Runyan Ready For Late July Return

While checking up on the status of some of the veteran free agents still available to any interested takers (spoiler alert — we’re writing on that subject for, we learned that former Eagles tackle Jon Runyan currently is on track for a potential return to action later this month.

Runyan is still recovering from offseason microfracture surgery on his knee.

In early June, Runyan indicated that he has been in touch with some potential suitors.

We’ve been in contact with a few teams,” Runyan told Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  “Everybody says the same thing:  ‘What will you be able to do and when will you be able to do it?’  I don’t know that answer yet.  I don’t know how my body is going to react to the next month.  I have to get it right and when I do, people will be waiting for me.”

As we understand it, Runyan will indeed be ready to roll by late July.

Les Bown of the Philadelphia Daily News suggested on June 12 that the Eagles have kept the door open for a return by Runyan, whose position potentially will be filled by Shawn Andrews.

In his comments from early June, Runyan suggested that the team is taking a big risk by trusting that Andrews would be able to handle the job.

“He has missed more than two seasons in five years, so that is something you do have to worry about,” Runyan said.  “I think sometimes he worries about how he’s going to feel down the road, and you can’t worry about those kinds of things.  You have to go out and let it all loose.  Don’t worry about that stuff because that’s not how you play the game.  That’s how you get hurt, when you start worrying about that stuff.”

In our view, Runyan also could be a possible target of the Vikings, given that former Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress is the head coach in Minnesota.  The Vikings picked Phil Loadholt in round two of the 2009 draft; a year or so with Runyan on the roster might give Loadholt time to get his NFL legs established before being thrust into action. 

10 responses to “Runyan Ready For Late July Return

  1. I was thinking Vikings, too…a good, and probably cheap, insurance plan for Chili…and knows the offense.
    I suppose Philly would feel the same…and would Runyan give the hometown discount? I would expect yes…

  2. im not really an Eagles fan but I’m from south jersey and i’ve always like Big John Runyan. It would definitely help them to keep him and just add more depth to a line thats already looking like one of the best in the league

  3. Runyan will go where the money is. He has pretty much said that. Although, he will opt for the opportunity to start if it presents itself. I like the guy a lot but the offensive line was not great last year. If they were, they would have been able to run the ball and not rely on the QB 99% of the time.
    Home town discount… I do not think so.

  4. No home town discount from big Jon. Thats okay. Thanks for the years of hard nose ironman football. You can come back and retire as EAGLES. Unlike that turncoat Dawkins (aka B-money, aka it’s wasn’t a business decision, but look at ALL the money I got, aka your dead to me…..) But i digress, Big Jon is a Eagle, and a great ball player. Thanks!

  5. Does Joe Banner ask his kids for a home town discount when asking them what they want for their birthday or what? Why shouldn’t he go where the money is……..It’s a business…….

  6. Runyan already gave a hometown discount two years ago when the birds told him he had to take a pay cut or leave.
    Yellowjackets – Dawkins is a turncoat? He played for below market money practically the whole time he was in Philly, just because he wanted to play here. If they had offered him anything close to his true value, he’d still be here. Please start rooting for another team, because you are a disgrace to real Eagles fans.

  7. Kevin from Philly ~ really?? I don’t think yellowjackets is a disgrace (and great nickname too, though Kevin doesn’t get it). Philly could have paid more for Dawkins, but Philly doesn’t buy sentiment, and I’m cool with that. They offered him his true value, Denver offered him more. I don’t think Dawkins is a turncoat, but have some respect for the fans opinion, or realize if you don’t, your the same idiot you think he is.

  8. Kevin from Philly. Runyan gave the home team discount because there was no interest in him elsewhere. He was making too much money (which is why I would say that these long contracts are absurd).
    Dawkins left for money. Dawkins was payed fairly in the time that he was here. He opted for long term contracts instead of going year to year on a franchise and becoming a FA.
    You cannot fault the Eagles for moving on after offering fair market value for him. If you payed based on sentiment – your team would not be good. At this point Dawk is not an every down player – that is a fact.

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