Report: Kazemi's Family Thinks A Third Person Was Involved

The family of the woman who was found dead with former NFL quarterback Steve McNair has spoken out regarding the situation.

And despite the implicit message from police that 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi shot McNair repeatedly before shooting herself once, Kazemi’s niece says that the girl was not capable of such actions.

“She was one, young girl who had so many dreams that they never came
true,” said Sepidah Salmani, according to Kate Howard of the Tennessean.  “She would never kill anyone, ever. Or anything. 
Not even a little bug.  I want people to know that.”

Salmani, who was raised as Kazemi’s sister, also said that McNair had told Kazemi that he soon would be divorcing his wife.

“That’s why she was like, ‘OK, now you’re divorcing.  We can date,'”
Salmani said.  “He told her, it was going to be finished, the whole
divorce was going to be done, two weeks from yesterday. . . .

“All she was trying to do was have fun.  Nothing else.  I believe there is a third person involved.”

Autopsies are being conducted on Sunday, and the findings could go a long way toward determining whether Kazemi indeed shot herself — or whether someone else pulled the trigger and made it look like she committed suicide after killing McNair.

47 responses to “Report: Kazemi's Family Thinks A Third Person Was Involved

  1. With modern forensics and blood spatter evidence it’s next to impossible to fake a suicide. They’ll find out one way or another.

  2. WTF?
    She was messing around with a married man, plans-for-divorce or not. That’s such a cop-out.
    No one wants to believe their loved one is a homewrecker.

  3. Mystery solved. The family doesn’t believe the daughter could kill anyone, so that means she didn’t. /sarcasm

  4. The third person they’re looking for is probably Mr. Brooks.

  5. a. there actually was a shooter on the grassy knoll. why else would jackie o have lept onto the trunk to retireve kennedy’s brain…
    b. it isnt the forensics themselves at issue. the presentation of, evaluation of, decision of which to pursue…
    altho in this case, it is starting to sound just like a murder-suicide.

  6. Gil Grissom’s Nashville brother, Jim Bob Grissom will go a long way of saying what happened based on the evidence…

  7. It would be more newsworthy is someone’s sister came out and said she was a crazy, homicidal home-wrecker.

  8. I feel for the family of Ms. Kazemi, no one wants to believe a family member would do something like this. However, it appears that McNair had been lying to her about the divorce. Coupled with the DUI bust, it was probably just too much. Anyone pushed too far can kill. I hope her family finds peace, no matter what the truth of this horrible event is.

  9. McNair told young girl…”Gettn back together with my wife” young girl couldn’t handle it…BAMM!! Two lives lost? Duh!!!

  10. Who cares about the circumstances? We don’t know McNair’s personal affairs, but we do know that he did not deserve being shot to death. All we can do is pray for the families involved and remember Air McNair as a true ambassador for hard work and toughness. He was a player who always beat my team but I couldn’t hate him because he played the game the right way. A sad day indeed.

  11. Relatives of the family are not usually the best source of information and assessment. How many times have we read the family of some perp who has killed three people make the comment that “He is SUCH a good boy”. It is a natural inclination to only see the good side of those we love and not imagine them to be capable of such horrific actions.
    Let’s wait until the forensics are all back. Then we will know for sure. And thank goodness the police appear to be doing this right and not rushing to any judgments without waiting for the evidence to be processed and evaluated.
    As a former law enforcement officer, on the surface of the information available so far, it APPEARS to me to be a murder/suicide but you NEVER “assume” anything in a case, especially not one with this public interest and scrutiny.

  12. She was a young girl. The fault is on McNair a 36yr old man married with 4 kids. He should not have put himself in that situation.

