The Favre Clock Keeps Ticking

As the Fourth of July weekend works its way toward a conclusion, the focus soon will be on the official arrival of Brett Favre in the Twin Cities.

And since we needed to have five PFTV segments this week (it’s in our bylaws), we thought we’d focus on the whole Favre thing.

Sure, some of you will complain.  But plenty of you will watch.

28 responses to “The Favre Clock Keeps Ticking

  1. Dude, a hairbrush…a comb, maybe a little hair gel or hairspray…even a spitwad to fix that fonzie thing on your forehead. Dude, you are big time now, let’s try and look the part.

  2. His maternity clock? Because surely you aren’t saying that he has a deadline…

  3. Glad to hear it like the update. This is one of the most interesting stories to happen in the NFL in a long time. To all of the doubters we shall see what the Nielson ratings are when Minnesota plays Green Bay with Favre wearing Purple and Gold. If both teams have decent records (GB has to hold up their end) I am willing to bet the meeting in GB rivals Superbowl ratings.

  4. Good thing I Tivo’d yesterday’s hot dog eating contest…Something better to watch….

  5. Oh give it up.
    What makes you think Brett Favre will sign with the vikings?
    FYI, only 4 viking home games last season had 63,000 at the stadium. The Eagles game had only 61,000 there and 10,000 were Eagles fans.
    Their arena’s capacity 3rd smallest at 65,000.
    Why would Bus Cook advise his client to sign now? As a lawyer Mike you ought to see how foolish that is.
    Time pressure works to Favre’s advantage and the viking disadvantage.
    Don’t have multiple Terry Bradshaw moments on this.

  6. Florio…I just finished watching the latest VIDEO…and I have just 1 question for you….Who cut your hair??????

  7. I live in the Twin Cities, and I can tell you that this is still the topic du jour when convo turns to the Vikes. Constantly. It’s almost an ongoing drama that we must endure.
    -99% of us believe it’s a lock
    -100% of those 99% believe he’s the undisputed starter
    -we’re not nervous about his arm because we know his contract will be incentive-heavy and we’ve got two very good QB’s on the bench that have kicked ass in camp
    -his jersey will sell more than any other jersey ever. That’s a promise.
    We hate the Packers with passion. But Farve’s a true stud, a different breed, and the truth is we can’t wait to see him in purple with AP in the backfield.

  8. You realize if Favre doesn’t sign with the Vikings at this point, their season will STILL be all about him. Every MN loss will be met with “Would they have won with Favre at QB?”

  9. Bob Nelson says “What makes you think Brett Favre will sign with the vikings?”
    Bob, maybe you need to take a break. Go take long nap. Rethink your life up to this point, and consider making some changes. There are people that can help you. Please.

  10. There is NO if!…Favre IS a Viking…..”WE” …this is great for the media outlets to keep you guessing…Favre is closer NOW to the Elway ending than ever…Last year…he did NOT have the SAME Elway bicep injury…the ONLY thing left is the 2 rings….Soon my premonitions will bare fruit!…..AND everyone WILL be talking about how GREAT Favre is….AGAIN!

  11. This is my first time posting but I have read this Bob Nelson guy is a Joke. Moving on Im lovin HawgNSons passion for Favre. I still have doubts about Favre taking the Purpe to the promised land but the ride sure should be fun. Heres to hopin they get him sighned sometime this week so I can stop checking these feeds every four hours.

  12. Welcome JC, you catch on fast. Coming soon will be Jimmy Smith, and his COL. Klink/ Tjoke rant. Along with his Favre/ Viking bashing. Stay tuned.

  13. A. Farve still wants to prove he can play ball at 40 yrs. old. I ain’t gonna knock the guy for not wanting to give up. This is also part of what is driving him and wanting to show Green Bay that they shouldn’t have retired him last year. But that may have cost Green Bay Arron Rodgers which they couldn’t do.
    B. I think he may have absorbed so many hits that it’s affecting his thinking. Kinda like an old boxer. I would gladly taken the 20 mil and retired to investigate other options. But that’s just me.

  14. I agree with J.Cannon on this one…I get tierd of reading these..but i do want favre in a purple and white jersey this year..

  15. Most of us do not care one way or the other if Brett Favre ever plays another football game. This douchebag is not even that good. What he does best is throw INTs. I hope when he comes back someone from green bay takes him out for the rest of the season. here is an idea report about him when YOU no something. Go bills…

  16. Bob Nelson is a Whiney Titty Baby says:
    Love the login name, and agree with the — as others have stated, however, not sure Farve is the best guy to QB the Vikes, but if he plays, it will be interesting to say the least….

  17. yes, rasputin, esp jeff garcia!
    i also like it how a poster wangled favre into a mcnair post… barf fart rinse repeat.
    and about that clock stuff… maybe it means favre is now on a 5 day timetable then back on a 24 day timetable…

  18. In honor of the 4th of July weekend observance we have decided to re-set the “Days Without a Fart/Favre Meter” back to zero.
    However, Florio, you will be back on the clock at Midnite tonight!

  19. Hehe … it’d almost be worth the endless media coverage to see Favre and Garcia having a slap-fight on the sidelines.

  20. # c.carterhof says: July 5, 2009 4:15 PM
    Welcome JC, you catch on fast. Coming soon will be Jimmy Smith, and his COL. Klink/ Tjoke rant. Along with his Favre/ Viking bashing. Stay tuned.
    Yes welcome J.Cannon, c.carterhof has it mostly right except Jimmy Smith always like to refer to the Vikings as ViQueens. Guess it makes him feel powerful, when in reality it just shows his stupidity.
    It’s usually a toss up as to which one of them will make a more Idiotic statement.

  21. I think HawgNSonsTV is right on the mark. If Favre’s arm holds up throughout the season, which it will if the repair job is successful, then he should have a tremendous year with the Purple People Eaters and prove he is still one of the elite in the game.

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