Did DeMarcus Ware hide from coaches so Greg Ellis could play?

NFL_ware_250.jpgFormer Cowboys linebacker Greg Ellis wasn’t bashful about speaking his mind during his time with the team.  So it shouldn’t be surprising that he’s even more candid now that he’s no longer wearing the blue star on his hat.

During a Wednesday appearance on ESPN 103.3’s The Michael Irvin Show, Ellis claimed that one of his former teammate’s went to unusual lengths to give Ellis more playing time.

“It’s a disgrace when DeMarcus Ware comes off the field just so I can get in the game and when the coaches tell him to come on the field, he tries to hide so I can play,” Ellis said.  “And you’re telling me we’re trying to win the Super Bowl?”

As Tim McMahon of the Dallas Morning News points out, however, Ware rarely missed a play last year before injuring a knee late in the Thanksgiving win over the Seahawks.

And Ellis seemed to acknowledge that Ware’s efforts to defer playing time to the 1998 first-rounder weren’t successful.

“He would say, ‘G, come on,'” Ellis said.  “And I would tell him, ‘No, DeMarcus, go ahead, man. You’re coming up on your contract year.  Don’t mess that stuff up.  Go ahead and do you, and we’re just going to do what the coaches, or whoever the powers that be, what they want to do.'”

Moving forward, none of it matters.  Ellis is gone, and Ware likely will be the long-term cornerstone of the team’s defense.

Depending on how things go in Oakland for Ellis, he might end up hiding from coaches in order to avoid playing time, but for reasons entirely unrelated to helping a teammate get some reps. 

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  1. Ware missed less than one defensive snap a game until Thanksgiving when he hurt his knee against Seattle so Greg Ellis is a LIAR. This is a perfect example of why he is in the hell that is Oakland. He became a cancer in the locker room and like TO the Cowboys cut him out.

  2. So is Ellis accusing the Cowboys of not wanting to win the Super Bowl? He seems to be making kind of a convoluted point.

    Because I hope he’s not on the one hand saying the team wasn’t really interested in winning, and then on the other hand, telling Ware to stay in the game because it’s his contract year.

    That would be a tad bit hypocritical.

  3. Damn No Reason for Elli to throw a guy under the bus that was trying to help him get playing time.

  4. Ellis is firmly establishing exactly why Dallas cut him.
    He apparently made the transition from team leader to delusional, whiny little Bitch sometime over the last two years.
    What with his whiny little comment last year about how his ‘uncertainty’ about his position with the team affected his play in December and now this, I have no respect for the man at all, he should be playing for the Raiders, he fits.
    Ware played in over 90% of the defensive snaps last season, I’m not sure there are many other defensive guys on any team who played that much so exactly what is Ellis talking about other than ‘maybe’ the Seattle game when Ware sustained a sprained knee and did not play as much as normal. The fact that he did not specify which games, which situations this allegedly occurred is interesting as well — that and he and Ware played different positions and I don’t recall Ellis playing on Ware’s side AT ALL last season.
    BTW, Florio, shortly after throwing Ware under the bus in this interview, he throws Anthony Spencer under the bus in the next one. Appear he was part of the ‘locker room problem’ if he was thinking this about Ware & Spencer during the season.
    Dallas is well rid of Greg Ellis. Good Ridance

  5. So quick to turn on your players? Maybe he is telling the truth?
    Maybe he felt that the team did not want to win a Superbowl. Maybe he did not agree with a lot of the stuff the Cowboys ownership/gm were doing. Like running Parcells out of town.
    Sure seems like he has a point since the team has not won a playoff game in quite a while.
    Ironic that he played for the younger Al Davis and is now going to play for the real deal.

  6. Dallas is a joke anyway. Romo is to much worried about his girl, they traded the farm away for a WR who gives about 50% effort at all times. And they got a coach that is looking over his shoulder at all times because the owner wants to coach and own the team. Americas team>….HUGH! When was the last time they won a playoff game? 90s?……

  7. The saying “Nice guys finish last” applies to football too. Ware of all people should realize that he’s an every-down player, I mean come on.

  8. Ware must have let Ellis play the entire final game of the season because Ware just needed one sack against that fat slob “McFlabb” for the record and he didn’t get it. Surely Ware would have been able to catch McChoke aka McFlabb, right? Ellis must have been playing.

  9. Greg Ellis was a nice player for Dallas for a lot of years so it’s disappointing that he’s become such a pain in the ass.
    I’m sure the haters will take the opportunity to blast the Cowboys/Jerry/Wade like they always do (that’s the point of Cowboys articles on PFT isn’t it?) but really the only story here is how dilusional Greg Ellis has become.

