So Why Did Kazemi Buy A Gun?

As the evidence seems to point toward a conclusion that Sahel Kazemi bought a gun and, within a couple of days, used it on former Titans and Ravens quarterback Steve McNair, there are two questions that keep nagging at us.

The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb McNair with her brand-new gun, and then killing herself with a shot to the side of the head.  Though the most logical conclusion at this point is that she was, and that she did, there’s something about it that doesn’t make sense — apart from the obviously nonsensical nature of the tragedy.

The other question is why did she buy a gun within “hours” after being arrested on Thursday evening for DUI?

Unless she had pre-existing plans to buy a gun that weren’t postponed by the fact that she had been arrested for DUI, it’s reasonable to conclude that something happening in connection with or following the arrest prompted her to make the transaction.

The strongest possibility is that she was upset that McNair, who was in the Escalade they jointly owned at the time of the arrest, left her alone to deal with the charges.  If reports are true that McNair’s wife didn’t know he was dating Kazemi, McNair might have explained his swift departure by telling her, “Look, my wife doesn’t know about any of this.  So I’m out of here.”

But McNair isn’t the only person with whom Kazemi interacted after the lights on the cruiser started spinning. 

As explained by the Tennessean, the same officer who arrested Kazemi busted McNair six years ago for DUI.

The charges from 2003 were dismissed.  The officer, Shawn Taylor, was disciplined for repeatedly asking McNair to submit to breath testing after McNair had refused to do so. 

Per the Tennessean, Taylor later was found to be in violation of department rules for taking home videotapes of arrests he had made, including the McNair DUI bust.

So we’d love to know everything that Taylor said to Kazemi after McNair left the scene. 

In raising that question, we’re not suggesting that Taylor intentionally tried to incite Kazemi to commit violence against McNair.  But perhaps Taylor’s efforts to console a potentiallly distraught Kazemi inadvertently stirred her emotions. 

Or maybe Taylor simply held a grudge against McNair based on the events of 2003 — and maybe Taylor said things aimed merely at driving a wedge between McNair and the young woman who wasn’t McNair’s wife, without realizing what his words might potentially trigger.

Again, we don’t know what if anything Taylor said to Kazemi.  But we think that someone within the police department should find out.

If Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend, who isn’t a suspect, was interviewed for several hours in order to obtain information about Kazemi and her relationship with McNair, Taylor should be interviewed in order to ascertain everything he saw and heard — and said — with respect to a girl who not long after dealing with a DUI arrest and contacting an attorney and posting bond would choose to purchase a handgun that within two days would be used to kill McNair.

UPDATE:  There’s another potential angle to this.  Kazemi reportedly was with her ex-boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, in the hours after the Thursday arrest.  So while Norfleet reportedly isn’t a suspect, it’s possible (key word:  possible) that Norfleet said or did something to instigate the purchase of the gun.

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  1. The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun, and then killing herself with a shot to the side of the head.
    Eagle fans just crapped their pants.

  2. The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into “McNabb” with her brand-new gun, and then killing herself with a shot to the side of the head.
    McNair, not McNabb

  3. The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun, and then killing herself with a shot to the side of the head. Though the most logical conclusion at this point is that she was, and that she did, there’s something about it that doesn’t make sense — apart from the obviously nonsensical nature of the traged
    oh gawd they got McNabb too? WTF!

  4. Ha! Why would she want to shoot McNabb? I’m a Cowboy’s fan, so I know why I would want to, but I think you mean to say McNair. NBC is letting Florio edit.

  5. “The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun…”
    Into McNabb? Is that Freudian slip or are you really that stupid not to edit your own article?

  6. “The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun” — she shot Donovan McNabb too?

  7. “Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun”
    Oops. No love for Donovan on this site…

  8. “The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun” — she shot Donovan McNabb too?

  9. And maybe Taylor and Kazemi were lovers.
    And maybe all the sordid speculation makes us no better than sadistic buzzards picking through the remains of the man’s life.

  10. “capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun”
    Is she also going after McNabb? Someone call him so this can stop. McNair is enough already.

  11. “The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb”
    Interesting fantasy Florio…

  12. yikes florio…you’re going to give eagles fans a panic attack with that 2nd paragraph!
    sorry for the nitpick….keep up the great work!

  13. “The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun, and then killing herself with a shot to the side of the head.”
    umm… I think you mean McNair

  14. “The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun”
    McNabb was shot four times?!?!?
    Terry Bradshaw all over again!!!

  15. so what if he told her mcnair was a “dawg”… she should have figured that out herself.
    only an issue if he sold her a gun or told her where toget one.

  16. “whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun”
    McNabb too? Bad time to be a black QB…Has anyone questioned Rush Limbaugh?

  17. Wow Mike, I have seen Star Trek episodes that have less reach in them………
    Steve bailed, she got cheesed, and ventalated him.

  18. If she was capable to pull the trigger and shoot McNair 4 times, she was going to do this regardless of what people were telling her. The chick was obviously bat shit crazy and this was NEVER going to end peacefully. Stick to free agency transactions, Brett Favre and your secret man-love for Mangini and leave your “Dick Tracy” hat at home.

  19. “The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun, and then killing herself with a shot to the side of the head” She shot McNabb too!?!?! Look out A.R.!!! P.S. Aaron Rodgers is a secret CIA assassin.

  20. Maybe they do things different in Tennessee. In Minnesota when someone is arrested for DUI, the auto is impounded the driver is taken into custody and any passengers are on their own as far as getting to any other destination.
    After arrest it can be anywhere from several hours, until the next day before the driver can be bailed out.

  21. It doesnt need to always be a conspiracy. Lets look at what we have and make an obvious conclusion.
    You have a young girl involved with a famous athlete. you have a DUI arrest with McNair leaving her there at the scene. He was paying for her truck. We dont know what was said in that condo. Either a) she was furious that he bailed on her and it led to a fight with him maybe threatening to break it off. Or b) he had promised to leave his wife for her and she realized he was probably just saying that to shut her up.
    Its something along those two theories. This was no drug execution set to look like a suicide. There was no vengeful cop looking to have Mcnairs little mistress take him out.
    This was a way too young, emotionally screwed up girl who couldnt handle their situation. She killed him then turned the gun on herself. It just makes sense. Until we have further facts, which i doubt exist, then this is the logical conclusion

  22. i fully agree with you here. the police officer should be questioned and there are too many coincidences.

  23. She was pissed after being stiffed on the DUI, buys gun, he comes over late at night for some secks, she wants a commitment, he doesnt, bang bang bang bang bang.
    The End
    The only question left for me is this:
    Will it be made into an oringinal Law and Order or Law and Order Ciminal Intent?

  24. Wow Florio you have a very vivid imagination, you should think about writing a book, maybe even a best seller

  25. Yes, it apears the two events are somehow related….just as are all the events from the time he met the girl until their death.
    It’ll be interesting to see what conclusions are drawn — if any.
    Finding out what the arresting officer knows, the person at the gun store, and any other people in contact during those last few days will hold a lot of important information. Seemingly.

  26. Not a “professional hit” but made to look like a murder-suicide. I bet a cop could pull that off. I wonder if this cop held a grudge against McNair?

  27. Why she purcashed a handgun is irrelevant, it’s the right of a american citizen.
    Trying to ascertain why someone makes a firearm purchse is a slippery slope.

  28. You know Robert Johnson and Leadbelly both died because their wives poisoned their coffee. Not to bring music in to the football blog but I see a pattern here of people pissing off the wrong woman.
    Maybe if I had homosexual tendencies like the Viking fans that post in here I wouldn’t have to worry about this, but I am going to be extra careful from now on who I date.

