Kazemi Put Furniture Up For Sale On July 2

As Nashville police prepare to release at 3:45 p.m. EDT new evidence regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of former Titans and Ravens quarterback Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi, the Tennessean reports that Kazemi listed her furniture for sale on the day that she eventually would be arrested for DUI.

Family members have said that Kazemi was getting rid of her furniture because she planned to move in with McNair.  Family members also have said that Kazemi believed that McNair soon would be finalizing a divorce from his wife.

But police have said that no divorce proceedings had been instituted.

It’s unclear whether the police formally will be disclosing this or other evidence.  However, the attempt to sell the furniture tends to support the theory that Kazemi’s view of the relationship possibly didn’t mesh with reality — and that she figured it out at some point on July 2.

18 responses to “Kazemi Put Furniture Up For Sale On July 2

  1. so much for the hired professional killer conspiracy theory you were pimping yesterday.

  2. They are very close to ruling this a Murder-suicide….think you can talk about football now instead of furniture? Sincerely,
    A dedicated football fan

  3. If she was going to be with Steve McNair and assumed that they would be together, did selling her furniture on Craig’s List for $300 really matter? LOL

  4. ESPN is reporting that the Medical Examiner says all signs and tests point to the original theory of murder-suicide based GSR and Ballistics. Maybe that is what they will be announcing.

  5. Why would she kill herself before she found out how much her furniture was worth??

  6. “Tennessean reports that Kazemi listed her furniture for sale on the day that she eventually would be arrested for DUI.”
    She got the DUI in the early morning of July 2nd…she put her stuff on sale during the day…bought the gun later that night after she was bailed out by McNair. Follow the story or don’t report it fool!

  7. It also “tends to support” the most plausible competing theory, that the ex-boyfriend lost hope in getting her back. If she had a car in both her and McNair’s names and a key to his condo, she couldn’t have been too far off in thinking it was okay to sell her furniture.

  8. Just wanted everybody to read my post. Figured this is Florio’s favorite topic lately so I decided to post.
    Thanks for reading my pointless post.

  9. Maybe she was broke and needed some cash cause her sugar daddy was going to cut her off.

  10. Ok, when she was arrested for DUI on July 2, was this in the early morning of July 2? In other words, was she and McNair out on Wednesday, July 1 until sometime after midnight and then she was stopped? If so, then she listed the furniture for sale after that. But, she also had purchased a gun in the hours after she was bailed out of jail by McNair.
    Or, did she list her furniture for sale on July 2 and then later that evening (Thursday) was out with McNair and was later arrested for DUI?
    Please set the time-line straight.

  11. Sold the furniture to get money for the gun?
    I wonder if she realized by this point that McNair was worried that it would get out (in the media) that he had been with this girl and his wife would find out about his affair. Which meant the girl finally realized he had just been stringing her along (or which popped her bubble of delusional thinking that he would marry her or perhaps she then gave him an ultimatum), and so that’s when she decided that if SHE couldn’t have him, no one else (i.e., his wife) couldn’t have him either.

  12. but, but, but….Florio, I thought it was the cop who pulled her over for the DUI was responsible?

  13. That’s one crazy beotch! Clearly she did have a false sense of reality and maybe McNair broke it to here that he wasn’t getting divorced and that he was breaking it off with her. She got mad, got her ex b/f to help her get a gun (and he did thinking that he’d get her back after she “took care” of McNair), and then commited this horrible crime. She then realized what she had done and turned the gun on herself.

  14. perhaps. she may not have originally intended to off herself. but she did.
    the conspiracy theorists on this need a night off. go enjoy yourselves out on the town, folks, you’ve been working overtime. and your work is certainly done.
    just dont take any prospective mistresses home. they might be packing.

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