Emotional 911 Call Released In McNair Case

Nashville police have released a recording of the emotional 911 call made by Robert Gaddy after he arrived at the crime scene and found the dead bodies of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair and McNair’s girlfriend, Sahel “Jenny” Kazemi.

The case was officially ruled a murder-suicide today with law enforcement officials determining that Kazemi killed McNair by shooting him four times before she committed suicide with a single gunshot to the head.

It’s believed that McNair was asleep when Kazemi shot him.

“I hate to be the one to make this call,” said Gaddy, who was clearly distraught.  “It’s so messed up.”

Gaddy was a close friend and former Alcorn State teammate of McNair’s. 

Instead of calling 911 when he first discovered the bodies, McNair’s friend, Wayne Neely, phoned Gaddy.  Then, Gaddy alerted the police about the grisly situation.

“I received a phone call that there was an injured party inside this apartment,” Gaddy said. “It’s two people.”

Gaddy was asked by the 911 operator if both people were deceased.  And he replied, “I think so, sir.  I don’t know how long they’ve been there.  It’s a male and a female.  It’s so messed up.”

During the 911 call, Gaddy struggled initially to give the correct address for the downtown Nashville condominium.

Gaddy ended the call shortly after police arrived at the scene and began asking him questions. 

20 responses to “Emotional 911 Call Released In McNair Case

  1. So I waited 40 minutes until the bodies could be arrainged so it looks like a murder suicide.

  2. Florio = D-BAG
    PFT/NBC merger will be remembered as the moment this site ” jumped the shark”

  3. That sounds so shady!!!! Why wouldnt the other friend call the police himself?? that makes no sense. That reminds me of the girl who was on the boat with Cedric Benson, calling her father so he could call the police.
    Either the guy is a moron, or someting is not right about that.

  4. For someone who just found his long time friend shot he sound very eratic, unhelpful, and calm. How long did it take him to get to the corner to get the address, did he slowly walk to the corner, RUN UR FRIEND IS SHOT. How did he get to the condo if he doesnt know the address? How long has McNair been living there and his “best man” doesnt know where he lives? This is another shady aspect.
    “I dont know how long they’ve been there” who expects you to, who asked you that?

  5. I didn’t get the impression that this was McNair’s friend, but rather the friend of the roommate.
    Lol at weirdness from the 911 tape being incorporated into the conspiracy theory.

  6. “Emotional 911 Call Released In McNair Case”
    You call that emotional? What are you, Vulcan? That wasn’t ’emotional’. It was almost matter of factly.

  7. oh stop it…he’s a celebrity, damage control calls ALWAYS come first.
    Jesus, you people withyour DaVinci Code conspiracy theories….it was Steve McNair, a retired QB….not the secretary of state…ROTFL

  8. Obviously, none of you can put yourselves in the position of a best friend who feels it is his duty to cover for his boy until the end. They were obviously trying to think of ANY way possible that they could help Steve save some face on this whole issue. No one wants their best friends family to find out about an affair this way or at all for that matter.
    When they finally came to their senses, they did the only logical thing, they called 911. I actually feel bad for both friends. They not only find their friend dead, but they are put in the situation of “What to do now?”.
    And to judge someone’s level of calmness requires a “base line” of voice inflection. For anyone to say that he “sounds too calm” is absurd unless you know him personally and know his standard voice patterns. Come on now.

  9. NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A police officer tells Steve McNair’s girlfriend the ex-NFL star is “not happy” during a DUI stop captured on video two days before the couple died in a murder-suicide.
    Twenty-year-old Sahel Kazemi was pulled over early last Thursday and arrested on a drunken driving charge. McNair was a passenger in the car.
    Police released video of the DUI stop after they announced Wednesday that Kazemi killed McNair and herself.
    In the video, Kazemi repeatedly asks an officer to have McNair come to the window of the police cruiser where she’s sitting. The officer responds, “He’s not happy.” McNair, who wasn’t charged, leaves in a cab without coming to talk to her. He later bailed her out.
    Kazemi laughs and teases the officer but also says she’s scared of going to jail.
    Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press

  10. Big Stretch says:
    July 8, 2009 7:14 PM
    Florio = D-BAG
    PFT/NBC merger will be remembered as the moment this site ” jumped the shark”
    Yet you read the post, then take the time to post a comment.
    if you dont want to read the “CRIME BEAT”……. THEN DONT!!!!
    And you call someone else a douchebag? look in the mirror

  11. Big Stretch says:
    July 8, 2009 7:14 PM
    Florio = D-BAG
    PFT/NBC merger will be remembered as the moment this site ” jumped the shark”

    Ahh, another one too stupid to skip over an article they aren’t interested in, yet strangely feel compelled to comment on.
    Seriously, is it that hard to just move past articles you have no interest in? It’s like people complaining about what’s on TV or on the radio. Rather than bitch about it, take the one second of time to change the f–king station!

  12. Don’t some of you have any way of exercising your freedom of choice. If you don’t like the post go on to the next one. If you hate it so much than why are you here commenting on it.
    Some of you say you hate Florio yet here you are commenting on his site giving him clicks which in turn give him money. You might hate him but you helping him become successful in his endeavor.

  13. Indyeagle, perfectly said.
    I still think something just ain’t right about this whole thing though.

  14. The 911 operator sounded about as unprofessional as I could imagine, don’t they train them in Nashville any better than that? He should have been leading the questioning not following.
    Having said that, they might need some Ebonics training for the operators too as I couldn’t undertsand half of what the caller was saying.

  15. Did you hear the way the first officer on the scene approaches Gaddy as he is on the phone with 911? I don’t think I’m going to call 911 for anything while I’m in Nashville……

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