Chad's not happy about no-tweeting rule

NFL_cjohnson2_250.jpgWe reported earlier today that the NFL won’t allow in-game tweeting.

The question arose specifically because Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco has said that he plans to engage in some in-game tweeting.

And so Ochocinco isn’t happy about the league’s stance.

Damn NFL and
these rules
,” Ochocinco posted on his Twitter page earlier today.  “I am going by my own set of rules, I ain’t hurting nobody
or getting in trouble, I am putting my foot down!!”

It’s unclear what Chad will do to “put his foot down.”  If/when he does, our guess is that the Commissioner might “put his foot up” a certain clefted area of Chad’s anatomy.

52 responses to “Chad's not happy about no-tweeting rule

  1. Chad, if you don’t like the rules, go play somewhere else. No, really please, go play somewhere else, leave the NFL forever and never come back. Ever.

  2. Chad, Chad, Chad…
    Receiving skills of eight-year vet, maturity of a eight-year-old.

  3. It’s his fault for for playing his hand….he shouldn’t have told anyone. It’s his own fault. How could he think that the NFL and KING GOODELL would be ok with this?

  4. Why doesn’t he just write it down on paper and then pass it to a friend or girlfriend/wife to tweet it for him. I’m sure that would piss off the NFL for circumventing their rule!

  5. I see it now… Chad scores… breaks a phone out of his sock… and tweets to all his fans… I’d enjoy it =)

  6. Chad’s never showed this much emotion over his several losing seasons. This dude is a joke.

  7. After being the star of the worst offense in the NFL, I’d keep the tweeting and chirping to a minimum sir.

  8. Chad Johnson grow up. you can’t boss the nfl around and do your own thing. as far as I’m concerned you’re just not worth the trouble

  9. Well well well… the “no-fun league” strikes again. I’m a Steelers fan and really not the biggest fan of this circus show that is Chad “Ochocinco”, but at the same time this is a professional sports league and they are in the entertainment business. Why not take the free publicity? Why don’t they allow extravagant celebrations that are ALL OVER the sports news. It really doesn’t make much sense to me. Let the guys have fun and take it all in. I know the NFL makes plenty of money, but business is business so why not make more.
    Just my thoughts…
    P.S. Chad is a sick joke and by no means am I defending the retard.

  10. i am so thankful snyder wasn’t able to pull off the trade last year. TWO 1st rounders for this headcase?! i’m way more confident in Thomas and Kelly, two guys who did nothing last year, than what Chad Ochocinco would have brought to the redskins.

  11. Yes… and rules are a bad thing, they shouldn’t be there because I don’t want them to be…
    The thug mentality… isn’t it wonderful?

  12. What an idiot, I can not believe that he has made it through life this long!

  13. Not a Chad Johnson fan, but I tend to side with his argument. He really shouldn’t have said anything to begin with and just done it, but what about halftime interviews or pregame interviews. I’ve seen many times where a player/coach is being interviewed and being asked questions about what they’re feelings are on the game and even sometimes things that aren’t really game related (players answering questions from during the week drama). Especially before a game, these interviews are done right before the kickoff. I think the fact that the NFL doesn’t have its hand in the cookie jar has a little to do with it. But an easy solution for Chad would be to just have someone type what he wants to say on twitter. Then it would be someone tweeting on his behalf.

  14. I agree with jcasey. Let someone on the sidelines tweet for everyone. They would have more interesting things to say than 90% of the comentators.

  15. Chad is the…. The Big Black Crow.
    Every little swallow, every chickadee
    Every little bird in the tall oak tree
    The wise old owl, THE BIG BLACK CROW
    Flapping them wings sayin’ go CHAD go
    Tweet, Tweet, Tweet…..
    Tweet, Tweet, Tweet.
    Michael Jackson is smiling….

  16. This guy just doesn’t get it. What a horrible teammate! Too many like him in pro sports today, but he is by far one of the biggest jerks for sure! He will end up assisting in the squandering of an excellent quarterbacks’ career.

  17. oh my…what riviting news we have this off-season… whats next, chad goes to the store and finds a small scratch on his car? know who’ll be first to report it? Florio! cant wait to read bout it!

