Norfleet Sent E-mail To Media Regarding McNair And Kazemi

Here’s yet another interesting detail regarding the events that unfolded in the day or two before former Titans and Ravens quarterback Steve McNair and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Sahel “Jenny” Kazemi were found dead.

Roughly four hours after Kazemi was arrested for DUI in the early morning hours of Thursday, July 2, her on-again, off-again boyfriend Keith Norfleet sent an e-mail to the Tennessean, apparently aimed at publicly exposing McNair’s affair with Kazemi.

We’ve gleaned most of the text of the e-mail from the image of it contained in’s video report.  (Based on the still image, Chris Echegaray of the Tennessean apparently forwarded the e-mail to WSMV; curiously, the Tennessean had not previously mentioned the e-mail from Norfleet.)  Here’s what it says:

“Steve McNair was involved in another dui case tonight in downtown Nashville.  He was riding with someone I know that actually got the dui and he hopped out of the car real quick and got a cab home because I guess he was too drunk to drive himself and yea you would be pretty amazed at the fact of who he was actually with which I really don’t think his wife would like it too much either being the fact she was a 20 year old young girl claiming to be his girlfriend.  I thought he was married?  Hmmm . . .  This is completely legit too.  I know because I’m the person that come to pick he car up for the person that got the dui and the cop told me the whole story so I don’t know if this is interesting news or not to you guys but I thought you might like to know.”


Keep in mind that this e-mail was sent within “hours” after the arrest, and that Kazemi supposedly purchased the gun that was found at the scene within “hours” after the arrest.

Speaking of the gun, when will the police disclose how she got it?.  They have been cryptic at best on this point.  But they surely know how and where (and from whom) she obtained the weapon.

Norfleet likely knows as well, especially since he was doing his best to drive a wedge between McNair and Kazemi by publicizing their relationship at about the same time the gun was being bought. 

And let’s not forget the arresting officer.  You know, the same guy who arrested McNair for DUI in 2003, and who later was disciplined for repeatedly asking McNair to submit to breath testing after he had refused?  Norfleet indicates in his e-mail that the officer “told me the whole story.”

We’d still love to know exactly what he said, both to Norfleet and to Kazemi.

Maybe we’ll find out more when police disclose the supposedly “new evidence” later today.

34 responses to “Norfleet Sent E-mail To Media Regarding McNair And Kazemi

  1. None of these updates changes the fact that all the evidence still points to murder/suicide.

  2. Does this Norfleet kid know how to use a period? He just created the world’s longest sentence.
    I find it very hard to understand how Steve can get mixed up with a crew like that. His wife is beautiful and by all accounts very sweet. He had 4 great children. Active in community projects. A winner in every way.
    Then he falls for a girl almost half his age with a big nose who works at a restaurant with gaming. Takes that “catch” away from a gang ban&er who thinks he’s a rapper and wants to kill people.
    To me, that question is more puzzling than who done it.

  3. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but was it Norfleet that gave police the information that she had just bought the gun 2 days ago?

  4. Look at Florio going all Cagney and Lacey…break it open Florio, break this case wide open!!!!

  5. This all begs one to wonder if the peacock crowd knew they were throwing in with screaming murtle aka Florio.

  6. If you like his music is really just an opinion……what is a fact, is he is just a kid….And another FACT, you will NEVER get the TRUTH of what was said from a DIRTY cop!

  7. What I find interesting is that the cop told this kid the ‘whole story’. Does the NPD have some kind of policy against it’s cops “telling tales out of school” to people not involved about citizens that weren’t breaking any laws?
    That cop telling that kid the ‘whole story’ may be what led to the murder-suicide.

  8. Norfleet can sure write one helluva run on and on and on sentence…………that is a fact. He sounds a little light in the loafers. Maybe he had a crush on McNair.

  9. “Speaking of the gun, when will the police disclose how she got it?. They have been cryptic at best on this point. But they surely know how and where (and from whom) she obtained the weapon.”
    Florio who are you to demand that the police release information about this case to the public?
    Maybe she was a crazy girl who knew her affair with McNair was going to be exposed and McNair was going to end it, and she just went crazy
    leave the conspiracy theories to the UFO people and start focusing on the people still in the NFL. i get enough human interest news elsewhere I come here for news directly related to the current NFL game……I can’t be the only one.

  10. This dude needs some english lessons. The paragraph was basically two really long sentences. Must have been really bitter to call out his chick like that through a newspaper.