  10. had Ellis shut his mouth and continued to be a good leader he’d still be on the Cowboys. funny how he insinuates that the Cowboys were not wanting to win a Super Bowl while he’s telling Ware to go out there and do his thing because it’s a contract year.
    He was just mad because Ware stole his glory and he would not accept a backup role. It’s too bad because we needed him to be. if Ware goes down the Cowboys are screwed.

  11. Please (fans above), don’t listen to this complete BUTT-HOLE. Ellis is a lifelong whiner who has time and time again made up complete unequivocal BS to make himself look better and throw others under the bus in the process.
    What plays he’s referring where D. Ware tookl himself out to is beyond me because Ware is lucky if he missed 8-10 defensive plays ALL season (not including his injury vs. Seattle). The guy simply rarely comes off the field. This is just Greg being his typical asshole self again. That’s REAL talk too, I’m not just saying that because he’s gone. I’ve wanted this guy gone since 2007.

  12. Ellis wont last long in our organization then. Al may be a senile old man but he is old school loyalty. The one thing you don’t do here as a player is speak out like that to the media.
    Although the last 6 years have been a joke in Oakland the one thing we have recently done is try to stay away from older problem players and just draft young guys that run real fast.
    If Ellis time in the 40 slows, he is out of here!

  13. Greg Ellis is right, he’s a selfless hero and was the only guy on the Cowboys that gave a damn. You can tell how Greg Ellis values winning over all else by the way that he selflessly told Ware that he should go ahead and play because he was coming into a contract year! I mean, that’s the time when you really need to push yourself, right? In a contract year! And of course they don’t want to win the Super Bowl! Jeez, come on, people! Who would want to do that?!?
    Smush: The sack record is 22.5 in a season, set by Strahan in 2001. Ware had 20 sacks last year. The difference is 2.5, not 1. I knew you’d get confused when you ran out of fingers and toes.
    Eagirls fans never fail to live down to my expectations.

  14. All you haters will be eating crow when the Raiders take the division this year AND roll the Cowgirls, right in Dallas.

  15. Nobody in the US cares what anybody in Canada thinks. You are as irrelevant in a discussion about the NFL as your country is in a discussion at the UN. When we want your opinion, we’ll ask your queen for it.

  16. Michael Irvin has a radio show? That must be a pleasure to listen to. English teachers condemned to Hell are probably forced to listen in.
    I was wondering if that was really Vox (after the switch to NBC, a guy calling himself Vox 2.0 claimed that he was really Vox, but had his account name stolen). The level of douchebaggery in todays comments confirms: Vox is back. God help us.

  17. Originally Posted by AdamJT13
    With the help of Pro Football Focus’ play-by-play participation charts (which aren’t 100 percent accurate and include some non-official plays, but are a good starting point), I think I’ve identified the 29 plays Ware missed last season. Other than a few last-play-of-the-game plays, I’ve confirmed most of them by looking at my game tapes.
    Ware missed one play when he was shaken up in the first Redskins game (checked for concussion), three plays when he was shaken up against the Giants (stinger) and the last 13 defensive plays after hurting his knee against Seattle. That leaves 12 plays when he could have been on the field but was not. They are —
    One play in Game 2 against Philadelphia — With 3:39 left in the second quarter, Ware was replaced by Burnett in the dime defense. Ellis was already on the field and stayed on the field.
    Five plays in Game 3 against Green Bay — With a 27-9 lead and 3:43 left in the game, Ware was replaced by Hatcher for four plays in the dime defense. Ellis was already on the field and stayed on the field. On the last play of the game, Ware was replaced by Hatcher. Ellis was already on the field and stayed on the field.
    One play in Game 5 against Cincinnati — On the last play of the game, Ware was replaced by Spencer. Ellis was already on the field and stayed on the field.
    Two plays in Game 11 against San Francisco — On the third and fourth plays of the game, Ware was replaced by Spencer. Ellis was already on the field and stayed on the field.
    Three plays in Game 14 against New York — With 7:50 left in the third quarter, Ware came out for two plays and was replaced by Ellis on second and third downs. When the next possession started, they both were on the field. And on the last play of the game, Ware was replaced by Spencer. Ellis was already on the field and stayed on the field.
    So when, exactly, could Ware possibly have been “hiding” from the coaches in order to get Ellis playing time?

  18. I could care less about this story my only concern is that when the season starts and it is again exposed that the cowboys o-line can only go big on big if you stunt and twist they suck, their secondary outside of newman is pathetic…and they may be more buddy buddy in the locker room but they are sure going to miss T.O’s production serious is anyone really going to roll safteys up to of any of their recievers….the whole point of this rant is when they win 8 games this year please tell me they do not get the same amount of coverage they have been getting this offseason

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