Report: Steve McNair Slain

According to in Nashville, long-time NFL quarterback Steve McNair has been found dead.

McNair reportedly suffered a gunshot wound in an apparent murder-suicide.

Further details currently are not available; check back for more developments.

He was a first-round pick of the Houston Oilers in 1995, and he played for the franchise through the 2005 season.  McNair was then traded to the Ravens, and he spent two seasons in Baltimore before retiring.

UPDATE:  The report from has been revised to describe the situation as a “double homicide.”

77 responses to “Report: Steve McNair Slain

  1. The report said that a female “victim” was also found dead. So is it safe to assume that Steve was the shooter?
    just wow

  2. Nashville is in shock right now. Local TV here in Nashville is covering it as best they can. My sister and her boyfriend were heading downtown to get a spot for the fireworks show when we got the word; they did a u-turn and are heading back home.
    Steve McNair was a beloved figure in the community.

  3. Awful…what a shame. Always enjoyed watching him play, and he never seemed to be all about the money.

  4. Wow this is a sad day in Nashville. By far the most popular Tennessee Titan of all time on the field and extremely popular in the community off the field. RIP Mac9

  5. I will always remember him for bringing his A game playing Pittsburgh, whether it was in Houston or in Baltimore. Definitely was a torn in the Steelers side for quite some time.
    RIP Air McNair.

  6. Wow is right… Steve always struck me as a classy guy so it will be interesting to see how this story unfolds.

  7. Very sad. I was 12 when he led the Titans over the Jags in the AFC Championship game. Lots of memories of Air McNair.

  8. Very sad news! RIP McNair!
    This isn’t the same source that told you Terry Bradshaw died, is it?

  9. Im just as shocked man, this is horrible horrible news….who could do something like this.

  10. My heart just sank through the floor. I was never a Titans fan, but “Air” McNair was truly a classy guy.

  11. What a friggin shame.
    I just loved watching McNair play.
    That pass he made in the Super Bowl against the Rams in 2000, where he shook off two defenders while scrambling, and then heaves it to Dyson, who ended up a yard short, exemplified who he was as a QB.
    Dude had cahunnies the size of grapefruits. He stood in there and made plays, knowing he was gonna get knocked silly.
    What a shame.

  12. R.I.P. Steve McNair. GODSPEED.
    Either they got murdered or it was a murder/suicide. It doesnt mean Steve Mcnair shot his GF. She could have shot him.

  13. RIP to Steve McNair and the female.
    My prayers go to those who are deceased and deeply hurt by this tragedy.
    A great day has now turned into a horrible one 😦

  14. I am really in complete shock. Even though I am a Broncos fan through and through, McNair’s was the first NFL Jersey I ever owned. He should have won the Heisman his senior year at Alcorn…

  15. Wow this is sad. McNair always seemed to be a classy person. May he rest in peace. Air McNair was one of the toughest players ever to play in the NFL. And of one of the most exciting to watch!

  16. My prayers go out to his family and close friends. Nashville is in mourning for the loss.
    Truly a unnecessary tragedy!

  17. Tragic. McNair was one of my favorite players during his time in the league. He was such a fun player to watch. Most importantly, he was a class act.

  18. I was on and saw this story. What a terrible shock and shame. McNair seemed like a decent guy. Hopefully they find the guy responsible.

  19. As a Steelers fan, I have countless memories of McNair making big plays against them. One of the toughest QBs I’ve ever seen.

  20. Our prayers are with Steve’s family.
    R.I.P. Steve McNair
    You will be remembered by many!

  21. Another wow here. RIP Steve and condolences to his family.
    Ron….just shut up.

  22. Ron, you idiot!!!!! I have NEVER hear of anyone, let alone multiple persons, getting killed by a gun alone. It takes a person to fire a weapon. This is a tragedy. Period. Give your condolences- not your political stances.
    RIP Steve!

