Champ Bailey Sticks Up For Cutler

When it comes to Jay Cutler, Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey doesn’t share former NFL coaches Tony Dungy and Mike Ditka’s skeptical opinions about the Chicago Bears’ new starting quarterback.

As far as Bailey is concerned, Cutler is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

In an interview with ESPN 1000 Radio in Chicago, per the Chicago Tribune, Bailey was extremely complimentary of Cutler.

“Well, he’s definitely in the top 10 as far as what he’s done to this point,” Bailey said. “Now where he can be, he can be the best in the game, he has that ability. The guys very smart, very sharp, a good arm; he has all the stuff you’d want.

“He reminds me of a Marino, Elway type of guy, and he’s going to be a great winner for them. It’s unfortunate for us that we had to lose a guy like that, but we’ve got to move on.”

Cutler has drawn heavy criticism for how he behaved during his messy divorce from the Broncos.

Despite the hit Cutler’s reputation took during that episode, Bailey said he never questioned his former teammate’s approach.

“No, not at all,” Bailey said. “That’s one thing about him, he’s not a shouter, but when he gets upset and he knows we’ve got to get going he opens his mouth. I appreciate that from him, I’d rather have a guy that leads by example than a guy that talks all the time.”

True enough, but Cutler’s 17-20 all-time record as a starter probably resonates more than any personality quirks.

Last month, Dungy, the former Indianapolis Colts coach, said that Cutler needs to display better leadership qualities.

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  1. You might be as big a dope as Florio, which is damn hard by the way. It “probably resonates”? Either it resonates or it doesn’t. It like being pregnant; either you are or you’re aren’t.
    Read Pete Schrager’s article from Fox Sports: “”What everyone failed to mention was the fact that the Denver defense has been downright atrocious over the past two seasons,” writes Schrager. “How’s this for a stat? In games in which the Denver defense gave up less than 21 points over the past three seasons, Jay Cutler went 13-1 as the team’s starting quarterback. That one loss came in a crazy OT loss to Brett Favre and the Packers on Monday Night Football.”

  2. I love how people keep pointing to his 17-20 record as a starter like the lack of a running game and defense had nothing to do with it. Point to his record when the defense held the opposition to under 21… Orton was 21-12. Is there any doubt to which is the better QB?

  3. If the Bronco defense didn’t give up 4 TD’s a game last year, Cutler wouldn’t have to answer to that 17-20 record.

  4. If I had to build a franchise from the ground up, I would take Cutler any day over Orton.
    That is a no brainer!

  5. The anti-Cutler commentary on this site is puzzling, it’s one of very few things I take any issue with (seriously, the coverage is otherwise absolutely stellar).
    Yes, Cutler is 17-20 as a starter, but how old is he again? 26. His best football is clearly ahead of him. And he was a Pro Bowler last season playing for a team with no running backs and no defense! Considering how many teams passed on Royal (all of them) and Marshall (all of them), isn’t it fair to say that perhaps Cutler was the reason those two mid-level prospects turned into elite-level performers?
    As for the rest, the Broncos repeatedly lied to Cutler. And let’s not forget, they also saw their QB lose 30+ pounds during the season and didn’t once give him a blood test that would have uncovered the fact that he’s diabetic. Things will only get better for him in Chicago. Don’t be surprised if Hester outperforms Royal and Bennett comes close to producing at Marshall’s level. Add Forte and Olsen to the mix and Cutler will do just fine.

  6. Dungy would prefer Vick to Cutler because he is a self righteous fool. Go coach a prison team, lunchbox.

  7. “True enough, but Cutler’s 17-20 all-time record as a starter probably resonates more than any personality quirks.
    Last month, Dungy, the former Indianapolis Colts coach, said that Cutler needs to display better leadership qualities.” -Aaron Wilson.
    Yeah, I prefer the opinion of coaches that have never worked with him versus an all-pro straight shooter like Champ.
    Great call.

  8. once again the ignorance of Chump Bailey rears its ugly head
    “Well, he’s definitely in the top 10 as far as what he’s done to this point,” Bailey said. “Now where he can be, he can be the best in the game, he has that ability. The guys very smart, very sharp, a good arm; he has all the stuff you’d want.”
    what has he done, Chump, er Champ to get into the top 10? lets see he whines, chokes and has a losing record.
    oh yeah he has an arm stronger than Elway’s
    yeah Chump, er Champ thats top 10 material right there.

  9. Using records to determine the value of any player is the most intellectually lazy, widely misused, correlation is all of sports reporting.
    Teams win games. No single player does. Put Brady on the Lions and let’s see what his win record is.
    Cutler is a legitimate pro bowler. His numbers are impressive. His defense was amongst the worst in the league.
    By the logic of this article Kyle Orton, Tavaris Jackson, Joe Flacco, Matt Cassel and Rex Grossman should be considered superior to Jay Cutler. And, heck, let’s say Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino for good measure. Trent has a ring.