  18. Maybe it’s just me, but why isn’t anyone picking up on any sarcasm? You really think the same guy who thought of ways for the NFL not to fine him for his on-field celebrations is going to take significant action that would end in him getting fined? I don’t get it. A lot of people (some commenters on this site) really must hate the guy when all he is doing is keeping his name in the news, drawing more attention to himself, and driving up traffic for sites like this because people can’t wait to chime in on what he does next.

  19. Chad just doesn’t get it. He is too stupid to Tweet with discretion, which is one obvious reason the league won’t allow it.
    Chad 85’s tweet: “Well playas, looks like our rb’s leg is hurting worse than he’s letting on”.
    Defensive reaction (because it would be foolish to not monitor his tweets): play the pass, and lay off the run.
    Stupid ochocinco.

  20. All he has to do is learn sign language, and then sign his tweet to a friend in the stands who has a mobile device at the ready. What’s Goodell gonna do, outlaw sign language on the sidelines? I’d love to see him try that.
    Double bonus to do it during a Browns game and see Mangina go all apesh!t on the sidelines, looking for who in the stands he was signing to.
    As much as Ohsostinko bores me, I’m to the point of admiring anyone who’s willing to stand up to Darth Goodell.

  21. Chad Ochocinco only plays in the NFL because nobody’s offered him his own reality show…
    He was a potentially great receiver that ruined his career while trying to gain attention thinking his terrible comedy-life routine was actually funny.
    There’s only one receiver in football that actually made that happen. Terrell Owens. The difference, he still makes an impact on the field sometimes. The sad part, he’s stuck playing for the Bills because of his actions… oh, and his reality show will likely fail too.
    Congrats Chad, you make 10 percent of football fans laugh off the field while impressing zero percent of football fans on the field because of it. Get your priorities straight and shut your mouth if you want to ever make something of this career. Idiot.

  22. You know Chad, this was all fun and games when you were actually producing on the field but since you have become mediocre people are less willing to put up with your crap. When it gets right down to it, the NFL needs you like a fish needs a bowling ball.
    Grow up already !

  23. How do some of you manage to breathe?
    Everything Ochocinco nee Johnson says and does is a joke. He doesn’t really want to twitter during the game anymore than he wants to knock Rodney Harrison’s helmet off. Ochocinco != Joey Porter who believes all of his own verbal diarrhea. The only thing he’s serious about it is getting out of WKRP.

  24. maybe chad should have an application written that monitors his fantasy stats live, once he gets a TD it would trigger a “tweet” (I am gayer for just typing that). Then he would not be doing it from the side lines, and he could give a big F-U to the NFL since he didnt do it from the side lines, just as long as he stays in front of the cameras

  25. Dear Chad,
    You bore the living hell out of everybody. I wish the NFL Network would ban your conceited, vain, narcisstic, loud mouthed, egomaniac ass off it’s station. Everytime they mention you let alone show your homely ass I have to turn to another station until I think your lame ass segment is done. How can you live with yourself? Grow up and start acting like what you THINK you are-“a man”!
    Rod Woodson would’ve eaten you alive in his day, maybe even now. I’m surprised Rod Woodson doesn’t slap you around when you come weasling around the NFL Network studio-please retire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I was trying to come up with something witty to say about the asshat, but is actions speak for themselves loud and clear.
    Oh wait, STFU and play football.

  27. Does this rule apply to say a Ipod Touch. If it doesn’t couldnt he just tweet using a Touch with a WiFi service?? Technically the Touch is not a Cell Phone. Or hell any device that has a WiFi connection to it that can connect to the internet would do.

  28. I didn’t like Chad Johnson. I like Chad Ochocinco even less. What an idiot. In the other story highlighted in the text of this one as a link, he asks the ridiculously stupid question, “If I’m suspended for a game, would I still get paid?” I don’t even work for the league, and I know the answer to that one.
    I repeat: What an idiot. He is one of the most immature people I have ever encountered–in person or online.

  29. Good point about how this clown compares to TO. Owens is a certified doosh but at least he puts up fairly consistent numbers on the field. Chad Johnson (I refuse to call this clown Ochocinco) can’t even put a string of decent games together, let alone a whole season.

  30. Enough is enough Chad. Don’t really think you should be thinking about twitting while playing the game….where is your focus. No wonder you have some problems catching the football your mind is on other things. Focus man…. You’re a great athlete but your mind seems to be elsewhere while you think you deserve the contract have.