  29. Methinks you’re complicating things, Florio, as the simplest explanation still seems best, and gets more likely with every new nugget of info that comes out.
    Thursday night, upon seeing those pretty blue lights pull up behind that co-owned SUV :
    McNair to mistress – “oh shit, I cannot keep doing this. It’s over!”
    Mistress is high on something – she’s already stressed about the DUI, now she’s also pissed/emotional about McNair’s assertion that it’s time to break it off. She buys gun within hours of the DUI, knowing that she’ll see McNair soon to tie up the loose ends. Saturday comes and tragedy ensues.
    I can’t see her being angry enough to kill the guy SOLELY because he “bailed” and left her to deal with the cops alone. He stayed there until the cops released him – it’s not like he fled the scene.

  30. Shouldn’t you change the link on the front page to “Click here for the latest news, rumors, and wild speculation.”

  31. Boy you’re spinning it. Interesting though.
    My question is, which I haven’t seen asked, How come no one heard the shots? Sounds like a profesional hit to me.

  32. While there is a lot of “black helicopter” feeling to your post, Florio, you bring up one excellent point: how does this girl, who apparently never had a gun previous, manage to Mozambique drill McNair with two in the chest and two in the head? That is some pretty tight shooting. So we are supposed to believe a girl who works at Dave and Buster’s manages to do all this while in a distraught frame of mind, I say distraught because she took her own life afterwards? Very questionable.

  33. all good points mike. more questions i have:
    * if kazemi bought the gun, why didn’t they figure this out the day of the investigation when they ran the serial #’s off the gun? surely they would have pulled her name as owner and that would have answered a LOT of questions from the get-go.
    * why didn’t they run a GSR test? that would have told them if she was the one that pulled the trigger….
    * why did the friend & bodyguard wait so long to call the cops when they’re best friend was shot 4 times?
    * what motive does Kazemi have that would warrant ending herself? She had a rough life but was currently afforded things she had never had before because of McNair. the threat of that being taken away is bad, but enough to end her life and KILL him? i don’t know if that is motive enough…
    the first question is the biggest though. if it was kazemi’s gun, how did the police not figure this out immediately?

  34. I wonder if Norfleet bailed her out of jail that night? Has it said who came and got her out?

  35. Nice detective work there, Columbo. You buy a badge from Toys R Us and go around playing junior detective?
    Leave the speculation and police work to the professionals and report on the results as they come in. That’s all we need from you. Hack.

  36. Come on Mike. I know that it is a slow new cycle but this is speculation upon speculation. The initial observation that it is hard to imagine her actually doing the killing is a good one (that you have made at least 5 times previously). Beyond that you are just making stuff up based on speculation. You are better than this. If there isn’t anything new to report, I have an idea – don’t report anything.

  37. My guess is McNair tried to end things with her after the DUI. He didn’t want to be associated with another DUI, so was trying to end things before the details came to light. Unfortunately, she did not take this very well….

    Exactly. So stop trying to put the blame for this tragedy on the cops who were just doing their job protecting the people from a drunk and/or druggie being on the road. As a person who lost a family member to a drunk driver, I say more power to the police in getting them ALL off the road.
    Unless you can PROVE he said something to the effect, “He’s a sorry SOB….why don’t you go get a gun and shoot him?” the cop is NOT responsible for her actions.

  39. I agree…leave the detective work to the detectives. As a famous TV cop always said… ‘just the facts sir’

  40. Interesting note in the link to the Baltimore Sun…
    “She was in the Escalade with McNair and a third person when the police pulled her over between 1 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. Thursday, Aaron said.”
    Is this the first time anyone’s mentioned a third person in the Escalade? I don’t remember reading that earlier.
    Not that any of this matters, as I’m inclined to agree with the “crazy younger chick ventilates McNair” theory. Just hadn’t read that anywhere else…

  41. Hey Florio – Is it possible that a hitman used a fake ID to purchase the gun under Kazemi’s name. It would make sense if they wanted to make it look like a murder suicide. Kazemi isn’t old enough to buy a gun in America.

  42. The first is whether the 20-year-old Kazemi was capable of putting four bullets into McNabb with her brand-new gun, and then killing herself with a shot to the side of the head.
    She hates black QB’s.
    Dave Gerrard better watch out, he could be next.

  43. People what you have to remember is that the police are government employees, which means they spend most of their time covering their behinds and justifying their existence so they can ask for more money from the tax payers.
    Its going to take a while for all the facts to come out my guess is we are going to find out this girl was mentally ill or should have been medicated.

  44. at first, I thought there was more to this because a young hottie can go get a rich guy anytime. plus McNair probably would have given her $$ to keep her mouth shut.
    Upon review of her facebook photos, however, she wasn’t all that hot. McNair may have been her only hope. Now I’m going with the Crazy Biatch Theory.

  45. Because it was an illegal, private transaction. Kazemi was too young to legally purchase. So no paperwork. But it does raise the question how the police found out about the purchase, and who sold it?
    * why didn’t they run a GSR test? that would have told them if she was the one that pulled the trigger….
    They did, and are awaiting results, along with ballistics. Nashville police stress that GSR tests are of limited reliability.
    * why did the friend & bodyguard wait so long to call the cops when they’re best friend was shot 4 times?
    Police did call that fact “concerning.” My guess is that it was a perverse guy-code that momentarily stunned their thinking after they found their friend next to a dead 20-year old girl who was not his wife.
    * what motive does Kazemi have that would warrant ending herself?
    Good question, unless McNair was trying to break it off. The only person suggesting this is the jilted ex, Keith Norfleet. It’s easier to fathom Norfleet’s motive than Kazemi’s.

  46. All we need is a time travelling quarterback to complete this episode of the X Files.
    Maybe Emmitt Smith can edit Florio’s first draft?

  47. Hey Florio, just keep speculating and guessing as to what in your own mind may have happened, and make sure that while you are doing, you do so in a way that potentially smears as many people as possible. but be sure to do so in a way that covers you and in language that protects you from any direct connection. you aren;’t saying the officer made her commit the murder, you are just saying that possibly he said something. granted you have no evidence to support that, and i can’t imagine what an office arresting someone for DUI could say to a person to make them commit a murder-suicide. and neither do you, but it doesn’t stop you from writing it. There has to be some standards to what you write; apparently there are none.

  48. Its also possible that McNair, after the DUI arrest, said something like “My wife doesn’t know about this and she never will! Keep your damn mouth shut or you wont talk to anyone ever again”. I don’t see, barring mental sickness why she would buy a gun so quickly unless she felt threatened.

  49. Next, you’ll be saying she shot McDaniels.
    Maybe Taylor is ( A Bad Cop) and he had something to do with this entire murder?
    Maybe Norfleet hired a “thug” buddy to take Mcnair out?

  50. Seriously Florio. This is not my normal loose-cannon-ish self when responding to your pot-shots on the Redskins.
    Probably not a good idea to write something like this. Let the detectives do the detective work.
    While it’s not slanderous…some idiots are going to read that…and they will remember these statements and that’s what sticks with them.
    What was that guy’s name who was first accused of the Atlanta Olympics bombings? There are still people out there that think he did it, even though he was 100% cleared of any wrong doing.
    I know your sponsors and NBC are LOVING the hits that are coming in from this subject (specifically this post). But, probably not a good idea to play detective. Call the police department and give them a lead if you don’t think they’ve thought of that.
    Stick to reporting the news and not trying to make it.

  51. Hey FlOrliver Stone,
    Now all you need is a sh1tty far-fetched movie as the vehicle for your wild and unfounded whimsies and imaginings.
    You’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
    Irresponsible “journalism”, personified.
    Speculative and sensationalistic rumor-mongering–that’s ALL this sh1t is.
    Like I said: sadistic buzzards, romping in the decay with delight, picking through the remains of the man’s life.

  52. McNair, McNabb, what does it matter. Don’t we all look alike? I’m joking. But given your logical progression, Marcus McNeill better watch out.

  53. excellent theory…”got a DUI, so I’ll buy a gun to kill my rich and famous boyfriend and then blow my own head off” makes perfect sense, if you’re an imbecilic moron. The jilted ex-boyfriend makes infinitely more sense, if you have an actual functioning brain.

