Cowher Annexes Iraq On Behalf Of Steeler Nation

Not long ago, former Steelers coach Bill Cowher was seen leading the cheers for the Carolina Hurricanes in their date with the Pittsburgh Penguins during the NHL’s Eastern Conference finals. 

Later in Game Four, when it appeared that the Penguins would complete the four-game sweep of Cowher’s adopted squad, the Pittsburgh native tried to do a little damage control.

He’s done even more during his visit with soldiers stationed in the Middle East.  Cowher has proclaimed that Iraq is part of Steeler Nation, given the heavy presence of Terrible Towels.

Actually, Cowher could make the same statement about Iran.  But Cowher probably shouldn’t visit Iraq’s next-door q-less neighbor right now — that would be almost as foolish as rooting for the Hurricanes in a best-of-seven match against the Pens.

6 responses to “Cowher Annexes Iraq On Behalf Of Steeler Nation

  1. Wish he would actually go ahead to Iran.
    Maybe he would catch a couple of rounds and trim that Chin of his down a tad. It might even stop his uncontrollable spitting problem 🙂

  2. Strange for Cowher to express an affinity for the Steelers if he is considering getting back into coaching at some point.
    But I’m still pissed about the Canes-Penguins thing. I’ll always appreciate what Cowher did for us, but Tomlin is our guy now.

  3. EdReed4prez:
    “stoolers” LOL. Did you come up with that one all by yourself? Wow, you must be the most popular kids in the 3rd grade.
    Btw, how many times did the Steelers beat the Ravens last season?

  4. “Cowher has proclaimed that Iraq is part of Steeler Nation”
    Does this mean that PGH property values will go up now?

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