  31. Um, as much as you guys hate him, you seem to forget the actual purpose of the NFL…ENTERTAINMENT. If you don’t find this guy entertaining then you probably have 1 foot in the grave or are a self righteous judgmental stiff!
    I watch football for entertainment and I try to keep it in context as such. How you view it is your perogative but, to bash an entertainer for entertaining?
    And last I checked, he’s not the reason Cincy sucks. You can scapegoat him all you want but he is one of the VERY few bright spots on that team, regardless of his lackadaisical attitude.

  32. I love it how people take everything so seriously. Who out there honestly cares whether Chad tweets during the game or not?
    And to those that are talking about his poor performance last year, how the hell is a down field receiver supposed to have standout numbers with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the QB for most of the year? He can’t throw the ball down the field to Chad, even if he had been able to stay on his feet long enough because the line sucked.

  33. Sniff Sniff….. Sniffle Sniffle….. You guys want a tissue? What a bunch of crotchety bitches you all are. The guy is joking, he’s a force on the field (one off year with a high school O-line and a third string QB shouldn’t be a knock, idiots), and Redskins guy, Chad’s lucky that the trade didn’t go through, your passing attack sucks, do you bitch about Portis as much as Chad? He’s a bit of a side show too, turn your frown upside down debbie downers.

  34. jefbob and curseof bo thank you for not being jealous and realizing that whatever chad does has no bearing on your survival. People need to get a life if this issue bothers them that much…keep going to the bank chad…because honestly that is what is pissing everyone off…they cant understand how they never made it in life when they have conformed to all theses rules….chad do your thing and keep cashing out for the haters!!!!

  35. I sure will be glad when the summer’s over.
    Why? Because all of the immature brats (i.e., CJ defenders) will be back in middle school and unable to poison all day long with their childish rants.
    Remember: jock-sniffing can be hazardous to your health.

  36. No, not jock sniffing, just wondering why all the ridiculous negativity about something that’s really not that big a deal. You want a tissue too?

  37. Would someone please explain to me why he keeps blathering on and on about this? I agree with the guy who said this on ESPN – Is he a 12 year old girl? You’re an NFL player and they want your head in the game, not on your stupid little tweets. Grow up Chad Johnson.

  38. Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Chris Johnson, Jeremy Shockey and now, yes, it’s official… Chad Ochocino Child Please Johnson Shithead has made my list of the most hated, insufferable current NFL players. Please go away.
    As a side note, Twitter is the first sign of the apocalypse.

  39. Chad Johnson (he will always be Johnson to me) is nothing but a complete loser and a locker room cancer. He doesn’t give two ####s about winning, just about himself. It’s always, always, always ME ME ME ME with this guy. He hasn’t even done anything on the field for the last couple of seasons.
    He is the utter antithesis of how things are done here in New England, where Hanging Chad can never hope to play.

  40. What I also love about some of the commeters is that some of them have first hand knowledge of how Chad OchoJohnson is as a teammate and person based on the handful of stories that have come to define his life. He has never done anything good in his life, or at least, n0thing that Florio would want to report because, you know, it would detract from the image of him being a loudmouth, selfish, football player. Yup. Let’s all pile on the guy we supposedly don’t care about but take time to write about.

  41. who cares about the nba…
    players have jobs. if they are twittering during games or game prep, then they arent doing their jobs.
    and chad isnt funny anymore, hasnt been for a long time. just another extremely overpaid underperforming idiot.

  42. Florio,
    I am still lmao about the Commish sticking his foot up Chad’s _ _ _ hol_, orrifice. Guys like Chad Johnson think that the NFL is supposed to be like Professional Wrestling or Survivor instead of what it really is, the best professional league ever.
    The reason the owners hire a guy like Goodell is so that he will be the parent to all these spoiled rich young guys. Goodell must be strict in order to keep the integrity of the game intact. I like the fact that he is tough.
    The reason Twitter won’t be allowed is pretty simple, with the uproar of the Patriot videotaping scandal can you imagine the scheming and whining that would go on if exotic cell phones are allowed on the sidelines.
    Stop worrying about defying the Commish at every turn Chad and concentrate on your game because you don’ t have much time left my bro….

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