Haynesworth pleads no contest to reckless driving charge

Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has resolved one of his last remaining legal entanglements in Tennessee, pleading no contest to reckless driving charges arising from a December 13 incident that left a 25-year-old man seriously injured.

Haynesworth has been placed on probation for three months.  He also is required to perform 25 hours of community service, attend driving school, and make a charitable contribution of $5,000.

(Given that $100 million contract Haynesworth signed earlier this year, his fine is roughly the equivalent of the average person losing pocket change in an oversized sofa.)

Haynesworth should be feeling very grateful about the outcome.  The offense occurred while he was on probation for speeding, but he wasn’t thrown in jail for violating the terms of his probation because prosecutors didn’t find out about the latest incident until it was too late.

Meanwhile, Haynesworth still faces a civil lawsuit for the injuries suffered by the man who crashed into a concrete median as Haynesworth tried to pass him at a high rate of speed.

We have feeling that the settlement or verdict will entail payment of an amount significantly greater than $5,000.

12 responses to “Haynesworth pleads no contest to reckless driving charge

  1. America’s Pay-2-Play legal system at it’s best!!
    Good For big Al.
    Hopefully he crushes Mcnabb and Romo the same way he crushed the 25 year old.

  2. as a Giants fan, I’m kinda offended that eli wasn’t included in the to-be-crushed list

  3. What a joke. 25 hours of community service is not even a full week. Way to make a non-meaningful sentence even less meaningful.
    And we wonder why people still drive like maniacs.

  4. Do you mean “crushes” like the way Babysworth crushed the bare head of Gurode with his spikes after the play was dead?
    Deadskin fans will find out the wad of money they blew on that crybaby was all in vain!

  5. Fat Albert got off easy. I hope he continues the long line of free agent busts the Redskins have thrown their money at over the years

  6. Hey, don’t sneeze at $5000. That’s enough to pay Braylon Edwards bar tab.

  7. Why is no one discussing league imposed suspension? Does Goodell think multiple charges of reckless driving will reflect well on the Haynesworth, his team, and the league?
    I think not. Time for at least a single game suspension until this player gets his act straightened up.

  8. “Hopefully he crushes Mcnabb and Romo the same way he crushed the 25 year old.”
    Haynesworth can’t get past Andre Gurode.

  9. “Haaaaa…..he can sure stomp his ass though”
    No he can’t. He can stomp his head, and he can only do it after a play when Gurode’s on the ground and other guys are on top of him.

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