Eddie George: "I Lost A Great Friend"

Eddie George was supposed to see Steve McNair next week at a charity event.

And the former Tennessee Titans running back was looking forward to catching up with his close friend and former teammate.

So today’s shocking news that McNair is dead at the age of 36 from a gunshot wound hit George like a ton of bricks, per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

“I am at a loss of words and can’t put anything into a picture that makes sense.  I am just so sad right now,” George told the Tennessean.  “I am just trying to get to [McNair’s wife] Mechelle’s house to show support and take it from there.  I really don’t know what to say about it other than I lost a great friend and it is tough to put into words.  It is still fresh. . . .

“We were supposed to talk about old times.  What can I say?  How do you move on and process it?  It just doesn’t make sense.  It is sad the way that he left this earth.  A lot of emotions are going through me right now.  I have so many memories of him.”

Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger offered a similar sentiment about the tragedy that jarred the league on an otherwise quiet July 4 weekend.

“Right now the only thing I can say is I feel for Mechelle and his family and I am praying for them,” Heimerdinger said.  “We can talk all the football stories you want later, but right now Mechelle and the kids are the most important thing.”

5 responses to “Eddie George: "I Lost A Great Friend"

  1. Im confused by the girlfriend/ wife scenario.
    Damn, i am stunned. Good Nite sweet prince.

  2. Very sad. I’ll always remember him being the (barely) losing quarterback in the most exciting Super Bowl of my lifetime. He came damn close to coming from behind to beat the seemingly unstoppable Rams. McNair was seemingly unstoppable that year. It’s shocking how fleeting life can be.

  3. You’re confused by the girlfriend/wife scenario? You do know that he was a NFL quarterback and a millionaire, right?….and “good night sweet prince” is about as corny as it gets.

  4. I’m so sorry for his wife and children. I loved watching McNair and Eddie George (my favorite buckeye) on the field. For a die hard Steeler fan, the fact that Steve McNair, Eddie George & Jeff Fisher had me watching their magic is saying alot. May God Bless his family as well as the family of the girl he was with. I am shocked to discover he had a girlfriend. I would never have expected that of him. But we’ve all made mistakes and need forgiveness.

  5. I loved watching him qb ANY team and I was saddened when he left the Ravens. Such a shame and you wont find me ragging on him for getting caught up in a relationship that shouldnt have been. Don’t judge unless you are perfect. None of us are. I want to hear about his football career and have hope that his family can handle this tragedy. Thats all.

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