there may have been selfish as well)

  10. Apparently Florio is a Jehova’s Witness:
    the end of the world is coming…….now! How bout…! Uh…now!
    Hey, where’d everybody go?

  11. You continue to show a lack of faith in the vikings organization ability to screw up big moments.
    Who in the vikings organization has ever been associated with success?
    The Bengals have been to a Superbowl more recently than the vikings.
    It is time to prepare yourself for this alleged signing not occurring.
    Screw ups are toutine for the vikings.

  12. One thing that is not selling out right now “Quarterback of the Future.” It’s ranked #1,200,284 on

  13. Why would anyone ever suspect that Favre is going to do something design to attract the LEAST media attention?

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