  54. Silver&Black666 says:
    July 7, 2009 12:49 PM
    “Maybe if I had homosexual tendencies like the Viking fans that post in here I wouldn’t have to worry about this, but I am going to be extra careful from now on who I date.”
    That’s all you got? What are you, 12?

  55. Well Silver and black you should still be worried. Because when you change things up and use your left hand, maybe the right will get jealous and shoot you in the head

  56. One word comes to mind about the reporting and the assumptions made in this article: RECKLESS

  57. Also of note from the linked Tennessean article:
    “The autopsy showed that three of the shots were fired from at least three feet away. One, to the head, was shot at close range…”
    “McNair was found dead on the couch with four gunshot wounds — one bullet in each temple, and two in the chest…”
    Not saying this is anything more than a murder-suicide, but three shots from more than three feet away (one of which was to the temple) and the young lady has owned a gun for less than 48 hours? Absolutely possible, but probable? Of course it hasn’t been said just how many shots were fired, or if she had any prior firearm experience, so at this point we just do not know. I feel certain that the police are investigating all aspects thoroughly…at least I hope

  58. “I wonder if Norfleet bailed her out of jail that night? Has it said who came and got her out?”
    I have read in a couple of news articles that it was McNair who bailed her out…..but, as we all well know, just because a newspaper reports something does NOT necessarily make it so.

  59. At least someone is making some sense. No one is saying that the most obvious conclusion isn’t the correct one. However, the circumstances and what led up to this tragedy should give anyone pause. There’s just a gut feeling that something’s not right about the scene.
    For those thinking that shooting someone that easily is common place, especially an inexperienced firearm user, You must have never handled a gun. There’s a reason people practice using them. Yet, less than 48 hours after purchase, she’s gotten off some pretty accurate kill shots on McNair who is seemingly sitting on the couch the whole time.
    Also, the fact that all of this occurs right after the DUI run in with the original arresting officer of McNair in the middle of this whole scenario just brings more variables into focus.
    The obvious explanation isn’t always the right one.

  60. “just the facts ma’am”…
    easy for her to kill him. it isnt like she was shooting a g-d bazooka.
    and no one likes mcnabb. no one.

  61. Guys, this aint rocket science. He was probably getting distant in the realtionship because, as we know most young girls don’t know the meaning of discretion (obviously some older guys don’t either). When the arrest happened, McNair probably got cold feet because he knew the negative publicity this would generate. If watch the show Cheaters, you know this happens all the time (guys bailing on the girl when the cameras/cops come). She probably knew he was gonna bail and made a “youthful” decision. That being said, it would be interesting to have Mrs McNair take a polygraph.

  62. Mr. Florio I commend you for your work. The facts are scattered across the internet. It is nice to find a place that the facts are placed together. I totally agree that this whole story is fishy. We may never find out the truth.

  63. Sorry all of you Gun Owners & such. There should be a 3 month long wait period for Guns. This is just silly.

  64. At what point does speculation become slander? At least NBC has more lawyers/deeper pockets….

  65. Wow – now its the cop’s fault. Seriously??
    Let’s keep in mind that McNair wasn’t the only one who was released as a result of the charges against Taylor. He may have been the highest profile, but he wasnt the only one.
    Again, how many young girls have you seen flip out after WAY to much to drink/smoke/whatever? She was messed up to begin with, in WAY over her head with a professional athlete that she believed she was going to move in with, and then he bailed on her after the DUI because he didnt want his wife to find out. She flips out, buys a gun, and kills him.
    Let’s stop with all of the talk about ‘how can a chick hit a guy four times with no experience?’ Have you fired a semi-automatic hand gun? Depending on the model, they don’t kick that bad, especially when aiming at football player 5 feet from you. He was hit twice in the chest; it never said where. How big is his chest? Some of you are acting like she was picking which aorta she wanted to put a bullet through.
    She probably hit him twice in the chest as she was walking towards him, he falls on the couch, she gets him in the head (she’s closer now) and then finishes him in the temple.
    This girl was messed up, “scorned,” and wanted Steve to be with her forever. Let’s put all of the other BS to rest.

  66. The fact that McNair put the Caddy in both their names, rather than just his, allowed him to escape a second charge of having another impaired driver drive in his place.
    When he allowed his brother to drive him around drunk a few years ago, he was charged with this offense, although apparently in Nashville if you get properly lawyered up, you can beat that charge; at least once.
    Now, a good enough lawyer to achieve a dismissal on the previous charge, would porbably point out to you for future reference that if the car wasn’t solely in your name, it wouldn’t be a chargeable offense.
    A good financial advisor would note that if the car is leased, regardless of whom its registered to, if the payments stop, it gets repo’d, so he didn’t have a great financial investment. From reading the Nashville paper, it was apparently very impressive to her, judging from the comments of her relatives and looking at the photos she posted on facebook posing with it.
    The latest comment that makes me think this stinks however is from the nashville paper today. In speaking of the purchase of the gun, it says
    “The woman was not old enough to legally carry a handgun or purchase one from a gun dealer. The person who sold the gun to Kazemi is not in custody and may not be charged because the seller may not have known Kazemi was under 21, police said.”
    the same article also says that the officer did say one thing to her…. how about this for planting a seed?
    Officer Shawn Taylor, who stopped Kazemi, also was the officer who arrested McNair in 2003. The charges were dismissed and expunged.
    Taylor, however, was disciplined six years ago for violating department rules by repeatedly asking McNair to take a breath test after he refused. Police also said Taylor violated departmental rules then by taking home copies of DUI arrest tapes, including one of McNair.
    There’s no indication McNair was given a pass in the Thursday traffic stop though, Aaron said.
    “The officer even said to Ms. Kazemi that if the Escalade was registered solely to McNair, he would likely have been in the same situation as she,” Aaron said.
    Did this turn on the light bulb? perhaps she remembered who suggested it be registered in both their names….

  67. ….or maybe the chick was just a nutbag and suicidal after getting busted for a DUI.

  68. This is becoming clearly a frame-up regarding the girl killing McNair. No way are McNair’s friends gonna cooperate with the police, since they are afraid of getting killed also.
    CLOSE OT NOT, THAT’S VERY GOOD SHOOTING, WITH A PISTOL. And to the guy who posted on an earlier thread saying one lesson at a firing range would be all that’s needed to hit the target like the murderer did: You don’t shoot pistols, do you??

  69. # Silver&Black666 says: July 7, 2009 12:49 PM
    You know Robert Johnson and Leadbelly both died because their wives poisoned their coffee. Not to bring music in to the football blog but I see a pattern here of people pissing off the wrong woman.
    Maybe if I had homosexual tendencies like the Viking fans that post in here I wouldn’t have to worry about this, but I am going to be extra careful from now on who I date.
    LOL I almost spit out my water when reading your comment about Vikings fans. So true! They are a breed all unto themselves…..

  70. Where’s the evidence the police are NOT talking with Officer Taylor already?
    C’mon these are pro investigators, I’m sure they are hitting every angle including the officer involved in the DUI.

  71. ————————————–
    fay says:
    July 7, 2009 12:44 PM
    The only question left for me is this:
    Will it be made into an oringinal Law and Order or Law and Order Ciminal Intent?
    The answer is yes. However, McNair will be replaced by an athletic and clean cut white guy. I’ll put money on it. That’s the only genre of bad guy that they ever seem to have.

  72. I like how people complain about all the worthless life degrading speculation involved in this story. Yet they sit there and read the posts, then also take the time to comment.
    The other humor I find is all the people complaining about the speculation and to stick to the facts. The name of the section of the website you are read is “NEWS AND RUMORS.”
    It does matter why she bought the gun and why then. It goes to pre-meditation and motive. Did she buy it because she decided “If he dumps me I’m going to kill him?” That would be a big part of the case.
    Also, really, again what are the odds that it is a hell of a coincidence that she decided to obtain the gun and two days later a third party was able to get a hold of it and use it to stage a murder suicide?
    After the DUI, he said we are done. Probably over the phone. She gets gun after deciding “like hell we are done, I’ll show him done.”