  10. I don’t really like Cutler much, but I’m not really that bothered with him, but what bothers me is Dungy throwing Cutler under a bus and saying that Vick is someone teams should want on their team. First off, in terms of QB skill Cutler is miles beyond Vick. Sure Vick can make dynamic plays with his legs, but he has been out of the game for 2 years and was horrible at reading defenses and throwing with touch. Cutler probably did help to turn Royal and Marshall into star receivers, while Roddy White didn’t break out until Vick was gone and Joey Harrington/Byron Leftwich/Chris Redman were throwing him the ball. That speaks volumes about Vick’s inability to make the others around him better. Then let’s not forget about the weed in the water bottle, the Ron Mexico ordeal, the middle finger to the fans, the dog fighting ring, the lying to his coaches, teammates, owner and the commish. I will take Cutler crying over his QB coach being fired and the flirtation with Matt Cassel any day over Vick and his baggage. Dungy is clearly out of his mind or trying to make a name for himself in a political circle or something like that.

  11. 56lightsout56,
    With a name like that you are obviously the right person to talk about a former Bronco. There can’t be any bias there whatsoever huh?
    I’m a Bears fan, so I’m going to admit that I have a bias, but I am still not totally sold on Cutler just yet!! I think Marshall definitely made him a better QB, but I don’t know who is the real reason they were so successful together. Cutler has all the tools to be a top 5 QB in this league, and I am hoping he can get there, but the one knock against him that I cannot stand is his record in Denver. The defense was awful, and the running game was completely unsettled.
    That said, I can’t wait for the season to start, because I think Cutler can become the Bears franchise QB for the next 10 years…

  12. “The anti-Cutler commentary on this site is puzzling,”
    Come on man he is not that good he is 2-2 against the Oakland Raiders and with 7 or 8 INT’s in those 4 games. The Raiders!!!
    I know I was personally at two of those games. Cutler sucks period. The bronc-hoes got a ton of draft picks for a giant douche that sucks his thumb, in my opinion.

  13. Dungy is now the official Al Sharpton of the NFL……Has Deion been made aware he has been replaced?

  14. cut the shit with the 17-20 crap…the guy didn’t lose those games. shitty defense, shitty everything besides him and brandon marhsall.
    jay cutler is a great QB, this coming from a saints fan, not a homer. drew brees is only like 15-17 in the past two seasons but he’s still the best QB in the league

  15. As a fan that absolutely hates the Broncos, I’m in no position to offer an objective opinion, but from what I’ve seen it’s not Cutler’s record that hurts him, it’s his temper. I’ve seen him lose his head and start skipping the ball all over the field, crying to the ref for a flag after every errant throw. I’ve seen Elway cry on the sideline, run out of the back of the end zone to avoid a sack, and whiff on a tackle after an interception in the Super Bowl, but I never saw him stand on the field and make pearls while the clock is running. Can’t say the same for Cutler.

  16. 17-20, ok… and if Cutler had some semblance of a defense in Denver, his record would be…? Football is the ultimate team game, a QB can’t be judged purely by his team’s win-loss record alone despite what some love to spout. When you have no defense it’s pretty hard to win, even when you perform at a Pro Bowl level. It’s like all the idiots who downgrade Marino because he doesn’t have any rings. Yeah sure, Trent Dilfer got a ring so he is clearly a better QB than Marino… riiiiiight… You have to look a little deeper.

  17. if you talk about pro bowl stats, didnt Rivers from San Diego actually put up better numbers and stepped it up when his team needed him to get to the playoffs while Jay whimped out. AGAIN !!! I give any success Jay had while in Denver to the awesome protection from our offensive line. Here is a flashback of Cutler chocking. In 2006 needing a win or tie to get to the playoffs, a loss to the 49ers in week 17. In 2007 losses in week 15 and 16 again put Denver in the lay-offs. 2008 come on give me a break, 3 losses in a row and pretty much getting worse and choking heavier each week to sent him out packing. I really hope he gets drilled into early retirement from the NFC division. He really is the new Jeff George but Jay really is alot softer and I cant wait to see him in Lake Tahoe next week. I am totally gonna rag on the bitch !!!
    But Broncomaniacs, I can recall the last RB we drafted from Georgia made a world of differnence for this team. Key word= world. as in BACK to BACK WORLD CHAMPIONS !!!

  18. Check this…
    If the Broncos defense was better not only would Cutler’s record be better, but the Broncos would have been better and probably have made the playoffs last year. Shanahan wouldn’t have been fired and Cutler would most likely still be a Bronco. Weirdness…
    Cutler’s talent is unquestionable, in my opinion. The dude is a badass… physically. Not only can he throw lasers (and yes, I do believe he has a stronger arm than Elway had), but he’s shifty, with great vision and pocket awareness, he’s fast, strong and willing to dish out punishment to would-be tacklers.
    Upstairs? Well, he still has a little work to do. He’s aloof and prone to sulkiness when challenged and/or things aren’t going his way (see recent history). He also forces the ball way too much, but I expect that and some of his other faults can be corrected over time.
    Now, the irony? Chicago’s defense is on the decline; and being short on draft picks and with the hefty money they’ll be paying Cutler soon they’ll have limited resources to do much about it. Cutler might find himself in the exact same situation in a couple of years – playing like a top-notch QB, but without the record to show for it (due to factors outside of his control, but inexorably linked to him).

