Ernest Wilford Continues Transition To Tight End

A couple of months ago, agent Drew Rosenhaus disclosed that the Dolphins are experimenting with moving receiver Ernest Wilford to tight end.

And the experiment has continued, to the point that it appears Wilford will be splitting his time between both positions in 2009, his second season with the Dolphins.

It’s been interesting,” Wilford said, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.  “Defenses don’t know if they’re going to play me at
receiver or tight end.  It will create mismatches.  I’ve got to know what
I’m doing in protections and the running game.  That’s the biggest
transition.  Anything that will help me be a value to this team, I’m
willing to do.  I’m very confident.”

Wilford caught only three passes last season; he had 45 receptions the
prior season with the Jaguars, his last season in Jacksonville.

It remains to be seen whether Wilford will truly be a tight end, or whether he’ll simply be a Kellen Winslow-style presence at the position — a wideout who happens to line up next to the tackle on most plays, and who throws a block only when he’s cleaning up his toddler’s toys.

5 responses to “Ernest Wilford Continues Transition To Tight End

  1. Since he can’t catch I don’t think it will matter whether he plays TE or WR

  2. Good luck to him, but I doubt defenses are really going to stay up late worrying about it as he suggests.
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