  73. But why would see snap all of a sudden? Makes no sense. How do you know she went crazy? Is Mcnair really that dumb to break it off with her then go to the condo where she already is and aruge with her for her to shoot him? No, I don’t think so. Somebody wanted these people dead and made it to look like a murder-suicide and throw the cops off. 2 shots to each side of the head? Was she doing a masterpiece? Oh I’ll shoot him in the head this side and walk over to the other side and shoot the other? Thats what mob’s do, mafia’s do. Whoever did this knew about the 2 of them and had a anger towards them. This wasnt no Ex-boyfriend that guy is a douche but no killer. This was a professional hit planned out to each detial. If he went to break it off with her he wouldn’t have fallen asleep for because 2 shots to the head is a surpise attack because what man lets a women come that close to them with a loaded gun?

  74. The key to this investigation is figuring out what happened Thursday night. I doubt we ever will.
    Also, I stilll think Mrs. McNair is lying about not knowing about the girl.

  75. Interesting theory. This one stinks of conspiracy.
    My biggest thing is the execution style killing. He was on the couch, sitting. Not up and arguing with a lover.
    Also, he was shot two times in the chest as close range and once in the head at the same distance. And then another time in the head, point blank. This seems too cold/calculated for a young woman arguing with her man.
    It looks like a hit, it smells like a hit, tastes like a hit . . .

  76. After reading some of the off the wall scenarios posted here, I think some of you should start WRITING for Law and Order.

  77. Reports in Nashville say he went and got cash to bailed her out. Ex was asked by her to pick up Escalade giving ex access to her key chain…

  78. It’s Florio’s blog (or NBC’s), so he can post anything he wants.
    Let me correct one post by Silver&Black666. Neither Robert Johnson nor Lead Belly died because they were poisoned by their wives. Robert Johnson was allegedly poisoned by a man jealous of Johnson’s attentions to the man’s wife. Lead Belly died as a result of ALS. You may be thinking of Blind Lemon Jefferson, who was rumored to have been poisoned by a woman.
    I will refrain from the usual gratuitous insults, because your posts speak for themselves.

  79. well she probly hates (black) QBs who jilted her…
    waiting is infringement on the right. so, screw that. why penalize the rest of us just because yer idol got shot for thinking with his lil head?
    snoopy, yer an idiot. she sure could have done it. but yall posse members keep bleating otherwise.
    excuses titans. each side of the head? the head aint big. if the shootee isnt dead yet, the head can loll and turn.
    it is pretty clear mcnair didnt know what was coming. and thought he could talk his way into or out of anything.
    role model… NOT.

  80. I do not know alot, just what I have read. But there are such things as throw away guns. Did they have serial numbers on the gun?
    I personally think that this whole scenario does not make any sense. But there is no wrath worse than a woman scorned. Not saying it is as simple as that though. The woman must have been a hell of a shot. That sounds like an execution to me. Unless she is a cold-blooded killer, I do not think it was a murder-suicide. I think it is an awesome frame job. But I do not think it was the cop. I think it might have been a little someone whispering things in her ear or someone that has been following the two around for a while.

  81. Dave and Busters have a huge liablity here… you know she played a lot of first person shooter games during her breaks……..

  82. Florio is right and I can see that a lot of you are ignorant to the depths and reaches that our maniacal legal system can and will go to. As a lawyer he has seen what happens when cops or hi ranking government officials with power can do when they get a hard on for someone.
    Remember Pee Wee Herman got busted by the FBI for rubbing one out at a dirty movie theater. What in the hell are FBI agents in Florida doing at a dirty movie theater knowing the amount of cocaine traffic that takes placed in that state?
    If a cop has it out for you he can make your life miserable and force you to do things like putting a car in your girlfriends name.
    I agree someone should look into this officers bias towards McNair.

  83. There are only two good women in the world. My mom and your mom. The rest are pure Psycho.

  84. This just in – Tupac is alive and living in Area 51 with Elvis.
    I have my money on the man on the grassy knoll being in Nashville last weekend.

  85. Florio, you’re really using a narrow perspective to view Kazemi. We don’t know enough about her to know if shooting her lover would’ve been the impossible task you seem to think it would’ve been under normal circumstances. We don’t know if a DUI stop was a dramatically out-of-character event in her life. You seem to think it was a departure (that is, enough of one that she would become irate at McNair over it). If that’s the case, isn’t it quite possible that whatever caused her to behave out-of-character would be related to her motive for the shooting?
    I can see you’re at a stalemate in your battle against logic with your dismissal of the notion that she might’ve had pre-existing plans to purchase the gun. If she did have pre-existing plans to purchase the gun, presumably she had a strong reason to do so. There is no reason to think she would’ve postponed such plans because of an arrest.
    Regarding the probability of Kazemi being able to properly handle the firearm, everyone seems to be assuming that Kazemi was never taught to fire a handgun. I would not make such an assumption about a 20 year old woman in Tennessee.

  86. Maybe it was an accident followed by panic. For example, maybe she decides to get a piece to protect her Esculade. McNair shows up and she wants to show it off. She’s a knucklehead when it comes to guns, and accidently mortally wounds him. She panics, kills him out of mercy, thinks on it and decides to make it look like somebody killed him in anger…maybe on the advice of the ex-boyfriend or somebody else…wises up, realizes that she can’t get out of it, then takes her own life.
    I know its a wild scenario, but no more wild than the idea that a non-violent woman who everybody describes as nice and happy shooting a dude four times before turning the gun on herself.

  87. How much experience was this woman supposed to have had with guns? As a gun owner, who has to practice regularly with a hand gun to hit anything from even at relatively close range, It’s hard for me to imagine a young, excited/upset woman with a new, unfimular weapon doing such precise shooting from, “some distance”. Even good quality guns recoil and very from shot to shot, sometimes wildly with improper grip or aiming, yet she went 4 for4. To quote a line from High Plains Drifter “G,damdest shooting I’ve ever even heard tell of”. I haven’t heard any reports of her missing shots. Maybe she was a good shot, with lots of experience handling guns, but no one is reporting that. Right now it looks like she may have done what most people think she did, but there is some room for doubt.

  88. now with all joking aside. (forgive me if this has been brought up) Where did she purchase said firearm?? If it was from a dealer what happened to the 5 day waiting period???

  89. She was in range and anger and sadness then her hand would have been shaking. Let me see you shoot someone in the chest while having your hand shake so hard and violently. Plus add to that if she had alchol or drugs in her system. Aint no-way she could this. I can imagine 2 shots to Mcnair if she was that mad, but 4? 1 to each side of the head??? Really? A mad angry women would have shot him 4 times alone in the chest all in the same place, but these bullets have moved. Think about it. Whatever they rule, this case will never be solved. The real killer/killers will walk free.

