Even With New Position, Wilford Might Not Make It In Miami

On the same day that Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald takes a look at the progress of receiver Ernest Wilford in making the transition to tight end, Armando Salguero of the Herald points out that a switch to a new position might not be enough for Wilford to save his job.

Per Salguero, Wilford won’t make it into the final 53-man roster, absent injuries to or ineffectiveness of others who are expected to earn spots on the depth chart.

Specifically, Wilford needs tight end David Martin to struggle in his return from hernia surgery and/or rookie tight end John Nalbone to continue to display hands like, well, Wilford’s.  Alternatively, Wilford needs rookie receivers Patrick Turner and/or Brian Hartline to rupture multiple knee ligaments.

Absent one or more of such developments, Wilford will find himself looking for a new team come the next three-day weekend of the summer of 2009.

8 responses to “Even With New Position, Wilford Might Not Make It In Miami

  1. We will take him back in Jacksonville !! He was very productive during his time here

  2. Mike, if you’re going to use humor, it helps to know what you’re talking about. Wilford has good hands. His problem in Miami was that he got more money than he was worth and lost his work ethic over the summer. Once he figured out he was going to have to work hard, it was too late: he was in the doghouse and wasn’t going to be allowed out.
    Ernest Wilford has talent. He just needs to be right in the head to be productive.

  3. Why in the hell would Jacksonville want Wilford back? He got worse every season he stayed. He’s old, slow, unathletic, and has terrible hands. DPR, you need to know what you’re talking about. Wilford constantly led the Jaguars in drops. Jacksonville is on a youth movement, not being back a mediocre at best 31 year old WR movement.
    Wilford has minimal talent. He’s a try-hard player. That only takes you so far, especially when you have bad hands.

  4. Wilford doesn’t stand a chance in Miami. We drafted his younger, more talented clone, Patrick Turner.

  5. DPR might have been watching a different player. the Wilford i watched play was slow, had hands of stone, and didn’t put any effort into it.
    I hope he saved that money he was paid by the Dolphins, might have been his last payday

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