JaMarcus working out with wideouts

NFL_russell1_250.jpgThe report that Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell ditched the final day of the offseason program suggested to us that the first overall pick in the 2007 draft still doesn’t understand the level of commitment necessary to become a true franchise quarterback.

But here’s some evidence that maybe he’s starting to figure it out.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network recently reported that Russell has made good on a vow to spend some of the actual out-of-season down time working out with the team’s receivers away from the practice facility.

Per La Canfora (via RaiderBeat.com), Russell paid for the teammates to fly to Alabama for the extra run/throw/catch sessions.

While it doesn’t mean that Russell finally has acquired the kind of uncompromising passion to succeed that often helps a quarterback lead his team to the top of the NFL’s version of Mt. Rainier, it’s a step in the right direction.

And now he’s only got about 14,410 to go.

33 responses to “JaMarcus working out with wideouts

  1. It’s about time you heard the news, Mike.
    Especially considering that this was out there when you slammed him the other day.

  2. Jamarcus needs to step up this season and prove he was worth the first overall pick. This is good news for the nation should be excited he is doing this.
    “And now he’s only got about 14,410 to go.”
    Had to get your shot in didn’t you Florio? Go write another story about your precious Steelers or Patriots you front-running grundle grinder.
    Jk keep up the decent work

  3. @Joe in Toronto
    Florio never lets the facts interfere with a good story or personal vendettas.

  4. Yep your on the ball as usual! What a rock. Old new. Get a new paperboy ,Mike, or a new job.

  5. No need for such a salty outlook…just because your biased towards your 300 pound lethargic waste of a first overall pick and $61+ million, doesn’t mean you should take it out on Mike.
    Now will follow all of the die-hard raider fans ripping me up and down. Wait, at least let me throw a little more gas on the fire. I will put down my prediction now that your other glorious first round picks (Darren McFadden & Darrius Heyward-Bey) will not produce numbers worth their large contracts either…Al Davis needs to fire himself. Ok, now bring it on…

  6. Florio, I came to this site, about 8-9 years ago because it offered original thought I couldn’t find elsewhere. This report was out there, yesterday.
    You are painted in the corner with the rest of the mediots that a) have no data to support their dislike of this kid and b) somehow can tell the future based on a season with two coaches (one who let him throw about 8-10 screens a game) and three play callers while seeing NFL defenses for the first time. Oh, I almost forgot Kwame Brown, the biggest hurdle of all.
    You are growing up and becoming just like the rest of the fools. Stay in that corner and keep your fork and knife handy. Crow is coming.
    We can’t tell about JRuss yet, and that would be apparent in any journalist’s review—-UNLESS HE WAS A RAIDER. In that case he is a bust the second he is drafted.

  7. ESPN sucks. They prodly reported the news (2 weeks late, mind you) about Russell not being present for a day of OTA, but they fail to mention real news that he flew a bunch of his WRs out to his home for some extra work.
    MEanwhile NFL Network DID have news on Russell working with his WRs in Alabama.
    ESPN is weak.

  8. JaMarcus Russell is a bust and will never make the Raiders a successful franchise. Plus he’s fat.
    To salvage anything from his athletic potential, he should honestly be converted to tight end.

  9. I hate the Raiders. I have, however, read this site long enough to know Florio’s M.O.

  10. Hey JITC, stick to the CFL. The fact that JR left OTA’s early isn’t changed by the above information. He was paid what 40 million dollars, and it is taking him 2 plus years to realize he needs to be committed to being the best he can be, that is a sad statement about JR as a person.
    Furthermore, JR should all of a sudden be labeled as magnanimous because he stayed within the comforts of his own home, and beckoned the WR’s to meet him in Alabama? Come now, this guy is not a franchise qb, he never will be and people should stop making excuses for him. At least Vince Young has sounded off about wanting to play.{sure he probably was bawling at the time but…}
    Oh one more thing, is there a chance anyone would go to Alabama without being paid to do so?