  13. Whatever the case, i don’t believe this points to a murder suicide, and i hope the cops don’t drop it off right there. Come on man, some of you use your brains. he’s been with this girl the past few days, then she just ups and kills him? All right after they’re riding around town together, and she’s catching a DUI case. Not to mention a recent purchase of a fairly expensive truck and apparent financial setup in this condo. Sorry, those pieces don’t fit for me, or I guess I’m a little more street savvy than alot of you.
    the family probably is throwing out the “she’s not a homewrecker” bit to save face on whether or not she was his mistress, but I’m using my own common sense to know this wasn’t any murder suicide. Even without forensics, it just doesn’t add up.
    What I think happened is actually that she was already dead when McNair got there that night. The shooter was waiting for him, pointing the gun at him to sit down. Then, they unloaded on him. Remember, the guy who initially discovered them said he didn’t know they were dead and that was in the daytime. Take into account that Mcnair came in around 2 in the morning. They need to bring the FBI or some shit in on this if they don’t want to look further into this situation locally to bring the murderer to justice.
    i don’t know what the deal was with McNair’s wife or his marital status, but nobody deserves to die over relationship decisions. Also, if her ex-boyfriend is involved, that’s a sucka move, man. It’s too many women out here to let any woman (or man if that’s your situation) make you snap like that. And those saying the door was locked, shut the hell up. yeah, random killers don’t take time to lock the door, but people carrying out planned murders do that all the time. Unless they did that, the murder suicide angle wouldn’t be so compelling.

  14. methinks they knew each other more than a few days, rff. you get real.
    sure seeing a lot of posse posts on this topic. spin spin spin!

  15. The one-armed man did it. And the Freemasons. And the Illuminati. And little gray humanoid extraterrestrials.

  16. I guess you’re not as street smart as you think Real Football Fan because you forgot to account for the fact that the gun was laying right next to her body. And say the one gunshot wound to her head was from underneath the chin at a 90 degree angle and was caused by the gun that was found next to her body. You know only the facts that the police released. You know nothing about the wound she sustained, where it was located, or the angle. You just came up with some retarded conclusion you imagined in your head probably using the show CSI as a basis for your retarded theory. You sound like an idiot just shut the hell up. And by the way if the wound was under her chin at a 90 degree angle do you know how hard it is for another person to shoot someone in that location, at that angle. You would have to tie them up and restrain their head. I don’t know about you but if someone had a gun pointed under my chin I wouldn’t sit still for it. Damn near the only way to get that kind of wound is by self infliction. Obviously if they are not pursuing an outside suspect then they know something you don’t. Which SURPRISE in most murder investigations they only release a fraction of the evidence and information to the public. But hey your a street smart savvy murder investigator in your own mind so who am I to reveal to you that your little fantasy world you live in isn’t real and stupid.
    P.S. you do realize the police can tell the exact time of death. So if it’s shown he died first then it’s pretty easy to prove murder/suicide. But hey you know exactly what happened who are the investigators to tell us otherwise right.

  17. “The family of the woman who was found dead with former NFL quarterback Steve McNair has spoken out regarding the situation.”
    “…said Sepidah Salmani…’She would never kill anyone, ever. Or anything. Not even a little bug. I want people to know that.’ ”
    Roger that, Ms Salami.
    Not even “a little bug?”
    How ’bout a fly then?
    Ms Salami likely has never seen the ending to the classic thriller “Psycho.”

  18. Cops don’t care, if they are offered the easiest explanation, in this case murder-suicide, by any shred of evidence they will move to close the case.
    And to all of the anti-conspiracy theory posters out there: are you so naive as to believe that this world is full of righteous morally driven inviduals who care more about the lives of strangers than they do there own personal interests? People die for the wrong reasons every day. Just because you may not want to believe that forces beyond your control may be causing some of these things to happen does not mean that it is not true.

  19. Trust me….cops DO care – ESPECIALLY in a case that will be subject to the amount of scrutiny THIS one will be. I can promise you they will dot their i’s and cross their t’s to be SURE of their final declaration of cause of death. No one, including cops, like to look like a fool or stupid and they will be SURE of their findings before they make a final determination as to the death.

