Sam Moore To Perform At HOF Game Halftime

We mentioned the other day that the folks who run the Hall of Fame Game were teasing an announcement of the halftime entertainment.

And an announcement has been made.

It’s Sam Moore.

Um.  Who?

Oh, Sam Moore.  Of “Sam And Dave.”  That Sam Moore.

On one hand, it’s good that the halftime entertainment isn’t another one of those trendy new groups that me make feel even older than I already am.

On the other hand . . . .

12 responses to “Sam Moore To Perform At HOF Game Halftime

  1. ♪ I’m comin’ to ya, on a dusty road
    ♪ Good lovin’, I got a truck load
    ♪ And when you get it, ya got somethin’
    ♪ So don’t worry, ‘cos’ I’m comin’
    ♪ I’m a Soul Man
    ♪ I’m a Soul Man
    ♪ I’m a Soul Man
    ♪ I’m a Soul Man

  2. they originally did “soul man”, “hold on i’m comin”, “wrap it up”, “i thank you”. in the 60s. which were covered by the blues bros, the blues bros, fab t-birds and zz top. dave is dead.

  3. Sam Moore! What his agent couldn’t find a country fair that weekend, I bet he is paying to play, no way he’s gettin’ paid.

  4. My God, if we’re going to book one living guy from a duet at least get Dean Torrence.

  5. Shouldn’t there be an obligation to get someone, um, famous, for the Hall of Fame game?

  6. Really?…Never heard of Sam & Dave? whats your are dumb..or are you young?..crawl back under the rock..If you see Jesus or Elvis..tell’em you ain’t heard about them neither

  7. Exactly, goldrush. I couldn’t believe the asinine comments here until I got to yours. Thank you for pointing out that Sam & Dave deserve respect.

  8. In the words of Homer Simpson,
    “I’ve already forgotten his name”

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