  11. “Come now, this guy is not a franchise qb, he never will be and people should stop making excuses for him”
    Do you realize that this kid put up better numbers in his first 15 games of starting than Elway did in his? Let’s see… the whole world loves Flacco, who threw 14 TD’s and 12 ints last year.. JR threw 13 TD’s and 8 ints…. In truth, this is only his second season as the first was a waste because of the holdout and Kiffin holding him back… He also is the youngest starting QB in the game. Not to mention, he won more games last year in his first full year of starting than Peyton and Aikmen combined did in their first full years of starting. And he did all this with no help from the people masquerading as WR’s in the beginning of the year, a midseason coaching change, 3 different playcallers… This kid will be fine. I just don’t know why everyone wants to trash the kid when he has done nothing but improve and try to prove himself since he came in the league….
    1st 15 Games
    Elway 2,143 yds passing. 48.7% completion. 10 T.D.’s 18 int’s. 56.7 Rating
    Jamarcus Russell first year as starter
    2423 yds passing, 53.8 completion, 13 T.D.’s 8 int’s 77.1 Rating

  12. O.K. then.
    1). IF JaMarcus leave the last day of OTA’s early maybe there was a legitimate reason?
    2). How is it to my knowledge that Lombardi is the ONLY one reporting this? With all the flack he gets about his work ethic (deserved or not) you would think that basically EVERY “journalist” would be reporting on this.
    Instead, ONE former disgruntled Raider exec is?
    Consider the source.
    3). Is JaMarcus Russell the ONLY QB in the NFL that would benefit from some extra time like this?
    How is it that ALL the other QB’s that are sitting around right now waiting for the start of training camp not under the same microscope?
    Really, there are only a small handful of QB’s in this league that should be getting a pass (pun intended).
    Shouldn’t all the others be doing what JaMarcus is now doing?

  13. Pretty quick to get this story out there hey Florio, can’t wait till you’re writing the story covering up Matt Ryan’s Sophomore Slump…… IT’S COMING!!! GO RAIDERS!!!

  14. Even though Florio got big bucks from NBC he is still enviromentally concious enough to recycle old news….!

  15. Awesome, this guy can’t do anything right according to the people on this site. Even if they were just “playing catch” its better than nothing.

  16. Its way to early to label him a bust I realize that we live in a microwavable society where everyone thinks their smelly opinion matters like it’s American idol voting session or something.
    Lets wait and see what he does this year and all the pre-mature speculators (ejaculators) are to impatient to put any credence into what they say.

  17. Jamarcus could work-out 16 hrs every off-season day of the year and florio would still find a way to criticize his work-ethic.

  18. junkie
    Al Davis can’t be fired he put himself on Scholarship!
    Not that I support this but its a reality.

  19. Hey, good that he wants to work out with his receivers in his spare time – but for cryin’ out loud, take them to a nice resort like McNabb does.

  20. F#@K THAT!!! Jamarcus could throw 50 TDs and 2 INTs, and Florio would still rag he threw 2 INTs. Sorry Florio, it’s true, you are a HATER! GO RAIDERS!!!

  21. Florio, just once Id like you to call out Lombardi. The guy is a hack. There are A TON of quotes made by him from just seven or eight years ago when he was with Raiders talking about how Al Davis is so great and how Davis allows his coaches and personnel guys so much freedom. Then, the minute he gets fired he does a 180. Come on – someone has to call that guy out.
    The biggest way you can tell that Florio is changing is by how little he calls out any of the other hack NFL writers/reporters out there. The old Florio had no problem calling a spade a spade.

  22. junkie…Ohh you.
    How could we ‘Bring it on.”?
    After such a well thought out, well crafted
    and written line in the sand from you.
    I’m just glad you stopped…Whew.
    You are scary good my friend…Scary good.

  23. Kevin from Philly:
    Donovan takes his receivers to a resort? Maybe that’s why they can’t win a superbowl, they’re spending more time relaxing than practising. Jamarcus is all business, no time for drinking by the pool, more time for football. Tell me Boxcar, what advantage would being at a resort bring? LOL

  24. # KingJoe! says: July 9, 2009 1:12 PM
    Hey JITC, stick to the CFL. The fact that JR left OTA’s early isn’t changed by the above information.
    No, not to a jackass like yourself anyway.

  25. Wow great comeback JITC, very well thought out. You still bring nothing to the table besides 3rd grade level name calling.
    When you can put a thought together maybe someone could engage you in a real discussion.

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