  11. So to review ..
    – Shortly after McNair and Kazemi start dating, JEALOUS EX posts rap song threatening to shoot execution-style and older man who took his girfriend
    – Kazemi’s family confirms JEALOUS EX was constantly trying to get back together with the girl, and would do “anything” to get her back
    – Kazemi herself had to call 911 on JEALOUS EX because he went ape-shorts and threw a phone at her face. Kazemi herself was CALM on the call, hardly the raging lunatic who busts caps in people’s temples
    – Hours after the DUI arrest on July 2nd, JEALOUS EX emailed the media to rat out who he called “Golden Boy McNair” for DUI and cheating on his wife
    – The same day, JEALOUS EX’S associate posted on MySpace that McNair would be gone in ’09 and “R.I.P.” Kazemi … two days before the murders
    – JEALOUS EX “says” he arranged a gun purchase for Kazemi that day. Kazemi is not around to confirm or deny this
    – JEALOUS EX called Kazemi many times in the next two days, even having the balls to go to McNair’s condo the day of the murders
    – Kazemi’s family and friends confirm she was ecstatic about her life and her relationship with McNair
    – McNair was at a restuarnat the night before and the staff overheard yong woman telling him “My boyfriend is going to murder you”
    – McNair and Kazemi turn up dead, both shot execution-style like a gang killing, as eerily predicted in JEALOUS EX’S rap, friend’s MySpace page, just two days after he sent hateful email about McNair to media. JEALOUS EX admits he was at McNair’s condo that day and that he at least “helped” buy the gun
    Yeah, this is a real tough case to find a motive in! Looks to mel like Nashville PD is purposely duping Norfleet into thinking he’s off the hook. That way he let’s his guard down as they tap his communications, have him followed, etc, and gather more evidence to prosecute.

  12. Wow, that letter brings back memories from my days working in the Muni Court.
    Starting to think that this moron murdered McNair and his Ex and is WAY too stupid to cover his tracks.
    Now, for the English Major in all of us, his revised email:
    “Steve McNair was involved in another DUI case tonight in downtown Nashville. He was riding with someone I know who was actually charged with the DUI. When they were stopped, he quickly hopped out of the car and took a taxi home. I would speculate that he was too drunk to drive himself. You, and McNair’s wife, may be surprised by the identity of his companion: a 20 year-old girl claiming to be his girlfriend. I know that he is married, as I previously mentioned his wife.
    All of this is true. I know because I have a relationship with the young woman charged and had to come pick up her car. The officer on the scene shared all of the aforementioned information with me. I don’t know if this is newsworthy, as I suspect that the extra-marital dalliances of athletes are off-limits for most reporters (the New York Post’s treatment of A-Rod being the lone exception).”

  13. Joe in Raleigh says:
    July 8, 2009 2:35 PM
    The email looks like it was written by a 2nd grader.
    NO NO, you mean the article!

  14. I don’t think Norfleet had it in for Kazemi. Nothing that I see suggests he is guilty of more than bad taste, poor judgement, and hatred for the man he believed had taken advantage of his ex.
    In the letter to the Tennessean, he didn’t name Kazemi or give any details about her (other than her age, which is more useful in shaming McNair than in identifying her).
    But don’t worry, Florio. I’m sure there’s more to this story than meets the eye. I’ll bet some football player from the future shot them.

  15. Florio operates under a principal called, “Florio’s Razor.” It states that the most complex and unlikely explanation in the one that we need to mindlessly speculate on. (Psssst….it’s time to interview Kato about this story!!!)

  16. Um, Big Stretch, as funny as it sounds Florio is now considered part of the media. What the media does is try and get information that is not readily available to the public. That’s the whole premise of this site.

  17. I think it is pretty obvious as to what happened now.
    She probably had been nagging him for a while about the divorce and when he got out after the DUI it became clear to her that the wife didn’t know. Norfleet and the cop probably convinced her that she was being used and lead on, being a little out of her mind, she bought a gun. Then a couple days later she probably put the gun to Steve and tried to force him to call his wife and tell her. He probably thought he was calling her bluff, and there you have it.

  18. This genius is the guy you think staged this crime scene?!? This guy couldn’t stage a stuffed animal tea party.
    You are looking dumber and dumber by the moment, Florio.

  19. Norfleet wanted to be a rapper
    –he did not write eloquently
    —-There are no rappers named Norfleet

  20. Finally–a thread in which almost all responses agree with, support, add-on, or tactfully correct one another. Never mind the comment about how “white can’t write,” from someone–that one is strictly an observation from that person with absolutely no racial diss (right?). There are so many facts, speculative thoughts, dead-on theories, and undeniable observations about the cirumstances of this tragic incident–most of which mirror one another with Things That Make You Go, “Hmmm.” Awesome! Anyway…In the event Norfleet remains a legend in his own mind and his rap career goes (or stays) South, I can see a book deal, or perhaps some pictures of him with his Ex., or “confirmed quotes” and “exclusive accounts” sold to tabloids and printed next to articles that read, “3-month old baby overwhelms aliens with chainsaw and safely lands flying saucer on top of North Korean Disco.” It is my hope that his gameshow spin for “Big bucks, big bucks, big bucks!!!” will land on a Whammy, and a deal with the devil will leave him penniless.
    For those of you still awake and/or who have safely read this on your Electronic Techno Media Source while driving, thank you for your own comments, and for patiently reading this discertation. Although I do not know any of them personally, Peace and All Respects to the McNair family, and yes, to the family of Sahel Kazemi.