  90. The key to what happened here appears to be in something that both the police and Steve McNair missed. Sahel Kazemi was not an American girl; she was Iranian.
    Sahel was born and raised in Iran. Her family moved to Turkey for two years, then in her adolescence she moved to the States. While she lived here, worked here and even had an American nickname, “Jenny,” her cultural identity was in all likelihood still Middle Eastern.
    In the Middle East, “honor” killings are a regular and accepted fact of life. People regularly kill family members or lovers if their code of honor is violated. Seen from a Middle Eastern perspective, this crime is clearly understandable.
    All of Sahel’s family, co-workers and friends had met NcNair. She introduced him as her boyfriend, and told everyone she knew he was divorcing his wife in order to marry her. She even was selling her furniture on Craigslist to get ready for her new life.
    On Steve’s side, other than his condomate, no one knew who Sahel was. She was his “piece on the side” whom he paid for with the Escalade, vacation trips and gifts. In America, such a relationship would end with some harsh words, but an appreciation by the girl that she had at least gotten a nice car in exchange for granting NcNair bed privileges.
    Sahel was not an American. NcNair’s behavior humilitated her before her mother, her friends, her culture. He in effect “whored” her. Such an act was cruel, selfish and deceitful, but worse, it caused her to lose face among her friends and family. Such a grievous blow to her dignity could not be allowed to stand.
    The shooting was cold, calculated and deliberate. She bought the gun and calmly waited two days for McNair to come to his fate. At point blank range four bullets, each one fatal, is not that tough an assignment, especially if the killer was a determined young woman who was filled with righteous indignation of a very aggravated nature.
    It was not the act of a jealous boyfriend, nor was it a “mob hit.”It was not done in hot, blubbering anger. Simply put, it was Sahel who calmly executed him for his disgusting lies and the betrayal of her affection. She avenged her honor. Killing herself was the final act that forced him to keep his promise. They were going to be together forever.
    Those who say she had no “motive” or was “too nice” to do this simply do not understand what it means to have and defend one’s sense of honor. We don’t see honor the same way in America, especially when it comes to one of our sports heroes plucking a little nooky on the side. Such thinking is not part of our culture.
    Seen from the Middle Eastern perspective, nothing that happened to McNair should be surprising. He treated a woman from a very different culture like she was just another American hootchie. But in this case, an Iranian girl was not just another American girl, and that difference probably cost McNair his life.

  91. Yeah, I can see office Taylor shooting his mouth off and stirring up trouble. I know this man and he is a slime ball from the word go and is no stranger to adultery. He met his wife, if they are even still married, when she was married to someone else.
    Steve McNair may have been great at charitable donations, but wasn’t much of a person. DUI, more than once, and adultery, I am sure, more than once.
    I think Kazemi found out that McNair had no intention of telling, much less leaving his wife and she snapped. It wouldn’t be the first time a jilted lover has done that.

  92. A number of people have commented about whether or not an inexperienced 20 year old woman can put two bullets into a seated man’s head and two in his chest from inside six feet without years of training.
    My spouse is a 5’3-ish, 120 pound woman who had never fired a gun in her life. I took her to the firing range to teach her some gun safety. At 10 feet she emptied a clip of .45 ACP rounds into the center of a human-shaped target with all of the shots within a eight-inch ring.
    She absorbed the heavy recoil without blinking and kept the muzzle down range. When I saw how good she was I told her to aim at the head. Three shots resulted in three holes, all above the neck and in the orange.
    “What’s so hard?” she asked me. “All you have to do is point it where you want to shoot and pull the trigger.”
    Shooting a gun, especially when you are bound and determined to kill a SOB you believe richly deserves it, is not as hard as many people think. I mounted my wife’s shooting on the wall in my office. Most people are impressed.
    My condolences to the Kazemi and the Mcnair families as they struggle to deal with this tragedy.

  93. Yeah Im sure she was a good muslim following girl. One that drank, smoked and partyed it up. Yeah Im sure she believed or knew what a honor killing was. She may have been from Iran, but she acted like an American female in her 20s.

  94. These theories crack me up. “Oooh, how did she shoot so well? Maybe it wasn’t her!” Hmm, let’s see, she bought the gun herself days before. She was seeing a married man who may have been breaking things off after the DUI woke him up. AND THEN A PROFESSIONAL HITMAN BROKE IN AND SHOT THEM BOTH AND MADE IT LOOK LIKE A SUICIDE! Come on! It’s obvious she was a jilted lover. He went there to break things off and she went nuts because she is/was nuts. End of story.

  95. Simple fact. If McNair was home with his wife, he’d be alive today. Sure he didn’t deserve to be shot, but let’s not put him up on a pedestal. All of the sports outlets are making him out to be a saint, and a great person. He cheated, he paid with his life. Who knows what he was telling this woman. Did he promise her he’d be divorcing? Why is it some of these sports figures are put up as community leaders, great persons, but who turn out to be crapping on their own families? Steve McNair was a great NFL QB, but it seems a lousy husband.

  96. Countercyber your wife is an exceptional shot. Most people including most men would not be that good of a shot with a pistol. However, I am with about the liklihood of this being an honor killing but I think that most likely she wasn’t the shooter but it was someone else in her family to avenge the dishonor she had brought onto the family name as well as Islam. The shooter then tried to make it look like she commited suicide. Another possibility is that the ex-boyfriend was the shooter. He also was the one who encouraged her to buy a gun and helped her find someone who would sell a gun to her. I am very, very skeptical that this was a simple murder-suicide by a spurned lover. Women very, very rarely kill like this.

  97. Plus the Ex-bf did admit to being that on Saturday morning before the bodies were found.

  98. So, we know that the gun was illegally purchased. Which tells me that it was probably a two party transaction, with no documentation. Since the buyer is dead, that tells me that the cops are going on the word of the seller of an illegal weapon. Sounds fishy to me.

  99. Seems odd the policy are saying they cant figure out a motive for Kazemi to shoot McNair.
    I’m not a detective but can see several things that
    could have been motives such as her finding out he wasn’t really getting divorced (no separation or divorce paperwork filed) or the fact that he was buying a new home with his wife.
    He may have also told her he didnt want his wife
    to find out about their “fling” and she realized it
    was not the big romance or road to easy street she had expected.
    Hell has no furry like a woman scorned !

  100. This is fun. I like countcyber’s thinking.
    This girl probably saw things growing up that we couldn’t imagine so if she was pissed she could be cold, calculating and more than able to hit such a large target from a few feet away.
    Consider this – They get pulled over. McNair bolts to get cash from his home safe to bail her out so she doesn’t have to spend the night in a cell. His wife confronts him and he comes clean. Maybe Taylor called his wife fueling the fire at home. She gives him an ultimatum. He walks and bails the girlfriend out telling her what happened with his wife. He says that he may have to lay a little low while he sorts it out. She realizes that he had been lying all along and now she’s shamed by her family. She buys the gun. McNair shows up at the condo later like nothing’s changed. He plops down in the couch looking for a little something sweet. Instead she comes up behind him and pops him in the temple point blank. He flops and she unloads another shot into the other temple from a couple feet above not sure if he is dead since he’s probably convulsing like a headless chicken. Now she’s really pissed. She moves around the couch and stands in front of him swearing at him and the world. Unloads a couple more shots into his chest and then one into her own head.
    Multiple shots indicate a crime of passion. Think of the wife that stabs her abusive husband 51 times. A “hitman” wouldn’t fire multiple shots when the first one did the job.
    Question – Why didn’t anyone hear 5 shots being fired in a condo unit?

  101. don’t wanna be like this
    I don’t really wanna hurt no feelings
    But I’m only being real when I say
    Nobody wanna see an old man collapse
    And old men have heart attacks
    I don’t wanna be responsible for that
    So let the s**t go and walk away
    You can still have a little bit of dignity”
    “I would never claim to be no
    Benjamin Tebow, an 83-Year old fake Pacino
    So how could he run his mouth about me
    Knowing nothing about me
    I love it when a dumbass doubts me
    Until I pull the pistol out proudly
    Put the clip in his mouth
    Til this motherf***er shouts, ‘please don’t kill’
    Have you sippin through a straw for the next 8 months
    That’s if you even make it through it alive you dumb f**k
    Try to stunt and front and fronting in front of somebody else
    Til you’re surrounded by 20 people With nobody’s help
    IF you try to go incredible hulk it won’t work
    Put so many holes in you your nerves won’t even jerk
    Lurking in the shadows thinking and scheming of work
    Got a little cocky so you decided to flirt
    Now you’re flirting with death”
    The final verse in the song set to Eminem’s “Nail in the Coffin” instrumental track is as follows;
    “If you ever do it again b***h I’m not rapping
    I’m getting a clip and clapping and I’m not laughing
    They’re wrapping you up for your little trip to the morgue
    While I’m preparing for my trip to the shore,
    Don’t ignore me, I’m not lying, I couldn’t be more honest
    If you ever do it again, you’ll die, I promise.”
    The discovery of the song by and The City Paper staff today shows eerie connections to the case. Metro Police have stated on more than one occasion that Norfleet is not a suspect.
    Those are the boy friend’s rap lyrics.

