Will The Bills Stay In Buffalo?

Since we’ve had several stories this morning about the Buffalo Bills, we decided that this was as good a time as any to post a PFTV segment regarding the question of whether (and when) the team might expand its presence in Toronto.

Owner Ralph Wilson recently said that he’s yet not ready to commit to more than one regular-season game per year.

So will it happen?  And, if it does, is that bad news for Buffalo?

Click “play” to find out what we think.

21 responses to “Will The Bills Stay In Buffalo?

  1. What’s with the TV segments? Some of us are trying to kill an entire work day without drawing attention to ourselves. And wearing earphones would make it even worse.
    I can’t believe I created a login after being a reader for 3 years, just so I could post this.

  2. And then the Bills will become the Toronto Flapjacks.
    And the Cardinals will soon be the Mexico City Bandidos. Or Tacos. Or Aztecs. Or whatever.
    And, following the London Superbowl, the full and complete exportation of the NFL (now the IFL) will be well underway.
    Instead of the Chicago Bears, we’ll have the Madrid Matadors.
    Instead of the Steelers, we’ll have the Sydney Inmates.
    Instead of the 49ers, we’ll have the French Baquettes.
    Instead of Cowboys, the Tokyo Dragons.
    And so on.
    Great slippery slope you’ve started here, Goodell.
    Nice work.
    And just like the rest American businesses/economic practices, you and the greedy owners will have succeeded in exporting the NFL and all its hometown passion, identity, and revenue…you will have successfully killed the very lifeblood of the new great American past-time (and, in large part, our national identity),
    all in the name of Almighty Profit.
    But, on the heels of our blind, screaming descent into total Socialism (and eventually rule by a one-world government/the UN), I guess it all makes sense.
    May God have mercy on your black and rotting soul.

  3. buy some cheap tickets
    Pats fans (bandwagoners) flock to Buffalo
    Bring your clam chowder and fat women
    Jump in your old beat up Volvos
    Pack them full of douches
    Shuffle on to Buffalo

  4. Florio…. time for a hair cut brah. That Joey from the 80’s can’t be doing you any favors with the ladies.
    (aka Joey whatshisname from the lame 80’s show about the ugly girl… Willow or something. LOL)

  5. I agree with kushtush, no video at work!
    ..and I created this login just to RESPOND to his.

  6. As long as Ralph Wilson is alive, yes. When he passes, probably not. ( He is pushing 91)
    If the NFL expands to 17 or 18 regular season games, I think you will see more games go to TO.

  7. @ gameday
    Oh, and by the way:
    Volvos are very good cars;
    and chowda’ tastes great

  8. The Bills sell out virtually every game, despite having missed the playoffs for 10 years. Before Buffalo is ever deemed insufficient to support the Bills, Jacksonville will lose the Jaguars and many other cities will lose their teams. Regarding L.A., they have twice failed to support an NFL franchise (the Rams and the Raiders), so only a fool would every move a team there!

  9. Florio, do yourself a favor…get a hair cut that does not require a bowl on your head.

  10. The Bills aren’t going anywhere. Ralph Wilson just likes to cry about economics. But he’s making money and he’d make more if he sold naming right to that stadium. It is hard to feel too sorry for small market teams with self absorbed owners who won’t sell naming rights but want to share revenue with owners that do sell them. There ought to be a league penalty for owners who act selfishly.

  11. @ JoeSchmoe
    Your ripping on a man for his haircut looking a little out of date, yet using the term “brah” while doing it? Only a complete and total douche would use the term “brah” anymore, let alone spell it out on the net.

  12. @ hayward giablommi
    Right or wrong, Gamday’s post was a lot funnier than all of yours combined.

  13. What IS Mr. Wilsons plan for the Bills into the future? He’s 90 years old! What happens if he passes tomorrow? Who will have controlling interest in the Bills. I’m talking here of how ownership will be determined moving forward in light of Mr. Wilsons advanced age.
    To my thinking, there should be a plan in place already. I have to believe there is a plan in place….what is it?

  14. Florio, what happens to PFT when your girlfriend shoots you? Does it fall under Florio Jr’s control???

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