Bengals, Smith To Start Talking This Week

Though it’s unclear when the process will end, negotiations between the Bengals and tackle Andre Smith, the sixth overall pick in the draft, will be starting soon.

Per a league source, talks are expected to begin this week.

Smith has said that he wants to report for training camp without a holdout.

The Bengals are in a delicate position with Smith, given that last year’s No. 6 overall selection (Vernon Gholston of the Jets) received a contract containing $21 million guaranteed, and that this year’s fifth choice (Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez) pocketed $28 million guaranteed.

Another key factor could be the contracts given to the other two tackles taken in the top ten — Jason Smith of the Rams at No. 2 and Eugene Monroe of the Jaguars at No. 8.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that either or both players will sign before Andre Smith.  And Andre Smith and agent Alvin Keels might choose to drag their feet until Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe are under contract. 

So if either of the other two tackles fails to report on time, a holdout for Smith could be inevitable.

Besides, a holdout meshes with the team’s history.

And it would provide an intriguing story line for the early episodes of Hard Knocks.

9 responses to “Bengals, Smith To Start Talking This Week

  1. There are 30 other unsigned first round draft picks and the Bengals’ training camp doesnt start to the last day of July. Why all the attention on this particular contract negotiation? Also, PFT has way overstated the amount of Bengals holdouts in the past. Going back to 2000, 5 of their 9 first round draft picks were signed in time for camp.

  2. Once again, you are wrong about the Bengals. Could you ever just put your bias aside and actually look up the facts for a change. The team’s holdout history is about the middle of the league. Though it’s easier for lazy people like yourself to just spout misinformation off the top of their heads, once in a while it would be refreshing to see you actually be right about them.
    You know, just for a change of pace.

  3. I again ask, how many teams get their first round picks signed on time year in and year out? Why do you continue to act like this is a “Bengals issue”? I too would like to see when the other tackles sign. As well as the other 32 first round picks that haven’t signed yet (although you couldn’t tell by the way you keep reporting on Smith as if he’s already holding out).

  4. I say cave in and sign the guy quickly, even if you have to overspend a little.
    My reasoning being that Andre Smith is the last person I trust to come in after a lengthly holdout and produce immediately.
    Plus you have three big divisional games coming up early in the season in weeks 3, 4 and 5. The Bengals will need his run blocking ability.

  5. I think the Benglas learned from last year they are nothing without Carson. Protecting him with a rookie is vital…They will sign him right at training camp time…I just dont think he is worth all that money…If I screwed around in college and goofed off during an interview process for where I work, I would never get a huge signing bonus…I would be lucky to have an entry level at minimum wage in this market…Bengals will do the right thing…any other year, I would agree for hold out…not now…Future is now…Palmer and Chad are not getting any younger…We can’t handle another rebuilding process in a year or two.

  6. Not sure why you don’t think smith will sign? He will be in camp on time… Bengals will make believers of everyone this year when they are hosting the AFC championship game….
    WHO DEY!

  7. Florio, your Bengals bias is really tiring… Didn’t think you could actually disuade me from visiting your site as most of your reporting and insights are professional and objective, however, you’ve beat this into the ground before it’s even a real issue. There are many many other teams that have 1st round picks unsigned. Report on them all, or give it a rest until it’s a story, in which case the real media and HBO will be covering it.

  8. Cincykid- “I think the Bengals learned from last year that they are nothing without Carson.”
    If I’m not mistaken, didn’t the Bengals start the season 0-4 WITH Carson? I learned that they are nothing with or without Carson.

  9. Whats so delicate about the Bengals’ position?
    Last year #6: 21 mil
    This year #5: 28 mil
    Im not good with inequalities, but im pretty sure it goes something like this:
    21 million

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