  102. Of all the news stories I’e read on this, why hasn’t anyone given any information as to why nobody reported hearing shots fired? I’m not saying there’s anything suspicious or not, I’m just saying that five shots were fired around 2am… Shots came from within a condo (which leads one to believe that other residences were near by).
    Yet no one calls the police? Again, I have no idea if this is significant or not. I’m just wondering why no news outlet has explained why nobody recalls hearing shots.
    If someone lives directly next door (as is the case with most condos), then that opens the possibility that a silencer was used. And only a true assassin would use a silencer.

  103. The speculation in this article is beyond irresponsible but other folks already covered things I was going to say. So, as a general comment to a number of followups, don’t assume that the laws in your state apply everywhere.
    Not all states require that passengers be locked up just because the driver has been busted for DUI. Don’t any of you watch Cops? (serious on the first part, not the second. Really).
    Some states allow gun purchases at 18. MI, where I live, is one of them.

  104. Some really humorous responses in here — kinda illustrates how meaningless life has become to many of us.
    Some points that are well made include:
    * the fact that Kazemi had non-American influences that might be central to her responses
    * the concept that when one hears hoof beats that one usually finds horses rather than zebras (if you’re not at the zoo or in Africa)
    * McNair was a sportsman all-the-way….great warrior QB; stayed out all day fishing with his boys and up all night trolling with his boyz
    * boys will be boys — you can’t allow a guy to go on a lifelong beaver hunt and then expect his tendencies to stop all of a sudden just due to a career change. There are numerous others (e.g., Presidents like Kennedy & Clinton, television ministers, other pro QBs like Favre & Leinart) who have done much worse but are given a pass because they never stepped on a land mine
    * obviously something in Kazemi’s mindset changed with the DUI episode
    So I’ll take Florio’s cue and add a mini-Drama in my next post on this thread

  105. Cowboyfan66 said:
    “Simple fact. If McNair was home with his wife, he’d be alive today. Sure he didn’t deserve to be shot, but let’s not put him up on a pedestal. All of the sports outlets are making him out to be a saint, and a great person. He cheated, he paid with his life. Who knows what he was telling this woman. Did he promise her he’d be divorcing? Why is it some of these sports figures are put up as community leaders, great persons, but who turn out to be crapping on their own families? Steve McNair was a great NFL QB, but it seems a lousy husband.”
    I could not agree more.
    And what REALLY gets my blood boiling is to hear him referred to as a “hero”, as has been happening the past few days, especially on the sports radio talk shows. He was a blessed FOOTBALL PLAYER, for goodness sake! We have unsung “heroes” in this country every day, especially in our military, quietly serving others and their country that truly deserve the word – AND the adoration – but rarely get it. Hero is a word that should be used sparingly and not blithely thrown around when referring to a sports figure. Pat Tilman is perhaps the only football player I can think of who might earn the designation “hero”.

  106. She bought it to shoot those damn seagulls that were hovering around during the parasailing lovefest…….Oh wait, he probably told her they won’t be going back, so she decided to use it another way……..

  107. I enjoy this site and am usually okay with the blatant speculation about roster moves and similar football news. However, on this topic, I am not sure you haven’t crossed the line. Two people are dead. That is a lot different that speculating on whether or not Brett Farve is coming out of retirement. You are just guestimating and out and out making up stuff. That is okay when it is football, not okay when it involves a topic such as this.
    Kinda reminds me of Opra just before I snatch the remote out of my wife’s hand and change the channell. Sorry Florio, but you are better than this.

  108. [U]A Nashville Tragedy — A Play in Three Acts[/U]
    [B]ACT 1[/B]
    Country Music fade in — it’s just past midnight on Thursday, July 2, 2009 and a black QB is sitting at his favorite watering hole with one of his ex-mates:
    [B]McNair[/B]: ….so I told her to get her clothes on and get out.
    [B]Ex-Titan[/B]: You are my leader, Steve. Well, call that ‘ho Jenny of yours and tell her to get her Persian ass down here and drive our sorry drunk asses home.
    McNair ringing us Kazemi:
    [B]McNair[/B]: Yo, babe. Can you come on down to Losers in that big, black, beautiful vehicle I bought you and drive us all home.
    [B]Jenny[/B]: Sure, Steve. I’m a little high here, but anything for my future hubbie.
    15 minutes later in Escalade:
    [B]McNair[/B]: Step on it, babe. We need to get back and watch a re-run of Obama playing point guard for the Globe Trotters.
    Suddenly blue lights noted in rear view mirror.
    [B]Ex-Titan[/B]: Shit, Steve. It’s the fuzz.
    [B]McNair[/B]: Don’t sweat it. These guys love me.
    Cop pulls Escalade over and approaches vehicle.
    [B]McNair[/B]: Whoops! It’s that damn Shawn Taylor again.
    [B]Ex-Titan[/B]: I thought that guy was dead?
    [B]McNair[/B]: No, it’s a different Shawn Taylor….a honkey cop, man. We cats are in trouble. Whatever you do, don’t blow for the guy, Jen.
    [B]Kazemi[/B]: No, I save that only for you, Stevie.
    [B]Taylor[/B]: Hi Steve. Drinking and driving again, huh? Is this your other brother-in-law?
    [B]McNair[/B]: Very funny Taylor. This is my ‘ho Jen. She ain’t been drinking nothing… just a little high is all. And this time her name is on the title — so whatcha gonna do now, Sheriff?
    [B]Taylor[/B]: Is that right ma’am?
    [B]Kazemi[/B]: I just do what Steve says cuz he’s gonna marry me and make me rich and famous.
    [B]Taylor[/B]: Step out of the car and put your hands behind your back ma’am. You boys go catch a cab home — I’m not messin’ with your lawyer again McNair.
    McNair and pal walk away and get in cab. As they get out of ear shot:
    [B]Taylor[/B]: Ma’am, you don’t believe that McNair do you? He’s got more ho’s out there than a six-pack of Travis Henrys.
    [B]Kazemi[/B]: Ooh. That sounds sexy.
    Seen fades out as Taylor reads Kazemi her Miranda rights while McNair and ex-Titan get cab ride back to 2nd Avenue party house to drink cheap wine and snort piles of cocaine late into the night.

  109. On the other hand, maybe Steve just told her he was ending things between them, because of his wife and children – it’s possible –
    One thing I haven’t seen – they say the gun was “underneath” her body, but they don’t say whether she was found on her back or on her stomach. If she was found on her back, someone else must have shot her and for some (insane) reason, placed the gun under her. But if she was found on her stomach, with the gun beneath her, that would be in live with her shooting him and then herself, and falling onto the gun.
    That mention of the friend who found him says he thought they were just lying there so went into the kitchen, and “then” noticed the blood – if they were in the living room, where was the blood? If the blood was in the kitchen, why were the bodies in the living room?
    And why was his first call to a friend? Why doesn’t anybody call the police FIRST?

  110. I have a question and a comment. The gun purchase. Was it a legal purchase or illegal? By that I mean did she get a gun permit to buy the gun or not. Where I live you have to have a gun permit to buy a pistol. That also means you have to have a background check and wait a few days.
    My comment is I guess now she will be the ultimate poster child for Buckcherry’s song, “Crazy Bitch”.