  20. actually if all the shots were fired in about a 3 minute span then forensics on the bodies wont tell you who went down first.
    but common sense would handle that.

  21. There are a lot of facts unknown. I find it funny how people think the know what happened. Does anyone even know if McNair and his wife were still a couple? Boyfriend alibi? And most women will not commit suicide by gunshot. A lot to learn as of yet, I have no idea, we can only guess at this point. Settle down people.

  22. t.J.52, these people live in some ideal world where police don’t do that, despite there being evidence of the contrary all the time. Often, unless there are people holding the police department accountable for answers in relation to tough cases, they will close cases without scrutinizing all of the evidence. There are good cops and bad cops on every force…driven men doing it for the right reason and the ones going through the motions for a pay check. I just want their best effort and no half assing on this job because if they were murdered, the killer needs to be brought to justice.
    As far as you
    Empty 13, I never said they only knew each other a few days. i said it’s strange that they’ve been together for a few days and then, she just ups and kills him.
    toledolion, I don’t appreciate your bitch ass addressing me in a disrespectful manner when I was only stating my opinion. Keep my name out of your mouth, comment on the topic, and keep it moving.
    PS: i don’t watch CSI, but I obviously know alot more about life than you, or such idiotic statements wouldn’t be coming out of your trap. Learn some respect for others and what they have to say, little man.

  23. This girl eats dog biscuits and barks at the moon. What was he doing going out with her anyway?
    Clearly a murder suicide, no forced entry in Steve’s condo. Overkill on Steve but not on the girl. One bullet to the head for her.
    He was a great guy and his death is a tremendous loss. It is unfortunate he decided to hang around with a 20 year old with a less than fully formed brain. If she had been older, she could have more easily handled any rejection he offered w/o this happening.
    As the old knight offered in one of the Indiana Jones films ” He chose poorly”. R.I.P Steve……

  24. rip steve ,, you got into something you could nt scramble out of,this bitch killed you on a blitz,that could not be forseen, you were great, i only watched th titain because of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. No one wants to believe their relative would kill someone else. You dont know what people do in the heat of passion or anger! She was a young girl living a lifestyle most young people only dream of,right? she was about to lose all that. Do you really think he was going to give up his wife,kids and stable home life for a 20 year old? no way…
    either way,Rest In Peace,Steve. You were taken much too soon for us loyal football fans.

  26. Well,
    Lets think about this for a moment. Steve McNair = Millionaire. Wife, currently a millionaire due to McNair. Steve McNair leaves wife, dates some young babe, wife finds out, they are getting ready to get divorced. Notice that they say, “He told her that it would be final.” There hasn’t been anything said whether that was proved or not. So, hmmmmmmmmm, chances are he has a life insurance policy. Probably doesn’t have a pre-nup. Wifey gets jealous, wants to keep the money, BAM, offers to pay someone to knock him off so she can keep the cash! Sounds like a viable solution to me.

  27. Does Brett Farve have an alibi? Maybe he was afraid McNair was coming out of retirement and steal the “out of retirement” headlines from him? /sarcasm
    No brainer here.
    Two people in locked room.
    One shot multiple times.
    One shot in head once.
    Married man dating single woman.
    Married man says he’s divorcing wife.
    Single woman finds out he’s not, or maybe lying.
    Single woman comes home drunk, and fights with married man.
    If anyone watched or has read anything about this story, you would’ve known that the gun was not found until later. You say “Well then, if she committed suicide, wouldn’t it be beside her?” Not necessicarily. A large caliber weapon has a large recoil. A woman’s wrist, in general, is weak. Upon firing the weapon, combined with a weak wrist and the angle upon which it was fired, the weapon could easily go flying in any direction.
    But everything is speculation right now. The cops are investigating. But unless the guy that found them, that had the key to the door did it earlier, left to establish an alibi and then came back, this one doesn’t take a CSI episode to figure out.
    And the relative’s comment about the woman not being able to do something like this. How many times have we heard that from murderer’s families before?