  19. The issue at hand is Cutler’s leadership, right?
    Funny, the only people who are really taking issue with it are:
    1) media a-holes looking to drum up drama and perpetuate the Cutler-crybaby image, or
    2) those with an obvious axe to grind, like the Broncos brass
    3) or bitter Broncos fans (now obsessively angry, like psycho ex-girlfriends, like spurned, jilted lovers)
    4) or divisional foes who are required to hate Culter–Raider, Charger, Chiefs fans
    5) Green-eyed NFC north foes, who are both jealous and worried that Cutler’s now in their division
    In other words, there are A LOT of people out there with an obvious motive for shitting on Jay.
    Yet the TRUTH is this:
    1. Jay has never had a single off the field issue–no arrests, no fines, no suspensions.
    2. In FACT, is own team mates elected him as CAPTAIN (which says a lot, and is a bit more reliable than the diarrhea spewed out of the mouths of Dungy or some hack writer, don’t you think?)
    3. His individual numbers/innate talent speak for themselves.
    4. Marshall, Royal, and Scheffler were NOBODIES before Cutler came along–he DOUBLED their production and made them who they are. The stats/numbers clearly bear this out.
    5. He had to work with an atrocious defense and instability at the RB position.
    6. He’s still young, but has already made one Pro Bowl.
    7. He’s said and done all the right things, especially since he’se been in Chicago. He’s even stayed away from any type of endorsements, because he wants to prove himself on the field first.
    8. All of his charity work is well-documented. The honest, savvy Broncos fans will acknowledge all the good he’s done off the field in Denver.
    So what exactly has done, then, that people try to fault him for?
    He made a few gestures on the sideline? So f*cking what? (Where I come from, we call that “passion for the game” or just being a fiery competitor).
    He called Marshall out publicly, once. (Good–he needed it, obviously).
    He said his arm is stronger than Elway’s. So?
    It probably is. (And he didn’t need Roids like old “Light outs and syringes in” Merriman did in order to have it…)
    He allegedly turned away an autgraph seeker at a Cubs game. (Tell me–what celebrity HASN’T had to turn away patheitc autgraph-hounds…yet how many of them get media coverage about it?)
    After being betrayed and lied to repeatedly (Shanahan canned, then being told the QB coach would not be fired, and then told by McDouchebag that he was “the man”, meanwhile McDick was plotting to stick a knife into his back), he did what ANY man with a backbone and a little dignity would have done–he got out (and he hasn’t said a negative word since!)
    He knew it was sinking ship, and his trust/confidence had been betrayed.
    This wasn’t about MONEY (like it usually is with these guys).
    It wasn’t about attention or ego.
    It was about HONOR, and sticking up for yourself, and not letting some young, unproven punk come in a play you like a fool.
    This is a business–yes–but just saying something is a “business” doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as RIGHT and WRONG anymore (at least it shouldn’t).
    The truth is, Cutler is an amazing talent, who is still developing and who hasn’t had all the pieces around him yet.
    He’s shown excellent character and leadership, by all accounts of all the people who would ACTUALLY KNOW: former coaches, former and current team mates.
    The negatives about him are media-generated, and media-fueled, thenm perpetuated by his growing list of enemeies (among them, bitter Broncs fans, hateful AFC west fans, and now–jealous and FEARFUL NFC north fans).
    But mostly it’s the bullsh1t media.
    Cutler is going to be a force to reckon with, and for years to come.

  20. Fucter N. Hadasnack. Great job summing it up
    Cutler hater’s are jealous the Bears made the move first. You can’t deny talent. If you honestly watch Cutler and think to yourself “He sucks”, then you could never even be a scout for a popwarner team.
    If you think he has maturity/leadership issues, think of all the other great QBs that had worse problems. Brett Favre was addicted to pain killers! Jon Elway forced a trade!
    The media is trying to ruin Jay Cutler and it won’t work

  21. @Smush Rodriquez
    Even so, would it make anything I said not true?
    Now, please go finish my landscaping.
    Thank you.

  22. Fucter N. Hadasnack says:
    July 8, 2009 5:59 PM
    @Smush Rodriquez
    Even so, would it make anything I said not true?
    Now, please go finish my landscaping.
    Thank you.
    I get it, finish your landscaping cause I am mexican – (Rodrigez)? ignorant, fool.
    For the record, I think that these Cutler bashers are idiots – especially Dungy – like I said on my initial post. I like Cutler just is a bit of a loose cannon.

  23. @ Smush
    If Carlos Mencia says it, it’s funny, right?
    But when I (Mrs. Cutler) say it, I’m just an “ignorant, fool”…
    Hey, I’m nobody’s punchline.
    If we agree on Cutler, then why jab at me?
    And why cry when I jab back?

  24. I heard “as big as a hat” was named for his father…
    (well, for his father’s rectum, at least)

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