  111. [U]A Nashville Tragedy — A Play in Three Acts[/U]
    [B]Act 3[/B]
    Saturday, July 4, 2009. McNair is driving his Navigator and talking on his cell:
    [B]McNair[/B]: So I says, “Girl, that wasn’t no roofie anyways. That was just your ‘magination” is what I told her.
    [B]Ex-Titan[/B]: Steve. You so funny. Man, I been wanting to ask you. You think you’ll divorce your wife?
    [B]McNair[/B]: You know how much money that would cost? Hell no. I’ll just keep this farm here in Nashville. All these cows. All that milk.
    [B]Ex-Titan[/B]: Steve, does that mean that you want marry me? I have a man crush on you?
    [B]McNair[/B]: You sick, man. Go get your sleep. We got a lotta partying and man-whoring to do tomorrow night. I gots to go — I see my ho’ finally has come to her senses.
    McNair hangs up and pulls his vehicle into parking spot next to Kazemi’s Escalade. He staggers ever so slightly to the door as he hums his favorite tune:
    [B]McNair[/B] (to self): …I never knew….that you like Penis A Lotta…..getting ass every day….
    McNair enters condo and sits on couch. He sees Kazemi approach from hall:
    [B]McNair[/B]: Jen, baby, glad you came to your senses. Give me some sugar, baby.
    Still in the shadows, Kazemi responds:
    [B]Kazemi[/B]: Stevie. When are you leaving that old hag wife of yours and moving in with me here?
    [B]McNair[/B]: Baby, let’s celebrate the holidays.
    [B]Kazemi[/B]: No, Steve. Tell me know. Keith says you playing me like a two-bit corner whore. We gonna marry or not?
    [B]McNair[/B]: So you gotta know right now before you get your holiday fireworks and all?
    [B]Kazemi[/B]: Yep. Gotta know now.
    [B]McNair[/B]: Wife says she’ll take all my money if I leave. I can’t have that — can’t live all poor again. Can’t we just enjoy the night? [Pause] Well, shoot girl.
    Kazemi pulls trigger four times as she emerges from the shadow.
    [B]Kazemi[/B]: If you insist, but we’re gonna be together forever. They say that a woman always gets her way in the end.
    Final pop goes off as scene fades away with Titan stadium noted in background and sounds of reporters heard making statements glorifying the fall of the great Titan.

  112. Do you really believe anybody who sold a gun to a minor or under 21 would come out and sell oh btw yeah that girl I sold her that pistol deft. her. Why havent the police said who this person was? Maybe there is no person, maybe its not her gun and mabye the police are trying to cover something up. Just a theory.

  113. You all trust someone they traced this gun back to and he just gives a convientent date that he sold the gun to her “after” her dui? Oh, Really? He could be lieing you know. No she wasnt mad at him because he left her because of the DUI because they were seen in town together joking and laughing the very next day. McNair knew that if he got a DUI it would be in the press, I’m sure he told her to take the fall for it and he would bail her out. No other explantion. If he hadn’t bailed her out then I can see a reason to kill him. Then you have the sister who said she just talked with Sahel hours before this was to happen and she said she was in a up-beat mode and happy.

  114. I don’t bye the murder-suicide. I don’t see how she could be so cold as to shoot him in both of his temples and then shoot him 2 more times in the chest. The police needs to look at the ex-boyfriend’s friend. He made a post on his myspace page 2 days before the murder stating ” The Caucasion Persuasion riden with Keith ( the ex-boyfriend). f**k a quarterback. who is Mcnair in 09? rip sahel kazemi”. Now aint that a coincidence that this was posted July 2 and they were killed 2 days later. I believe the ex-boyfriend and his friend went to the house that night killed her and waited on Mcnair to get there and executed him with a silencer because no one heard anything and the woman would have been screeming if Mcnair was killed first. So what if he would have left her. Everyone that has spoken said that she was happy and had plans even before she met McNair. That’s just seems like a short time to fall that much in love that she would kill herself, like they’ve been together for years. I could be wrong but that’s how I feel about it.

  115. It’s all coming together now. Norfleet and Taylor were in on the deal the whole time. Norfleet was bummed he got dissed by Kazemi so he ratted her drunk driving out to Taylor who pulled her over, filled her crazy head with all sorts of ideas, impounded her car, made her walk home past the gun shop, let the events of the evening gel for a couple of days and then BAM – the perfect plan came together. Taylor gets his revenge on McNair and Norfleet gets his on Kazemi.
    That’s the most brilliant plan EVER!

  116. @ countcyber
    Something tells me that this young lady was pretty distant from that type of Iranian culture by the time she hooked up with McNair — and “honor” – at least in the cultural context you used – wasn’t that high on her mind. If you want to use your theory, you can argue that she “dishonored” herself in ways that had little or nothing to do with McNair. After all – would a young woman who dropped out of high school @ age 16, shacked-up with a boyfriend even before turning “legal”, dressed like a call-girl at times, or took lewd “lesbian-chic” photos involving another woman (just to name a few “non-Middle-Eastern” things she did) – really have grounds to accuse McNair of “dishonoring” her? This girl seemed all too adapted to the seedier parts of American culture to really be motivated to kill for her “honor”. If she did do one of those “honor” killings – it was more than a bit late and hypocritical on her part to all of a sudden call upon any cultural roots when she had abandoned them for quite awhile in order to do whatever “felt good” to her.
    She may have been ticked off at McNair – but, based on certain evidence regarding how she conducted herself in her life – not because of some “lofty” Middle-Eastern concept of “honor”.

  117. Btw, Florio – what a tacky “mistake” by using “McNabb” in place of “McNair” – especially when you’ve expressed curious negativity toward McNabb in the past. It’s not cute to use the strikethrough feature in this instance.
    *This post has been pre-censored for your convenience*

  118. Definitely something wrong with this case. To all of the professional atheletes: #1, You shouldn’t cheat on your wives! #2, If you must cheat, find someone who has just as much to lose as you do! #3, Choose your ethnicity wisely (Iranian? come on…) #4, Is p***y really that good to be trickin’ like that!? I’m sure you could get it for free! #5, Yes, it’s still trickin’ if you got it! #6, please make sure your side chic is over the age of 25, not a drunk, druggie, and mentally stable enought to be the dumb whore!

  119. I did a quick catarl+F search for “law” in the comments and nothing seemed to turn up about tennessee (or however you rednecks are spelling it these days) law as far as background checks.
    from what I remember of that great classic, “Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot!” isn’t there a waiting period to buy guns? Maybe it’s like in virginia with that psycho college kid where you can get a gun as long as you’ve never been identified as a psycho(which the virginia tech kid was identified as).
    I’d just like to know the answer and am way too lazy to look it up, so I ask the moderators to please pass along this question to Mikey and maybe he can come over to my house and he can tell me over a beer.
    Was this chick already in the process of buying a gun and finally got around to picking it up? Or did she just walk into her neighborhood megalo mart and pick one up?

  120. You know, that’s another thing that’s troubling to me ….. McNair’s buddy walks into the condo, and right past a body that was shot FOUR times, thinking that dude is asleep on the sofa????
    A) Who wouldn’t walk into a condo, see his pal sleeping, and say “Hey Stevie, wake the f@$k up, buddy, it’s one in the afternoon!”
    B) I’m guessing that two (not one, but TWO) gunshots to the temple is going to leave one hell of a mess everywhere, not to mention two slugs to he chest. How do you walk past THAT?
    C) The chick was “sleeping” on the floor, instead of on the sofa with her love-toy???? Wouldn’t YOU think it was odd to see her sleeping on the floor, instead of on the couch with lover boy?
    Not saying McNair’s pal is the killer, but damn, that is one “head up his ass” guy to walk past all that without noticing something! And just why would he call another pal and wait to call the cops? You can say it was to protect McNair from being mixed up in this “affair” publicly, but he was still found in the condo with her; doesn’t look like they tried to cover THAT up too well, does it? So why wait a half an hour to call the cops?
    And yeah, have to say that getting stopped for another DUI by that very same cop again, that’s a little TOO conicidental. Not saying that the cop is involved, just saying that’s one big damn coinkiedink, no?
    Last …. what IS up with five shots being fired at 2AM and not one person hearing it? Cops have not said if they received any phone calls from neighbors about the sound of five rounds being fired off, right? If they had received any callls, surely that would have been known – either by police reports, or by “scanner freaks” who listen all night long for police calls, and would have heard the radio dispatch of units.
    Something really doesn’t sit right about this case. Not saying it was a “professional hit”; who the hell would believe that a hit was put on McNair in a coincidental timeframe with the DUI. Besides, as a few have pointed out, a professional hit would have fired just one shot into the heads of each of them. That’s all the job would have needed.
    If the chick was the shooter, that explains why no one heard anyone screaming; McNair could have been caught unawares by the first shot, and since she was the shooter, you wouldn’t expect her to scream in shock. If she was the innocent victim of another shooter who shot one of them first, you would expect that the other victim would have had time to scream in shock, right? Yet no one heard a scream.
    Last; if she WAS the shooter, why WAS McNair still seated if this chick went apeshit nuts and waved a gun towards him??? Wouldn’t have tried to get up, or roll out of the way, whatever?
    A lot of stuff just doesn’t make sense, or add up.
    A lot.

