Raiders Shopping Terdell Sands

It’s Fourth of July weekend, and most NFL teams aren’t working.

The Raiders, however, have been tending to one last item of business.

Per a league source, the Raiders have been shopping defensive tackle Terdell Sands.

The problem?  A $1 million roster bonus, the trigger date for which has been moved at least once during the offseason.  (Most recently, the deadline was nudged on June 23, from June 24 to July 3.)   

At last count, the roster bonus is due today, and that means that unless they have moved the due date again, they’ll owe him the full amount if he was still on the roster as of 4:00 p.m. EDT.

Sands, signed as a free agent in 2003, is (was) signed through 2010.  He appeared in every game last season, with no starts.  The prior year, he started eleven games. 

Sands played for the Chiefs in 2003 and the Packers in 2001, where he entered the league as a seventh-round draft pick.  He was out of football in 2002.

21 responses to “Raiders Shopping Terdell Sands

  1. He will play hard two games per year, guaranteed!
    He will occasionally scare the opposition into fumbling (happened against the Broncos last year).
    He will keep the rest of your team in shape by eating everything in the city, leaving less food for everyone else.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah…
    Favre this, Sean Payton that…. let’s talk about what really matters. Why does my “PFT” button on my bookmark toolbar now show the NBC peacock instead of the PFT logo?
    That’s a bunch of crap.

  3. Theyre gonna have a hard time trading him considering he sucks. They’ve had one of the worst Run -Ds in football for quite a few years now and he’s been one of the constants on that D-line. The sad thing is that they are very thin at DT, so losing him is going to hurt their DT depth even more. Unless you consider it addition by subtraction.

  4. hey florio, you should have titled this Terd watch 2009.
    no doing anything for ya, then how about “raiders trying to get something for nothing”. because that’s all I see here.
    the terd is totally and emotionally inept. some say it was after his mother died. I feel he’s just lazy.
    either way… if he gets traded, great! if not, he needs to step it up big time.

  5. Terdell Sands isn’t a bad player at all. Shame they’d rather save a million bucks than keep one of the only decent players they’ve got.

  6. With a name like Terdell, someone has to want him if not for marketing purposes alone. Florio, perhaps he could be the new spokesperson for your “Turd Watch”.

  7. I still dont get how a guy this big, cant stop the run, just dont get it.

  8. When you underachieve and punch out the best punter in the league on the plane home, you get your walking papers.
    I bet he gets cut in August.

  9. The Terdell always beats the Wabbit.
    Nice Job Dad and Mom, way to degrade your son by naming him after feces.

  10. Won’t be missed if he is traded.
    Btw, I am glad for the move to NBC… No more of those nasty “lose weight” ads. No longer have to be embarassed to open up the web site at work. 🙂

  11. A new Segway for Al to get around the practice field, and a dozen doughnuts to give to Russell. And you have a deal.

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