  28. Obviously a person isn’t thinking rationally when they put themselves in this situation. Possibly Mr. McNair tried to end the relationship & this young woman went nuts. Possibly Ms. Kazemi threatened to tell everyone (including wife) about affair so Mr. McNair (not thinking rationally) bought the SUV to shut her up. She obviously went crazy if her ex said she showed up at Mr. McNair’s place one time about 5am banging on his door. The day of the shooting incident she was already in the parking lot waiting for him. I don’t think ex did it. If crime of passion wouldn’t both parties have multiple shots in them? Mr. McNair didn’t deserve this. Messing with a married person never ends well for anyone. Being shot isn’t the answer either.

  29. “She probably didn’t know who McNair was, Salmani said, until her colleagues at the restaurant told her. Salmani now fears McNair was using her sister, because she was a young woman with a pretty face. She fears jealous people in his life are the reason her sister is dead, and won’t live out her dreams.” As quoted by Sepideh Salmani. We’re not talking about a 17 or 18 year old girl. She was 20! It takes two to tango. Ms. Salmani said Ms. Kazemi’s goal in life was to be famous. Sounds like she used Mr. McNair and it backfired!!

  30. Also, if what Ms. Salmani is correct as to what Ms. Kazemi told her. I’m sorry but a married man who is getting a divorce within a couple of weeks isn’t going to propose to some 20 year old he met at a sports bar right away and especially if they’ve only known each other for 2-3 months. All he’s looking for is someone to have a good time with and may down the road it would have turned to something special. Sounds like Ms. Kazemi was sociapath(sorry about spelling) and lived a fantasy that Mr. McNair didn’t share.

  31. For all of us that are so quick to jump to a conclusion, here’s an excerpt from a local Nashville paper about Steve’s final hours:
    According to several sources, it is at Blue Moon Lagoon where McNair’s evening took an ominous turn.
    While sitting with friends at the restaurant (sources say that Kazemi was not in the party), a white woman in her early 20s, about 5-foot-4, approached McNair and accused him of slipping her a “roofie” a year ago. (“roofie” = date rape drug.)
    The woman then told McNair, according to sources, that her boyfriend was going to kill him

  32. any human being is capable of anything at any moment add a gun to the situation and you have something you can’t take away. there is a reason they call it a crime of passion, to bad this happened at all. if this is a murder suicide they will both share some of the blame. and who ever put that gun in her hand.

  33. OK cjhinnashville…don’t just put in our blog just part of that story….”After confronting McNair, sources say that the woman was asked to leave the restaurant. As of now, there is no known connection between the blonde woman’s warning and the events that unfolded just a few hours later. It could well be an eerie coincidence. Still, Metro Police are interviewing patrons and staff members at Blue Moon Lagoon.”

  34. i’d tend to lean toward the 3rd party story as well. i just don’t see motive on Kazemi’s part. even if she found out he was lying about filing for divorce, would that be grounds to kill? i don’t think so…

  35. Sure mokimchee1970, I almost put the whole article in the blog, but I wanted people to read the main point, and that was that there was a “witnessed” death threat to Steve McNair’s life, just a few hours before he was killed. Before I read that article, I made the same assumption that (almost) everyone else in this blog was making; that it was a murder/suicide. But now, I am not so sure. What if this “roofie” girl’s boyfriend killed them and set it up to look like a m/s?

  36. McNair was a great athlete, but like a lot of pro athletes, he was a heartless womanizer. Very few pros are like Brett Favre and Matt Hasselback, in that they are faithful to their wives. Eventually, when you play with fire you will get burned, or like Micheal Vick, get a constant burning sensation. Either way, it’s a sad day, but let’s not forget that in the end McNair made the bed he ultimately got buried for.
    RIP Air McNair. 😦

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