  23. Steve McNair was as tough a quarterback as there is and was a class act on and off the field. He also just opened a new restaurant in Nashville 2 weeks ago, Gridiron9. I wonder if someone killed him because of this. In any case, I’m sure we’ll find out more details in the coming hours and days. Something like this doesn’t go unnoticed. The police will have a suspect or suspects soon enough.
    Sad day for Tennessee and for the NFL.

  24. How about its probably the woman who followed him from college. She would not let STeve and his wife alone. She probably killed him because he would not leave his wife.

  25. I started out as an Oilers fan back when i was a kid in 1986. I have converted to Titans fan when they moved and I love to watch Steve McNair. This is unbelievable news. I am so saddened by it that I am just in shock. He was a great player, deserved to be in Hall of Fame. He played hurt numerous times. He was the time of player that would play with broken bones and he would be there for any teammate that needed him. He was Vince Young’s mentor also. #9, RIP. You will be missed tremendously. Thanks for the years you gave us.

  26. What a amazing guy he was. I met him three years ago at my job and hung with him when he was injured while playing for the Tennesse Titans. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mc Nair family…RIP Mc Nair

  27. This is terrible news for Titans fans everywhere. Steve played in games where most QB’s wouldn’t get up off the bench, in such pain that most couldn’t bear. I’ve seen him take hits that would break lesser men.
    RIP, Steve, you football warrior, father, and family man.

  28. sad end to a life. sure enjoyed watching mcnair play.
    the cops are talking to suspects so one may be able to close the door on murder-suicide. besides, those usually happen at home or in hotel rooms.
    screw the renewable license crap. nice job of pushing YOUR agenda, gun grabber, before the facts emerge…

  29. Holy moley.. he was a fixture in the NFL for so long.
    RIP Steve McNair #9
    Re: Ron, STFU – don’t use tragedy to push a political agenda, that’s a jackass move!!

  30. Ron, get FU#$%^
    this has nothing to do with you having something against our rights as Americans.
    RIP STEVE!! your fishing on a river in heaven now

    sj22sj says:
    July 4, 2009 5:17 PM
    Air McNair ain’t breathin any air…

  32. Don’t know what the circumstances surrounding his death were, but Steve McNair was a hell of a tough SOB and a damn good QB.
    Rest in peace, Steve.

  33. Still in shock over this, cannot believe it happened. Really need more information because it is still to cloudy

  34. News like this makes me want to punch stuff. Why him? If anybody deserved a long and happy retirement it was Steve McNair. He left everything on the field. He was an inspiration.

  35. He was a bit of a hack of a QB. Sorry but it is true… He wont be down for breakfast…

  36. Is it the truth SJ? Really? Thanks for enlightening us. Oh, and everybody sees that you’re edgy and hip and all that happy horseshit. Congratulations, you classless tool.

  37. A true loss for the fans and people not only of the NFL but also all affected by his charity work. Air McNair was a true class act and a fine man of the NFL. May your legacy live on. R.I.P. Steve McNair

  38. This is just horrible. As a Steeler fan I can’t tell you the fear I had for the guy- and the ways he earned it.

  39. Very sad. I’m a Pats fan and I remember the heart attack he gave me when the Pats played the Titans in the playoffs a few years ago. It was about 100 below zero, McNair was clearly playing on one leg and the game still came down to the last play.
    Never heard a bad thing about him. Terribly sad news.

  40. I hope it wasn’t his wife that shot him at his girlfriend’s place, a la Fred Lane. Just for the sake of their children…

  41. He was a bit of a hack of a QB. Sorry but it is true… He wont be down for breakfast…

  42. if he was foolin round with someone else’s wife etc… maybe he wasnt that great a role model.
    if all the negative is true… see other posts…
    does the media cover for all these guys?

  43. Partiots says:
    July 4, 2009 8:51 PM
    He was a bit of a hack of a QB. Sorry but it is true… He wont be down for breakfast…
    what a douche nozzle.

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