Northcutt "Excited" To Be In Detroit

Despite their 0-16 record in 2008, the Detroit Lions continue to round up players who are happy to join the team.

The latest addition, receiver Dennis Northcutt, recently gushed about the trade that sent him from a stadium with tarp-covered seats to a venue with bag-covered heads.

I’m excited,” Northcutt told Nicholas Cotsonika of the Detroit Free Press.  “I feel
like the Lions went out and won the Super Bowl last year, for real.  I’m
just excited about playing this game for a team that wants me and came
out and got me.”

Of course, the fact that the Lions willingly absorbed his $2.45 million salary might be contributing to Northcutt’s decision to view last season’s debacle as the exact opposite.

He thinks he’ll serve as the third receiver, behind Calvin Johnson and Bryant Johnson.

“I think that’s one of the biggest reasons they brought me in was to
get in the slot,” Northcutt said.  “Obviously that’s my biggest
strength.  That’s has been my biggest strength through my nine years of
playing in the NFL is working the slot.  That’s where I’ve made my money

But, in our view, Northcutt still needs to earn a roster spot.  Beyond Calvin and Bryant Johnson, the Lions also have Ronald Curry and Keary Colbert.  If Northcutt lands behind those two guys on the depth chart, the Lions might decide not to carry his salary.

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  1. The regular season has started and yet no CFL news on a site that claims to be about professional football.
    College football is not professional.
    The CFL is great. How can true football fans ignore regular season games??!!

  2. If Curry and Colbert were cutting it in the OTAs, this trade would not have happened.
    Northcutt will be the 3rd WR, and one if not both Curry/Colbert will not make the team. Curry has talent but not the heart/work ethic of Northcutt, and Colbert likely doesn’t have the talent/brains to get it done.
    Take it to the bank.

  3. The Lions didn’t trade for Northcutt because they thought Ronald Curry and Keary Colbert (*snicker*) were so awesome.
    Those two caught fewer passes combined last season than Northcutt did. Northcutt’s old but he’s a somewhat capable slot receiver still.
    Curry will be competition for that #3 WR slot, but Colbert is likely just praying for a roster spot.

  4. Keary Colbert is one of the worst receivers I’ve had the displeasure of having to watch the past few seasons with the Panthers. Keary Colbert makes Dennis Northcutt look like Jerry Rice.

  5. Bob Nelson, I would rather count the wrinkles on my dog’s ballsack than watch a CFL game. When do those wiley Canadians play football games, Tuesday Afternoon? How do we get in on some of that hard core action, what network would even broadcast those elite athletes?

  6. that makes one person excited to be in detroit.

  7. Why wouldn’t he be happy to go to Detroit? Lions will be the next dynasty after the Patriot’s run is over.

  8. Florio come on!!! The lions drafted Derrick Williams in the 4th round this year. He will address their return game and he will compete for time at receiver (assuming the 5th WR spot, but you never know). The Northcutt acquisition is to provide competition for the 3rd and 4th receiver spots; with the 5th WR spot most likely going to Derrick Williams. However Florio, i won’t bust your balls on this one. It is July 3rd and everyone today mailed it in. Keep up the great work bud!!!
    P.S. When do the team-by-team training camp previews begin??

  9. After The Truth, this is a Who’s Who of Who Wasn’t. Ronald Curry, Bryant Johnson, Dennis Northcutt, and Keary Colbert. None of these players were drafted by the Lions (3+ teams each for all except Ronald Curry). They were each drafted in the first two rounds of the draft (except Curry, a 7th rounder) and none have ever reached the 1000 yards mark in a season.

  10. Unfortunately you will be hard pressed to find any american TV network to report on the CFL. Its very hard to see the rest of the sportsworld when the blinders are on.

  11. dynasty? by the times the lions are “good”, northcutt will be retired.
    the lions need talented YOUTH.

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