  121. Here it is…..
    McNair is dating a 20 yr old and flattering her with lies about leaving his wife. They get pulled over by the same cop that busted him in 03′. I am sure all of the cops in Nashville are familar with McNair especially that particular cop. McNair knows that the news of him being in the vehicle with a 20 yr old will quickly spread around the police department and later to the public (including his wife). He tells Kazemi that because they were spotted together they probably need to 1)stay away from each other for a while or 2)break things off. This is what led her to “SNAP”. He has been telling her all along that he is getting a divorce so she is looking at him like “so what if the public finds out, what have you got to loose”. She had been led to believe that she was the one for him and not his soon to be ex-wife. McNair also probably wanted out to save his public image. This man was a role model to many. The average 20 yr old cannot understand that he needed to protect his image. She began to realize that he has probably been lying to whole time. She is hurt and also ashamed to tell her family and friends that afterall, Steve was not what she thought he was and that they would not be getting married. This led to her rage and she took him out and then herself.

  122. i don’t think the thursday night DUI stop was the “last straw” for Kazemi.
    a lot of you are citing McNair for “leaving her at the scene” as motive. you guys DO realize that the police took her to the station & released McNair right? It wasn’t like this was his decision. I’m sure Kazemi was made aware of what was going on at the time.
    Further, McNair bailed Kazemi out of jail the very next day. I don’t think, if they were in a lovers quarrel and Kazemi was upset, that this incident would be motive enough – remember McNair bailed HER out the next day.

  123. Norfleet lyrics are pretty creepy, but pegging him as the killer would be tough. He went to the police station the night of the murders to see what was up and willingly came back the next day for a seven hour interrogation. That’s a pretty cool killer to walk into the flames like that, confident he could brazen his way out of suspicion. Not too many mob hit men have those kind of stones.
    For him to have done it he would have to have easily entered the condo. Why would a girl who expected to marry McNair give an angry ex-boyfriend a key? Or would a woman expecting her boyfriend, let an angry ex in? McNair or Taylor sure as hell wouldn’t either. It makes no sense he got there first, killed Kazemi, and then waited for NcNair to arrive to shoot him four times. McNair’s body was found sitting on the couch. Would you have a seat on the couch if you walked in and saw your girlfriend dead on the floor?
    She bought the gun. Probably came up behind Steve and popped a cap into his temple. Came around, fired three more fatal shots, including a second one in the head then, once she was SURE he was dead, sure her honor had been assuaged, she killed her self.
    For Norfleet to do it he would have to be a sociopathic professional hitman, with a silencer, not a wanna be rapper who worked in a restaurant. No one said anything about being afraid of him, or of him being spooky. She did it; the simplest explanation being the most likely.
    Taylor not noticing his friend was dead would be based on how distracted he was, how big the place was, and how the bodies looked. If he thought they were in repose after some oral sex, for example, maybe he would have deliberately not paid attention to them. The police bought the story so they must have been convinced. I just don’t think he was involved. No motive; and why kill two people in your own living room? Think of the clean-up.
    As for the honor killing angle being unrealistic because of her All-American behaviors– she screwed married men, dressed slutty and liked sex– what does that have to do with anything? It was the affront to her dignity and the nature of the insult which would offend her honor.
    How do you “reclaim”the intimacy you lavished on a man after you find out he scammed you to get into your pants? This was not sleeping with somebody on a fun weekend. Steve promised her everything and she gave him her heart and soul. You want to remove those sex experiences from the bastard’s memory. You gave it up with your uninhibited best, and the SOB didn’t deserve it. You want your intimacy back. It’s the reason someone would kill a friend after they find out they slept with your spouse. There would seem to be only one way to wipe that slate clean.
    Defending one’s honor has nothing to do with being a member of the “nobility” or some sort of higher social class. Indeed, the opposite is most likely true. Those behaviors make her MORE likely to have resorted to violence to settle the score.
    Street thugs who sell crack will “deal” with someone who “disses” them. To “diss” someone is to offend their sense of what they will or will not accept as behavior from another. It’s another way to say, they are prickly about insults to their sense of honor, and will handle it with street justice. Don’t confuse Medieval notions of chivalry with a 21st century willingness to set limits on the amount of crap someone is willing to accept.
    I mention Kazemi’s background simply because killing someone because of a sexual betrayal is part of her birth culture. It would be seen as an acceptable option, based on her world view and background; a Japanese girl who now lives in the states might kill herself. An African American girl would cut your clothes into strips with a razorblade, if she didn’t throw hot grits on you. That’s the cultural context which defines what you can expect with a “snap.”
    Americans can and do kill for the same reasons, but it is rarer among young American women. My thought that Sahel’s native culture would call for this is just another theory on how this tragedy could have happened. But it’s just a theory. The only people who know for sure are dead, assuming no one else was involved.
    Gunpowder residue on Sahel’s hand will be the clincher. My bet is on her. Don’t screw around on your wife; and if you screw around on your wife, don’t piss off an Iranian girl with a brand new gun.

  124. VtoheT, you said it exactly and in a lot fewer words than I did. I think when the smoke clears, your assessment will be the one that fits the bill.

  125. so has there been any full body shots of “jenny” ? …..and thats why you play the game like T-Hen, many different womens with kids but you just don’t marry them, so they know that their not the 1 but 1 of 10.

  126. good lord peeps… this guy was a creep – and she was nothing but a chicken head.. now who the hell buys their chicken heads a new escalade??? seriously.. do what rod smith always did.. take them out for cheetos and slurpees from 7-11!

  127. It is obvious that Florio killed them both and is now putting out disinformation to mislead the authorities!

  128. thing i dont understand is.. ok. when you put a gun to your head and shoot yourself. doesnt the gun fall to the side and not under you?

  129. the cop definately killed both of them. thanks for posting info the national media and the cops are hiding. r.i.p. mcnair and kazemi

  130. Silver&Black666 says:
    July 7, 2009 12:49 PM
    Maybe if I had homosexual tendencies like the Viking fans that post in here I wouldn’t have to worry about this, but I am going to be extra careful from now on who I date.
    I am not a ViQueens fan and man am I glad after reading your post!
    Nicely done…

  131. sassytude says:
    July 9, 2009 4:48 PM
    good lord peeps… this guy was a creep – and she was nothing but a chicken head.. now who the hell buys their chicken heads a new escalade??? seriously.. do what rod smith always did.. take them out for cheetos and slurpees from 7-11!
    Excuse me but I used to work in that 7-11 and Rod always sprung for a microwaveable burrito or a chili-cheese (dead) dog….

  132. Better question is why would a very pretty 20 year old be dating a married 36 year old.
    Simple answer $$$$$$$ maybe the gravy train was comming to an end and she decided to end the run for all

  133. The moral of the story isn’t “don’t cheat on your wife”, its dont cheat on your wife with a suicidal maniac.
    I called my cousin in Philly yesterday. He said Donavan McNabb is still alive.

  134. I think it’s funny how these postings keep highlighting the mistake of McNabb/McNair….it’s an easy mistake: They’re Both BLACK QB’s who won’t EVER win a super bowl.

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