Cutler causes trouble for college team

As it turns out, the Broncos weren’t the only football team for which quarterback Jay Cutler caused plenty of trouble earlier this year.

Cutler also created a problem for the Georgia Bulldogs by giving four free tickets to an NFL game between the Broncos and the Falcons to former UGA and current Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

John Taylor of CFT posted a blurb item on the subject earlier today.  And since our longstanding relationship with CFT has continued now that CFT, like PFT, is in partnership with NBC, we thought it would make plenty of sense to run a link to J.T.’s item.

What we’re basically saying is, “You should put CFT in your daily ‘I’ll review those reports in five minutes, maybe ten’ Internet routine.”

29 responses to “Cutler causes trouble for college team

  1. Could someone please go read it and come back here with the news? I haven’t got time to go to another page.
    I’ll wait here.

  2. Who cares…..I can’t believe how many people pin point every little detail about this guy like everyone else is perfect. You guys are like a bunch of old girlfriends that got cheated on and now your trying to warn all cutlers new girlfriends that he is a cheater… Give me a break and move on.

  3. Oh brother. Free tix to a game is “plenty of trouble”? When there’s guys getting shot, shooting at other people, committing vehicular homicide, committing (alleged) rapes, and being Mike Vick … I don’t think so.

  4. I don’t understand which part of what occurred here is a problem… Cutler was nice enough to give some college players free football tickets. Do I just not understand this issue??

  5. And I love how someone was a jerkass enough to report the “violation”. That’s what you get for trying to be a nice guy in America.

  6. how is it a violation? Jay Cutler does not represent U of GA athletlic interests (being a Vandy grad and probably not a member of the Bulldog club), he does not represent an agent. Therefore he is free to do as he likes.
    Ga reported it to be safe, although they did so only after Stafford declared, which I thought was most interesting.

  7. I see the Turd, I click on the Turd… But nothing happens.
    Actually, what’s really funny (except to Bears fans) is that if I right-click on “Turd Watch” and select “open in new window” it opens the link to this story.
    Is PFT calling Jay Cutler a turd?

  8. Oh my God–what a huge steaming pile of glorious nothing.
    Once again, the media loves to take a non-story about Cutler, write a sensationalistic headline, and dump some proverbial gasoline on an otherwise non-existent spark.
    Johnnyutah and Rasputin are 1000% correct–these Cutler-bashers remind me of psycho ex-girlfriends…scorned, jilted lovers looking for any excuse to talk sh1t on a guy who hasn’t done a single damn thing.
    And Taylor, it seems, may be a viable contender for Florio’s title as King of the Cutler-bashers (but we all know where his purple-helmet-loving, horn-blowing loyalties really lie).

  9. NBC Sports causes trouble for people who dont want their fav website whored out. Wonder how long it will be before this site is afraid to say anything negative anout Comrade Goodell and the No Fun League.. my bet is 2 months tops

  10. Ah, more anti-Cutler sentiment from PFT/CFT. How nice! Perhaps it’s time for a “Cutler Watch” counter so we can keep track of how long Florio goes between each jab at the Bears QB. I put the over/under at 7 hours.

  11. NCAA sucks. I bought a Vandy player some Wendy’s one time because he didn’t have his wallet… guess that means he broke the rules, too

  12. I agree that this is really “nothing”, but when you have a problem with the new boss at your job and the first thing you do is run to the media and start complaining (in the past tense) then the media thereafter will gravitate to everything you do no matter how trivial and mundane. In their minds they’ve been presented with an open invitation to the the Jay Cutler Show. Cutler asked for the media spotlight without really wanting it so he will have to live with it… until he can’t live with it anymore – and that’s exactly what the media is waiting for.

  13. Jeez Mike, you have absolutely no shame. Thank you for drubbing me over the head by trying to sell CFT on a regular basis. Yes, I get it. A website that glorifies college football rumors.

  14. Wow, PFT loves Jay Cutler….get over it and try giving actual insight once in a while PFT

  15. certaincoachditka says:
    July 9, 2009 3:22 PM
    There is so much evil in this world.
    A true, legitimate laugh out loud.
    (Not in that gay, meaningless, over-used “LOL” way, either–an actual out loud belly-laugh.)

  16. Vanderbilt alum gives tickets to Georgia players and screws up the program. Way to support!

  17. Man, you try to include Cutler and Stafford into a single headline and people still refuse to visit that horrid website. I get that you shamelessly plug stuff, but at least plug something with average or even marginal value. Can we get some hot and steamy recruiting violations story next week? Huh? Pretty please??? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. So why isn’t Matt Ryan called a “cheapskate” for NOT offering tickets to Stafford and friends?

  19. Cutler also created a problem for the Georgia Bulldogs by giving four free tickets to an NFL game between the Broncos and the Falcons to former UGA and current Detroit Lions quarterback Matthrew Stafford.
    Cutler is going to have a steller season.

  20. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, “Never trust a grown man with bangs.”

  21. Hey, Florio, who’s Matthrew Stafford? If you’re going to call out others for typos (see the Shockey story on his Twitter comments on the Saints’ former long-snapper, where you once again think you are cuter than you really are), then you should be more careful about your own.
    What a moron.

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