Rumors Fly That Brandon Marshall Is Broke

3653.jpgReceiver Brandon Marshall’s ongoing desire to leave Denver is rooted in two concerns.  First, he doesn’t like the manner in which the team’s physicians handled a hip injury that ultimately required surgery.  Second, he wants a new contract.

The more accurate description as to the latter factor could be that he needs a new contract.

There’s talk in league circles that Marshall has run out of money.  If that’s true, at least one league source isn’t surprised.

“Why does a guy who was a fourth-round draft pick live in three different places?” the source said regarding Marshall’s residences in Denver, Atlanta, and Orlando.

Frankly, we find it hard to believe that Marshall is facing money troubles, if in fact he is (and we’re not reporting that he is — we’re only saying that some league insiders think that he is).  After pocketing a signing bonus of $420,000 in 2006, Marshall earned a base salary of $275,000 as a rookie, a base salary of $360,000 in 2007, and a base salary of $445,000 in 2008 (less two game checks, one for a suspension and one for a fine).  Also, because of his stellar performances to date in his career, escalators in Marshall’s rookie deal have pushed his 2009 salary to $2.198 million.

Of course, Marshall likely will be able to easily afford those three houses — and more — once he gets paid like the elite receiver he is.  But it’s not going to happen soon, unless someone blows the Broncos away with a trade offer.

Our pal Adam Schefter thinks the Broncos wouldn’t say “no” to a first-round draft pick.  But we think it would take more than that to get the Broncos to give Marshall a one-way ticket out of the “f–king city” he supposedly hates. 

If Marshall isn’t traded, he likely won’t be getting a big-money deal in the near future.  As we understand it, the Broncos don’t plan to devote any more cash to the 2009 edition of the team, likely due to a lingering bad economy and concerns previously stated by owner Pat Bowlen regarding the current player-compensation system under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Bottom line?  If Brandon really is broke, he might want to consider getting a short-term loan.  After all, he’ll make plenty of money once the season starts, and a huge payday is looming. 

Of course, if he can’t scare up any cash (if he in fact is running out of it), there’s always bankruptcy. 

In the end, it might be the best way for Marshall to keep his Ms. Pacman video game, if like Mike Vick he actually owns one.

19 responses to “Rumors Fly That Brandon Marshall Is Broke

  1. You just love that Ms. Pacman game, don’t you Florio?
    I don’t get why it’s a Ms. Pacman game…why not Dig Dug, or…oooh PAPERBOY? What is Vick’s affinity for Ms. Pacman all about anyhow? That game sucked.

  2. the bad economy effecting the NFL is an excuse only Jeffry Laurie would use. The teams that sell out are still going to sell out and charge 8$ a beer. It’s a fall-back excuse for people looking for a reason for teams to be only spending 125M as opposed to the full salary cap.

  3. maybe more money will make him not do the things he does…. money hasn’t ever corrupted anyone thats for sure!

  4. I don’t know.. Ms Pacman isn’t too bad. She does swallow a whole lot of those globby looking things.
    Oh, do we have to be mature now that you’re part of NBC Florio?
    By the way, nice to see you on the NFL top 10 list. Keep it up.

  5. He’s broke, all right – cerebrally broke.
    Marshall devoted most of his brain cells just to be able to listen to the advice that Rod Smith gave him. Unfortunately, he had nothing left to actually comprehend it – much less initiate any sort of positive action with it.
    I’ve said it before, but there’s a common misperception that Marshall’s a thug. He is not. He’s “just” stupid and immature. But, he is a beastly tackle-breaking machine, fwiw.

  6. You know, if these guys were smart, they’d meet with a financial planner when they begin their careers. I don’t get what’s so hard about NOT squandering your money on needless bullcrap? It’s that same kind of overspending that created the mess we’re in today.
    Anyway, if the story is true, he deserves to be broke. It’s what he gets for being an idiot with his money.

  7. Florio, great idea! If you don’t have enough money to support your lifestyle, go borrow some. You should run for Congress.

  8. What a shock. Another moron athlete who can’t do simple math. Should have paid attention in class Brandon. He is everything about athletes I hate. Yes you Marshall, you effin’ tool.

  9. Why is it hard for you to believe he is having money troubles. Morons like this guy blow money all the time like it’s nothing. If he bought three houses, multiple cars for himself, his girls, family, new houses for members of his family and often “makes it rain” in the strip clubs, I’m surprised he’s not deep in debt.

  10. If he thinks he’s broke now, he better hope there isn’t a lockout year after next.
    And it doesn’t matter if he gets a new deal, if he’s this stupid, he will live over his means then too.

  11. Marshall is not the one? That kid Antonio Cromartie of the Chargers is broke! His first agent filed a grievance against him in late June 2009 for lack of agent fee payment for the 2008 season! THATS BAD…….

  12. Busted
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