Packers Sign Rookie Offensive Lineman To Four-Year Deal

Fourth-round offensive lineman T.J. Lang has signed his rookie contract, the Green Bay Packers announced today.

No terms were disclosed.

UPDATE: According to a league source, Lang signed a four-year contract that included a $502,500 signing bonus.

It includes base salaries of $310,000 in 2009, $395,000 in 2010, $480,000 in 2011 and $565,000 in 2012.

The deal also contains a fourth-year escalator clause that can raise his compensation in 2012 to $1.308 million depending on his playing time.

The versatile former Eastern Michigan plays guard and tackle.

Not missing a start in his final three college seasons, Lang started 26 games at left tackle and 10 more at right tackle.

Now, the Packers have signed five draft picks out of their eight-player rookie class.

Per Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Lang has drawn praise from Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

“I think Lang has really made some big steps since he’s been here,” McCarthy told reporters last month. “He seems very natural at playing either tackle or guard and that’s something we’ve had a number of players be able to come in here and do that at the offensive line position. That’s the way you’re able to go from the 53 to the 45 and be able to play on Sundays.

“That’s something he’s shown right away.  Athletically, there’s days I thought he was a tackle, there’s days I think he’s a guard.  So, that tells you about where his flexibility is physically.  Very happy with him.”

12 responses to “Packers Sign Rookie Offensive Lineman To Four-Year Deal

  1. Lang is probably the future at RT. No offense to Barbre or Giacomini. But I think that is the best spot for Lang to fit. Clifton @LT (Meredith in the future), Colledge @ RT, Spitz @ C, and Sitton @ RG. If not, then he’ll make a quality fill in at multiple positions.

  2. Does anyone know where there is a listing of all the draft choices showing which are signed and which are not?
    Perhaps next year under the draft tab such a chart could be made and updated with each of these 256 signings.
    One could look at the order in which front offices gets all their signings done. Keep tabs which has the most signings and which has the higher percentage signed etc.
    Aren’t the Bears, 49’ers, and Packers among the league leaders?

  3. “And the silence you hear…. is lambeau field”
    Silence? We’re not the team having trouble selling out playoff games, and forcing fans to buy tickets to exhibition games if they want tickets to highly sought after regular season games.

  4. TJ Lang is fantastic gem pick up by TT. Lang can play 4 spots on the line and has outstanding foot work.
    We need to get are number one picks signed and where good to go in 2009 ! Go Pack !

  5. This guy is so good, and we expect that 4
    years from now, while we are rebuilding like we have for the last 4 years, that he will help us win in the distance future. TT
    NFL = Notrophies For Lambeau

  6. “We need to get are number one picks signed and where good to go in 2009 !”
    Actually Quinn Johnson isn’t signed yet. He’ll likely come first, then Clay and BJ.

  7. Skol smells like vinegar. Vikings fans are so transparent it’s laughable…to think that this QB they tore down for fifteen seasons makes them cream their jeans at the prospect of wearing purple points to how pathetic most of them are. Best part is, so Favre signs and wins the Super Bowl in MN….it took a washed up ex-Packer QB to take them to the promised land. What a joke.

  8. If TJ Lang is a gem then he will be the first gem draft choice by TT that is not a kicker. Lets hope he works out, GB needs all the line help it can get.
    Ted Thompson should never have been hired. His drafts have been so terrible (actually like this year, except for Clay Matthews), that he is in strange company, Matt Millen.
    He has been slowly killing me over the years with every trade down and bad pick. 4 good picks (Rodgers, Jennings, Crosby and Collins sort of) can’t over-shadow his poor drafts (this year not yet determined). With over $160m in cap room in the last 5 off-seasons with only Woodson to show for it.
    Fire Ted Thompson!

  9. # Skol Pride28 says: July 7, 2009 6:42 PM
    And the silence you hear…. is lambeau field
    Fortunately, they don’t need the local TV stations to buyout the remaining tickets so the games don’t get blacked out for regular season AND home playoff games! If you can’t sellout when your team has a winning record during the season or when it hosts its first playoff game in 10 years, it’s time to bite the bullet, pack up and head to LA. I can’t think of a franchise that has a more pathetic fan base.

  10. Fire Ted Thompson?! You have got to be kidding.
    As far as draft busts the only glaring pick is Justin Harrell. Brain Brohm may also be a bust – but I’ll give him Brohm since the year before he would have been a Top 10 pick. Every other pick has been solid, if not at least useful. Brandon Jackson, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Nick Collins, Tramon Williams and Mason Crosby have all been valuable contributors and most of these guys were consdiered risks when Thompson drafted them.
    Even A.J. Hawk was the right pick. He’ll never turn into the stud you hope to get with the fifth pick, but the only alternative is Vernon Davis and I’d rather have Hawk than the walking headache Davis is suppose to be.
    As far as free agents, I’m sorry, but nobody wants to go to Green Bay. The only reason why Woodson is in Green Bay is because no one else wanted him. Literally…no…one…wanted him. So I don’t see how you can fault Thompson for that. His best strategy is to draft well and then pay to keep them (like Greg Jennings) when they pan out.
    Thompson has done a much better job than Mike Sherman could have ever dreamed of doing. We all wish the Farve/Thompson thing would have turned out differently, but Thompson could have handled that a lot worse.

  11. In what universe is Mason Crosby a gem of a draft pick, but Greg Jennings is not?

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