League Will Look Into Chad's Vow To Tweet During Games

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco loves Twitter. 

And he tweets everywhere and anywhere, about anything and everything.

He now says that he’ll tweet during games.

You know, it’s funny — I like it,” Ochocinco recently told KGOW in Houston.  “I like it because it gives me
the opportunity to reach out to thousands of people at one time.  It
gives me a chance to get my story across when something goes wrong . .
.  It’s big for me and I’m taking it a step further.

“I have my own
application coming out where people will be able to interact and follow
me.  You know more than through just the keyboard and reading my
messages — you’ll actually be able to follow me and when the season
starts, it’s going to get even worse. I’m going to really make it fun.  I’m using Twitter during games, during halftime, after the games.  I’m
going to be taking it to the next level.”

But before Chad grabs a Sprint phone and announces to the world, “Child please!” or  “Damn damn!” after scoring a touchdown or fires off a string of “yo mama” jokes during a lull in the action, he might want to check with the league office and/or his team’s front office before doing any in-game tweeting.

As to the former, we’ve saved him the trouble.  Then again, the answer is not yet clear.

“We’ll have to look into that one,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told us via e-mail.

Because the technology is so new, no NFL player has tried to tweet on game day from the stadium.  In the NBA, Milwaukee Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva chose to tweet from the locker room at halftime, before being told to cease and desist by coach Scott Skiles.

Regardless of how it all turns out, we assume that the league and its team’s will be required to hatch a Twitter policy, and we have a feeling that in-game tweets will be forbidden.

Then again, we’d rather see Chad vent his halftime frustrations by punching the buttons on a wireless device, and not by punching any members of the coaching staff.

21 responses to “League Will Look Into Chad's Vow To Tweet During Games

  1. Wasn’ t this guy supposed to try to be less of an ass? Seriously, the guy gets paid millions to play football and instead of focusing on ball he continues to be an ass.
    This guy is an embarassment to the league. He is a complete child. I would be embarassed to be a Bengals fan because of this guy.

  2. Two words: Lifetime ban
    Shut this joker up for good
    His act is so lame

  3. Further evidence of how stupid Twitter is… Ochocinco thinks it’s the greatest.

  4. He really only needs one hand to drop passes (leaving one free to tweet), so I don’t see any problem with it.
    Side note: Every single time a grown man uses the word “tweet”, his balls shrink just a bit, incrementally.
    In cases of completely rampant, unmitigated use of the word (such as with Rich Eisen), eventually, the balls will shrivel to the point where they actually invert and become a vagina.
    At this rate, you’ll be douching in no time, Florio.

  5. tweet away Ocho! i’m lovin it & your appetite for McD’s. Cincy wins 9 this yr.

  6. LOL!!!!
    BengalTyler just demonstrated how sad the Bengals are. A fan’s optomistic outlook has then winning 9 games!!!
    I actually don’t dislike the Bengals Tyler, I just HATE HATE HATE Chad “I don’t know my name” Johnson.

  7. All of you losers that are upset that this guy wants to do this during, after, and at halftime of a game GET A LIFE….what breath is it taking from your lungs…is it altering your life in any way…all of you are massive haters…he is rich, he can play, and guess what he’s not you
    so he can do WHATEVER THE H*LL HE WANTS

  8. I’m not tryin to hijack the thread, but a Ryan Fitzpatrick led Bengals year doesn’t count. at least no to me. hahaha Marvin has these guys at .500 almost every year
    everyone’s digust for “the ocho” and other self promoting guys is understandable, i just enjoy it. it’s entertainment

  9. LOL!!! gimme a break lol?
    The Bengals are going to have a year like the Cardinals had last year. Why not be an optimistic fan?
    I’d rather have Chad be jib jabberin’ on Tweeter than saying it to the media..
    Bengals: 11-6

  10. Of course it’s against the rules. Just ask Jim Mora about using his cell phone to find out the tie breaker policy.

  11. @Viks_2010_CHAMPS!!
    And you, my friend, have just demonstrated exactly how retarded Vikings fans are…
    (at least, that’s what I assume you are–a “Viks” fan–though apparently you can’t even spell your own favorite team’s name right).
    And if this post isn’t evidence enough, then look no further than a state/constituents that would actually elect Al freakin’ Franken to ANY type of elected post other than “village idiot”…
    (And really, was it THAT much of a stretch for him to play Stuart Smalley? A gay and insecure narcissist?)
    Regardless of fandom, ANYone who “LOL”‘s themself should be bludgeoned about the head to the accompanying chant, “LOL! LOL!”…

  12. The fact that Chad’s antics seem to piss everyone off that comments on PFT makes me like Chad again.

  13. You can’t take the lead in the annual “NFL WR Douche” contest without.. well being a douche…This is an opening salvo to claim a stake as “Attention Whore” 2009…….

  14. Chad is like a bad advertisement. Just ignore him and he will go away.
    He can’t play football anymore and its because he is always worried about all this extra garbage. I would be pissed if I was a Bengal fan knowing one of the star players is more worried about what is going outside the white lines than what he is doing in between them.

  15. WhoDey31…do the Bengals have an extra game this year or are they playing an extra game against their buddies the Gridiron Gang? 11-6 …. interesting

  16. I’m lovin all these screen names, Mr. Hadasnak & Display name…quality stuff.
    The Ocho actually replied back to one of my tweets and that was pretty cool. twitter isn’t going away, and can be entertaining @ times. Why else does every other story on here/cnn/nfl.com/wherever refer to it?
    you might as well hop on the bandwagon now

  17. Im a fan. Let him Twitter. It will make the game more interesting. I wouldnt mind him trash talking. I find it amusing. I just hope it doesnt affect his game.

  18. I expect that the NFL will have to ban (if they haven’t already) every electronic communication device during the game and at half time.
    However, what if Chad puts a writer into the stands and Chad has pre-defined gestures that tells the writer what to put into his page? Is Goodell crazy enough to fine Chad without indisputable visual proof?
    It would be silly to be in court or the MLRB trying to say Chad wiggled his little finger at the ref and magically, a nasty comment about the ref’s call showed up on twitter.com and that justifys a heavy fine.

  19. Go for it Stinko! While you’re screwing around, Coles and Henry will have a good season and you might be lucky to have a pass thrown your way.

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