Heath Miller isn't going anywhere, for now

NFL_hmiller1.jpgApparently, there is scuttlebutt that Steelers tight end Heath Miller could be a salary-cap casualty in what currently is scheduled to be the last year with a salary cap.

And as a source with intimate knowledge as to the dynamics of the team’s operation tells us, there’s simply no way that the team will be cutting Miller.

Typically, players become salary-cap casualties when dumping their salaries would result in a potentially significant cap savings.  In Miller’s case, his base salary is only $800,000.

Though there’s a chance that Miller has other compensation that would be avoided if he were cut, the final years of low first-round rookie contracts usually don’t have exotic terms.

We’ll be tracking down more details about the potential cap savings that the Steelers would realize if Miller were released.  Based on what we already know, however, Miller isn’t going anywhere this year.

This doesn’t mean that the team will keep him in 2010.  But if there’s no salary cap next year, the salary cap won’t be a reason to not keep him around.


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  1. I’d like to know where this rumor (Miller being a cap casualty) got started. It’s so stupid that I can’t even believe it’s rumor-worthy. And that’s saying something.

  2. Where did you hear this non sense, Florio? Everything I read talks about how the Steelers would love to resign Miller to an extension.

  3. Florio, my man, I love the site, but this might be the least worthwhile entry in its history. I would peg the chances that Steelers lock up Heath Miller to a tidy extension before the season at somewhere pretty close to 100%, and the chances that he’s a “cap casualty” at, uh, zero. He’s a core player, and cheap. There’s about as much chance that, I dunno, Demarcus Ware becomes a “cap casualty” this year.

  4. Why would they cut Miller? He makes near to nothing and is a solid player?Do they like their rookies that much? do they hate pass catching TE’s that much?

  5. Florio, you totally missed the boat on this one. The rumour out there was that Miller was someone they were not planning on extending due to cap considerations, not someone they would cut for cap savings in the present.
    Miller is in the last year of a lower first round rookie deal that is very cap friendly for a top 10 TE, and cutting him would be foolish. I’m talking Matt Millen’esque foolishness.

  6. “intimate knowledge” suggests the source is credible.
    But it also suggests who it is. Be careful with all of this free time you have, sir. Tight language is better than flowery language (from one lawyer to another).
    By the way, the piece on Shawn Alexander was very well written. The florio we all know and love.

  7. In addition to being a strong blocker (oddly, somewhat of a rarity with today’s Pittsburgh Steelers), Heath Miller also has great hands, finds seams well, plays with heart and intensity, makes grabs in traffic, is far better than an average TE for RAC yards, plus is great for locker room chemistry. Moreover, my understanding is that Heath and Ben are exceptionally close – recently read that they’re best friends and travel together when on the road.
    It would be a real shame to lose someone like this – players like Heath don’t slide to the 30th pick in the draft too often. In Heath’s case, it was reportedly due in large part due to subsequently unjustified concerns over a sports hernia suffered at UVA (if I recall correctly).
    Let’s do whatever we can to keep Heath — hopefully, he’ll pull a “Tom Brady” and sign for a bit less than market value to remain on an elite team that contends with regularity.

  8. The source of the “cap casualty” rumor, is this incredibly poorly assembled article here:
    There are a number of problems with this article, the foremost being a failure to conduct any research. Secondly, a host of inaccurate assumptions. Last, the fact that it is in digital format, not paper where it could be properly used to wipe one’s nether regions.
    1) Deshea Townshend will take vet minumum (or reasonably close to it) at this point in his career. We have 2 new corners in this draft.
    2) Willie Gay will be an RFA, this will be his first year starting. Again, 2 new corners in this draft.
    3) Ryan Clark is most likely going to resign a reasonably priced extension. He isn’t viewed as a top FA, and I think he would be happier pursuing another ring, instead of following Chris Hope’s example. If Ryan did leave, Townshend would be slotted in if Mundy wasn’t viewed ready.
    4) Next year, uncapped, Miller is a 5 year RFA, otherwise, capped he could be tagged. TE tag numbers aren’t that horrific.
    5) Hampton and Kiesel are both C3/30+ players, whereas Miller is looking at C2. Kiesel’s replacement is Ziggy Hood. If Casey continues to have weigh issues, or wants outrageous money, he is done as a Steeler.

  9. Uh-Oh. NBC must not be happy with the number of page views. Time to whip out some Steeler nonsense to rile up the Baltimore fans.

  10. I have two problems with this story:
    1) Miller is the Steeler’s third best recieving option behind Ward and Holmes. Outside of those three players, the reciever/Tight End group is full of big, big question marks. So this article proposes that they would cut Miller and role with Limas Sweed or Matt Spaeth as their third best recieving threat?
    2) They don’t have any depth at Tight End. If they cut Miller, they’d be down to Spaeth and Sean McHugh as their only TE’s with any regular season experience. And McHugh is more of a fullback.
    I don’t really care what Miller’s contract situation is. Cutting him would leave an enormous hole in the roster (not to mention the middle of the field).

  11. Your site is getting as bad as ESPN;
    making up stuff to get us followers forwarding on your web-links to buddies.
    Just report what’s out there, please.

  12. This is possibly the dumbest post in the history of this site.
    Maybe Miller will have to deal with being an RFA next offseason, or being franchised. But to get cut right now? That’s teh stupid.
    And I usually defend this crap hole on other forums, when people talk smak.

  13. I have never bashed this site like some knee jerk haters that come here lately. BUt I gotta say
    Why would they cut a guy who is giving more value than his cap hit? Seriously????? This is a team that is paying Kemo-eat-a-lot-u 5M a year.

  14. Might as well throw up a story that Ben will be cut too for his big cap number. Charlie’s primed for starting this year.

  15. They should trade him to Tampa Bay. Oh wait, the Clowns already traded their talented TE there.

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