Rest Of The Story On Cutler's Off-Field Focus

In response to an item posted earlier today by Aaron Wilson regarding the Bears’ new starting quarterback, a league source has given us the rest of the story that resulted in Jay Cutler hiring entertainment lawyer Jeff Jacobs, apparently to eventually manage Cutler’s off-field opportunities.

Per the source, Jacobs replaces Marty Garafalo, who previously served as Cutler’s “business manager.”

The source explains that Garafalo was heavily involved in Cutler’s affairs, including the creation of his foundation — and its transfer to Cutler’s new home of Chicago.

In fact, we’re told that Garafalo traveled to Chicago to help Cutler with various matters relating to the move from Denver.  And then, once Garafalo returned to Denver, he was fired.

By text message.

(At least it proves that Cutler knows how to send text messages.  When he wants to.)

And so the manner in which Cutler parted ways with Garafalo is prompting some league insiders to wonder whether Cutler truly has matured since being shipped to the Bears.

24 responses to “Rest Of The Story On Cutler's Off-Field Focus

  1. I like Cutler 7 the Bears chance’s this year…they will finish 3rd…in the NFC North!

  2. “whether Cutler truly has matured”
    —was that even seriously a debate? Cutler is a puppy that has yet to be housebroken, he won’t learn manners till his talent dims.

  3. What the hell is a league insider? Is that the bathroom attendant who overhears a league executive on his blackberry as he’s taking a crap? Don’t worry about Cutler or his maturity level. He’ll be fine.

  4. @ryans46d Yes, don’t worry about the thing that people have been worried about for the last three years. As he continues to demonstrate immaturity. He’s definitely going to magically transform into something other than a big crybaby.

  5. ryans64d
    “Is that the bathroom attendant who overhears a league executive on his blackberry as he’s taking a crap?”
    I heard they hired ex-Idaho senator Larry Craig to hang out on the men’s room all day and collect this kind of information?

  6. Mr. Under .500 for his career is still a baby.
    I have more respect for the Broncos with Kyle Orton than I did for the Cutler “led” Broncos.

  7. We played that guy twice a year for the last two years and I can say with out a doubt that he is definitely a giant Douche!
    Sure he beat us pretty bad once but I think we have had 8 INT’s against him in 2 years. Minn and GB’s secondary is going to have a lot of picks against the giant thumb sucking Douche.

  8. Lets not forget that Cutler is a big 2-2 against the Raiders with 7 or 8 INT’s in those 4 games.
    We are talking about the Raiders here (in the last two years we have won 9 games) some teams have more talent on their practice squads than we have on our team.
    Cutler is a loser period no matter where he plays.

  9. first off: well said, PurpleNGold. . . gotta love the ol’5-7-5
    secondly, i don’t usually think like this, but i’m really starting to hope that Cutler continues his train-wreck-in-slow-motion career, although i’m sorry it’s gotta happen in Chi-town…

  10. So the guy plays better than any QB out of his draft class, throws 25 TD’s and makes the pro bowl with diabetes and now his career is a train wreck, because he switched marketing agents. Sounds like Broncos fans are the ones crying and whining.

  11. @veistran
    Oh believe me. I’m totally not concerned about his so-called immaturity level. So the guy wanted out of a team where the new head coach, who looks like Jim from American Pie, flat out lied to Cutler’s face when he told him he would flourish in that New England offense then behind his back tried to trade him. I’d be pissed too. So after all that came out the guy didn’t want to answer any of the calls from the team. Call that immature if you want. And recently he fired his Denver PR guy to go with one from Chicago. Big F’n Deal. Get over it. now that the Bears, FINALLY, got the quarterback position stabilized watch Hester get 70+ and Greg Olsen became the premier tight end in the game. Also, keep a watchful eye on the rook Johnny Knox.

  12. Cutler223 makes a good point. As a Broncos fan I don’t wish Cutler ill, but his maturity on and off the field is a valid concern. Look how he behaved last year, sulking on the bench after interceptions rather than huddling with the offensive staff to see how the team might have better success the next series. He was known to point fingers at teammates and after games, he was generally curt with the media.
    In Chicago Cutler inherits a wonderful defense but a suspect offense, especially the O-line. IF poor line play results in Cutler being pressured and knocked around, forcing him to hurry throws and maybe throw more interceptions than he and Bears fans anticipate at present, it’ll be interesting to see how both Cutler and those Bear’s fans react.

  13. Do we have any more detail on the situation? You know, like if his previous business guy knew this was coming because he’s located in Denver and Cutler is now in Chicago?
    Was the other dude planning to move to Chicago and got fired anyway? What were his expectations?
    While some of the facts might be accurate, I’m not sure that the spin is right.
    What is the point of the story? Is it that he fired a guy that lived in the wrong town, or is it that he did it by text message? Is this supposed to be an analogy with breaking up with a chick via text message?
    In the absence of a credible source that can be identified, I would guess that the guy knew it was coming eventually, but not the timing. I would guess that Cutler informed him of the timing via text message. IF that’s the case, I don’t see it being indicative of anything.
    Hey Florio! Any chance your source works for the Broncos or otherwise has an axe to grind with Cutler? This could SOoooo easily be Much Ado About Nothing – to quote The Bard.

  14. Spin it you idiot Bronco fans.
    Pretend that Cutler is half the QB as that sleepy, weak armed Kyle Orton is.
    Pout and cry and act like a jilted 13 year-old girl.
    And I though that all the drama queens in the NFL lived and played in Minnesota.

  15. goodjuan – the boxscore you are referencing shows that Ramsey QB-ed almost the entire game. Cutler was 3 for 4. I award you no points and give you 2 weeks probation from posting.
    As for you others that are trying to knock Cutler for his so called “maturity”, let the performance on the field speak. He is a young QB with a killer arm.
    Would you say Brett Favre was mature when he was addicted to pain killers? Would you say Jon Elway was mature when he forced a trade? I hate Eli Manning, but he has a Super Bowl ring, he forced a trade. Quit finding nonsense to knock a good young QB that is suceeding the right way.

  16. Well, they did knock him on his ass and out of the game. This is the vaunted Lions defense we’re talking about. Time will tell.

  17. But that stellar Detroit D knocked him down and out of the game. Those are two things you don’t often see in the same sentence. Detroit D. Heh.

  18. I was a big broncos fan until the NE Pats moved and did everything to screw players not just Cutler, but other players as well and it will show in their play this year because they are playing for a coach that they can’t trust.
    Go Cutler and CHI Town I have already got my Chicago hat and Cutler jersey. Will still be a Bronco fan, but I hope Cutler kick’s their ass on Aug 30.

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