  21. Phin83….
    Are you REALLY this dumb?
    Yes, we’re ALL impressed with your “research” into this difficult case, and the conclusions you have drawn (I bet you’re pleased with yourself! Did you print out a copy of this page? And have you e-mailed it to your parents?)….But, will you PLEASE STOP “assisting” the Nashville PD, and go back to watching The First 48?
    And isn’t Norfleet a brand of enema, or douche, or some other hygienic product?

  22. Excuse me but why is Norfleet being attacked here? Okay, I agree that his writing skills are the best but that is not the issue here. I think you all have lost focus on the real story. McNair is the reason for all of this madness. A great football player he was but aside from that he obviously was quite stupid and equated his manhood with the number of woman in his life. This man had a beautiful (and educated) wife but he made the conscious decision to get involve with this 20 year trash who worked as a waitress (his wife is an R.N.) You play with fire you will get burned. As far as the Nashville PD is concerned, they are a joke. We all know that forensics/ballistics can determine immediately the circumstances of this murder/suicide. It took them several days to admit this trash did this. Had it been vice versa they headlines would have been totally different. How about everyone embracing the wife and kids and stop saying “poor Steve McNair.” I just hope Mrs. McNair laughs all the way to the bank and find a REAL MAN to love her and her children and let McNair burn in hell for all the pain he has caused everyone involved just because he allowed that little head to guide him.

  23. I don’t understand sounds like the so call ex-boyfriend knows a lil too much info… maybe he got her to purchase the gun and maybe the plans they made backfired and then she had no other choice but to shoot herself or who to say that she did. He could have been there, wore gloves for no evidence, shot McNair, her and him could have had a lil argument, and shot her and put the gun powder on her also laid the gun down beside her. There is so many ways this could have been done, all it take is to look at a lil Lifetime TV…lol rite, cause it’s real life stories. So to end this I’m also sure that Mrs. Mcnair had to know that he was messing around not saying with her but with someone, we as Females are not that tied up with work and don’t know what’s going on in our own household….Thanks

  24. it was reported that McNair bailed her out after the DUI. so how could she have bought the gun if McNair bailed her out?
    i’m still confused, this still doesn’t add up.
    outside chance the police are involved…

  25. I have listened to everyone keep commenting on Steve and his alleged affairs…I can’t stand it anymore.
    First and foremost – no one can comment on anyone else’s marriage. Unless you are one of the two in it – you have no idea what goes on, what is agreed to, overlooked, or accepted between a husband and wife.
    Second, everyone keeps talking about him running around on Mechelle – no one is talking about her running around on him…which is something that is known and talked about and swept under the able here in Tennessee.
    She may not have ‘known about the girl’ before his death – but do you honestly think they tell each other who they are seeing on the side???
    No one has commented on what a bitch-on-wheels Mechelle supposedly is. Maybe he endured the marriage for the kids. Because if you’ve ever had anyone treat you like garbage – you will definitely go looking for comfort somewhere else.
    Third, the ex-boyfriend is shady…ALL THE WAY AROUND. If you watch the DUI tape – the girl makes a point to tell the officer “definitely don’t let Steve drive”…who says that about their supposed boyfriend? It wasn’t out of concern – it was almost as if she was giving the cop something else to mess with Steve about. Then she calls the ex-boyfriend to come get her car? Calling him babe when he answers the phone? Then the cop says he (Steve) is “not happy”, and she wonders why he won’t come talk to her in the police car??? Duh, cameras? The same cop that harassed him and such 6 years ago…of course he’s not coming to the car to “talk”
    And last but not least –
    I don’t think he “fell for the 20 year-old” or was in love at all. Has anyone ever heard of ‘a shot-of leg’? She was a fling. She took it more serious than him. And before you mention him buying her a car, moving in with him, divorcing his wife, etc…
    All the info on him divorcing, moving, etc., was told to the cops by HER family that lives hundreds of miles away. They also said she was sweet and normal and couldn’t hurt a fly. WRONG! Everything they said – they heard from her mouth. She was obviously delusional. And him buying her a car…she was making payments on the Escalade. My guess is that he might have paid the down payment on the vehicle. As much as he did for charity and as much money as he gave away – what is a few thousand dollars to some poor young girl who doesn’t have a whole lot and wants to be famous? Do we know how many of his friends he’s bought cars or other items? No…but I guarantee he has! He was generous – and apparently to a fault.
    Affairs or not – none of us can judge that man. Everyone makes mistakes and his was the ultimate mistake…getting involved with an unstable and emotional girl.

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